Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things that Have Made Me Smile Lately

 Fresh cuts for both me and baby,
 putting his own binky in and going back to sleep on his own, (Love it upside down!)
 Being big enough to bath in the kitchen sink,
 a big brother who loves to feed the baby (and does a darn good job of it)
 big sister who rocks the baby to sleep while mom is cleaning and completely unaware that the baby was even fussing, (I found her in the nursery just like this)
Lastly, cute cold weather gear! Even if the spuds are still in the ground, it was fun to pull out a cute hat and sweater!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recent Happenings

Kallie: Just started 1st grade and is loving it! She has made a lot of new friends already and is thrilled to eat lunch at school. The first time they served mashed potatoes with an ice cream scoop she was ecstatic that she was getting ice cream for lunch until they dumped a load of gravy on it. We have giggled about that story a bunch lately! She is just so darn funny! Kallie is "in the pink" books at school which apparently is really cool and means she is reading good. She couldn't be more excited about that! Kallie also just started piano lessons and clogging and loves both. We are thrilled to have her around!!

Cole: Cole is always bursting with energy and attitude! He has a stubborn streak that is unmatched by anyone. (I am positive he gets this from my mom) I am teaching preschool again this year and Cole definitely keeps it challenging for me. Cole's favorite toys of late are his stick horses and stick cows, they go everywhere he goes! Cole asks about every day if he can go to the farm. He spent a little time in the tractor packing corn with my dad and some time with Cowboy Ryan herding cows and chopping corn. He and Ryan are buddies and I think it is so cute. I am sometimes sad that Weston doesn't work on the farm so Cole can't go with him every day, but am so grateful for Ryan and others that will tote Cole along! We sure love this boy!

Hagen: Growing like a weed this one is! I can't believe he is already 7 months old! He is such a gem though, in the last month he has really taken off and hit lots of milestones. He spent about a week rolling from one end of the house to the other, this phase ended as ubruptly as it started as he realized that he could scoot much quicker and without getting so dizzy! He scoots on his back and digs his heels in. He is fast though and shockingly hasn't rubbed ALL the hair off the back of his head. Hagen is sitting up really good and loves to be left alone with a bucket of toys. He eats like a pig; his favorites being sweet potatoes and bananas! Hagen laughs and giggles like crazy but his all time favorite activity is the jumper. He sits in it every morning for over an hour while I exercise and happily squeals the whole time. Almost without fail he will fall asleep when he is fully exhausted and satisfied with his workout. I have decided he may become a fitness extraordinaire because he usually spends another 30 or so minutes in the jumper while I am getting dinner on. That is an hour and a half of extreme exercise per day my friends!!! :)