Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sea World

 The first day of our trip was spent at Sea World. We experienced a little bit of climate shock as the temperature was in the low 80's and we were used to 40's.  We were all so hot, and I was pretty happy that my kids and I had froze all morning in our shorts because we were pretty glad to have them on in the afternoon. It was amazing to see how talented the trainers and animals were.  The shows were the best part.  We saw the Shamu show, the Dolphin show (which was so awesome I didn't take a single picture because I was entranced watching it, and we were in the splash zone and I didn't want my camera wet!) We also saw the sea lion show and it was really fun.  The kids loved all the exhibits and animals and we were able to get up close and personal with the dolphins.

 That is the back of Kallie's head, the trainer was right next to us and that box is the dolphin treats.  I don't have any zoom on these pictures, and the kids were so excited to be so close to the dolphins until..... The trainer made the dolphins splash them! They were absolutely soaked and the salt water took them completely by surprise.  They were gagging and choking on it, but loved it!

The sea lion show was so fun! The sea lions honestly acted out the parts of characters.  It was amazing to watch! After seeing all the exhibits and going on a couple of rides, there was only one thing left to do, Atlantis. That is the big roller coaster and all the boys wanted to do it. Cole and I stood in line and he took it like a man! It was a pretty intense ride and he was a little shocked but came out of it happy.  He got pretty sick shortly after that though and slept through dinner.  I figured he was just really tired since we had had such a big day and it was pretty late. We got him to our room and in bed and he was awake by midnight crying.  This lasted most of the night and he kept telling me that his brain hurt.  I think he may have had a migrane.  After a couple of warm baths, some tylenol, lots of cuddles and a blessing from Uncle Coy, Cole was finally asleep by about 4 am.  The next morning he was roaring to go by 8 am, and totally fine.  We were grateful to have Uncle Coy there to step in and help us out when Weston couldn't be with us.  I am so glad that Cole was only sick during the night because day two held just as much excitement as day one!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Family Trip Part 1

Many months ago Weston found out that his he had some work meetings that he and his dad would be going to in October in Anaheim California.  In our wishing thoughts Weston's mom and I decided that we should take the kids down and meet up with the men and go to Disneyland.  I was thinking this was a pretty good idea since I had never been to Disneyland and my kids are at a great age for such a trip. 
The months went on and our wishful thinking turned into the reality of the ENTIRE family taking this little trip.  Everyone was included except Hagen, for my sanity I left the poor boy home since Weston was only going to be with us for 1/3 of the time and I wasn't sure I could take care of him and still make it a fun trip for the big kids. 
We all flew out of Salt Lake City bright and early on Saturday morning.  (The Rodericks drove down because they had to wait for Mataia's volleyball tournament to finish up) There was so much excitement among the kids.  They were thrilled to be with each other and excited to go on a trip and for a few (okay just my kids) it was their first time on an airplane!
We made quite the ruckus in that airport as we all trudged through there with all those kids and their luggage.  We made quite the scene while going through security when it was discovered that my nephew Nate had a pocket knife in his carry on.  We finally got to our terminal and the kids rowdily ate their breakfast and played a game of "Uno' in the corner.  We were a sight for sure!

 Cole was fascinated by the airplane and stared out the window the whole time.  I love this expression on his face as we are taking off.  Kallie was more interested in what her cousins were doing and insisted she sit with them. 
When we finally arrived in San Diego, we were welcomed by this beauty! Our lovely, smelly, 15 passenger van.  This picture was taken about five minutes before those black air vents fell out of the ceiling to land on some heads.  It was definately a junker but I think it made the trip all the more fun! Tune in tomorrow for some fun at Sea World!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pull My Hair Out!

My Blog is experiencing technical difficulties and it is making me want to pull my hair out. I was just getting all caught up on my journaling and then I try to "pretty" my blog up a bit and all turned disastrous from there.  Apparently my Picasa Web Album (which I didn't even know I had) is full to its limit and I am told I will now have to purchase more storage.  Has anyone had this problem? I have spent an entire day trying to sort it all out. I can still upload photos to posts, however it takes eons and is very frustrating, but I can't upload any headers or pictures on my sidebar.  Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.  I am not totally opposed to purchasing more space but I don't want to pay month by month. I would rather just pay a chunk of money (a small chunk:) and get a chunk of space! Is this even possible???
Aside from my frustration from lack of technical skills, things have been wild and exciting around here.  We spent an evening carving pumpkins for Family Home Evening, it started out with a few tears from kids but when they realized that they are actually old enough to carve their own, they had a blast.
 Hagen LOVED digging the guts out of the pumpkin and humored us by saying "EWWW" over and over again in the absolute cutest voice possible.  That boy sure brings a lot of noise and laughter to our home!
I invited my mom and dad out for the occasion to have dinner and watch the Presidential Debate.  Hagen was instantly distracted from the pumpkins and used Grammy as his horse (His "yeeehawww") for the rest of the evening. 
I sure love these two and always love to have them over.  It's a rare thing though, my parents are home bodies for sure.  I guess I come by it honestly!
These two were in ignorant childhood bliss carving their pumpkins without a worry in the world, while the rest of us stressed over the debates and the election in general.  At least back then we had some hope mixed in with our worry and stress.  My dad thinks we should move to Canada, and I am going to be taking a serious look at my food storage, I'm afraid we don't know the definition of the rough times that we will all be facing soon! (Look at me being all doom and gloom!)