Saturday, July 26, 2014


Some of the best friends Weston and I have had in our married life would have to be the Blake's.  We had so much fun with them and felt like we had a lot in common.  We could hang out a lot or a little and it was always the same.  They were one of the best things about living in Egin (and trust me when I say we loved it there!) Too bad for us the Blake's moved away a few years ago, but it is still the same every time we see them.  We have been to their neck of the woods a couple times and they have been back this way and we always start right where we left off.  

They came up for a short visit a few weeks ago and it was so fun.  Our babies are a few weeks apart and had a lot of fun playing and jabbering together.  

The big kids spent the first hour being bashful but as soon as they warmed up they had a blast.  It was one of the funnest evenings we have had this summer.  John and Lacy and their little herd are the best!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sun Valley

Weston had to work in Sun Valley for a week and so the kids and I decided to join him.  I am so glad we did too.  It was a very fun, relaxing week!  Each morning Weston and I would take turns going for a jog which honestly was a highlight for me.  That place is gorgeous and the running/biking trails are top notch.  I was happy to train on a few hills since they are scarce here in Parker.  

While Weston was at meetings during the days the kids and I would play and explore.  We cruised all around on our bikes, threw rocks in the little ponds, swam and bought overpriced treats at the chocolate store.  

Hagen was in HEAVEN! I cannot stress this point enough.  These bike trails were so exciting to him. He loves to ride his "motorbike" (he gets pretty angry if you call it a bike).  He pretend kick starts it every time he gets on it and revs the handlebar just like you would a motorbike.  To top it off; since it doesn't make noise on its own, he of course adds his own sound effects.  It is hilarious to watch him ride this thing. He goes so dang fast and isn't scared at all.  

He wants a real motorbike so bad and is always collecting change from around the house to dump into his piggy bank.  He tells us he is saving his money for a motorbike! I may be in trouble with this one!

Hayes spent his time amusing older folks with his giant grins and when this became exhausting, he would zonk.  There aren't many young people in Sun Valley so he was somewhat of a novelty.

We swam a lot which was Kallie and Cole's favorite part.  Even though the weather was perfect for biking, it was a bit chilly for swimming.  Luckily one of the three pools at this resort was nicely heated.  

We watched a lot of ice skating and promised the kids that they could skate next time since we had our hands a little full with the two little ones.  Kallie especially liked the skating.  There was a skating clinic going on for girls about her age at the time and they were GOOD!

We had a fairly pathetic attempt at a family photo op.  This is as good as it got using the self timer on the camera with it propped in the car window!

Back at our room the kids had fun playing and wrestling around.  The condo we stayed in had a room with a T.V in it for the kids and they thought that was about the coolest thing ever.  

A few days into the trip we were at the pool and I noticed that the same family had been at the pool every time we were.  They had one girl and three boys same as us.  I tried getting the kids to go make friends with them but they were being shy.  Finally I dared them, Kallie was the brave one and we were all glad she was.  They had a blast with these other kids and by the end of the week were plotting ways to hand out outside of the pool.  Funny kids!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Everyday things

I mentioned before that Kallie had basketball camp. I also mentioned that she had a lot of fun and she has been out practicing and playing quite a bit.  She is doing great and even though our backboard is at the repair shop, her dribbling skills are improving. Yay!

I think we can officially say this boy is spoiled! Everyone cuddles and loves him, and more importantly feeds him! He eats a lot! These two girls are great babysitters and I am comfortable leaving Hayes with them.  It is a good thing too because he is a heavy lug and starting to become not so easy to take places.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Softball Tourney

After a very LONG tournament, Kallie's team ended up 2nd place.  They were thrilled and had such a fun season.  Their coaches (Kris and Kristy Hammond) did a great job with these girls and I so appreciate it.  Kallie began the season with more strike outs than desired but she finished with a bang and ended up getting a lot of great hits during tournament.  She had so much fun, and really that was all I hoped for.  I am so glad that she is beginning to develop some coordination and is enjoying different activities.  I feel like patting myself on the back because let me tell you, I wanted to throw in the towel more than once what with all the fits she threw about not wanting to play.  Persistence paid of for sure!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cousin Campout

Uncle Hank decided to be super uncle and show us all up.  He took the boys camping in the field a few weeks ago and then took the girls.  Lucky for Cole he got to go both times!  Hank taught him how to use the ax, which I wasn't too sure about, but Cole loved it.  He is so grown up and actually did pretty well and managed to not draw any blood!

Hagen humored all of us with motorbike tricks (his is positive his Strider bike is a motorbike).  Everyone loves Hagen.  

Shooting bb guns was the most popular event. With only two guns and six girls, there was plenty of arguing.  Kallie loves her cousins so much and is so lucky to have fun girl cousins in both families.  

Hallie Angell, Kallie, Brookie and Haylie

And the wonderful camp master and his slightly 'grumpy about it" wife!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The First Week of June

My kids seemed to think that just because it was summer, they could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to.  They were a little grumpy about jobs and having to read and still practice piano.  They consumed more ice cream that first week out of school than the entire rest of the year combined.  (Mint chip is the favorite of all three kids) Cole did basketball camp and enjoyed it, but was a little annoyed that it interfered with his play time.  Kallie was furious about having to do basketball camp.  Brookie came and stayed with us to go with her.  I thought for sure this was soften the blow, but alas there were many tears that first morning.  Just look at that grump face!!  However I hold firm to my method of "making" my kids try new things.  Kallie LOVED basketball camp and was bummed out when it was over.  I am not exaggerating, the day after the last day of the camp she woke up and these are her exact words...."dang I wish I had basketball today!" My heart was pretty happy about that and my thanks go out to Lisa Thueson, Brooke Bailey, and Crissy Kerbs for making it so fun!

This has been happening WAY too often lately.  Hagen gets bored and so he wakes Hayes up from his naps.  He will just climb right in the crib with him and they chatter and play. They are nearly the same size!

Yes those are long sleeves and sweatshirts, it was a typical Idaho June!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Day of School and Piano Recital

The last day of school finally arrived and these two were thrilled! They obliged me with pictures before we left and then with plenty more at school an hour later.  

I can't believe how much Cole has grown up this year.  He has excelled in school and really enjoys it. He loved Mrs. Christensen and all the kids in his class.  I laughed when he got home on the last day and dumped out his backpack.  Mrs. Christensen had them write in a journal fairly often and one day he wrote, "In first grade there is no tattling, but we can report things if we need to." Ha Ha! I loved that!

Kallie was nearly in tears leaving Mrs. Killpack behind.  She loved her so much and Mrs. Nash too.  What great people I had mentoring my kiddos!

And of course Kallie and Berklee talked me into having a play day.  (Not hard to do with Berks! LOVE that girl!)

Cole brought home this cute poster that had been hanging in the library for having the highest percentage of his reading goal for the 3rd quarter. 

That evening Kallie had her first piano recital with her new teacher Mindy Weston. She has really enjoyed taking lessons from her and had done well.  (If only I could get her to practice without crying!) Ever since Kallie learned to sit up as a baby, she has had the straightest little back.  I think her posture is so pretty and that was the first thing I noticed when I saw this picture. I sure love that girl.