Monday, April 27, 2009

Brags or Blogs???

I am a weird person, I realize but I have this weird issue with blogs. No offense anyone, but I sometimes feel that they should be called "Brags" instead of "Blogs". It seems as if everyone posts only the wonderful things that happen, in a sense trying to portray how much better their life is than everyone else's. I told you I have weird issues, and remember this is directed at no one in particular.
For this reason I only post every month or so and I try to keep it real, however this post may contradict everything I have just said. My reasoning, I just want everyone to know that ANYTHING is possible. Two weeks ago I ran in my FIRST but probably not last HALF MARATHON!!

(That is me in the pink shorts and blue shirt crossing the finish line, I realize I look stellar!!)

I have been "running" (more like jogging) daily for about 2 1/2 years now. After I had Cole and the realization set in that I was 20 pounds overweight and hating myself. I purchased a treadmill for myself for my birthday one year and it has been the best investment of my life. It stares me in the face all day long if I don't get on it and I feel so GUILTY.

So in January my sister-in-law Hali calls to tell me we are entering the Salt Lake City Half Marathon. I was really excited because I had wanted to do one last year and never did. I bumped my treadmill time up and got more serious about running. I am slow but nevertheless I completed my first half marathon in 1:58, beating my goal by 2 minutes. It was exhausting but a lot of fun. I ran it with three other people who are an absolute hoot, and after about mile 7 when we all got separated I rocked out to some awesome jams the rest of the way. I had a great time, and have never been so sore!!

Not to get sappy but I strongly suggest entering a race to anyone. It really gave me something to work towards. I am still not to where I would like to be on the scale, but come on who really is?? However I feel much better about myself knowing I am at least doing something!!