Friday, January 9, 2009

The Big 28 For Weston

Since I am always a step or two behind in life, here is my post about Weston's Birthday which was on the fifth. I love Weston bunches, he is a great guy, a wonderful father and husband, a faithful leader in our ward, and a hard worker (almost to a fault).

One of my favorite qualities about Wes is his persistence in life. Weston has a way of knowing what he wants and not quitting until he's got just that. (If you were in our lives during our dating time you will know just what I mean.) After breaking off our engagement and then fleeing the country, Weston waited patiently at home and then went right back to being persistent the day I got home. Can I just tell you how glad I am that he didn't give up on me as most people would have. Weston is also very persistent with his work life. He works extremely hard and has his hands in a little of everything.

I love Weston more and more each day. He loves me and the kids and wants nothing out of life but for us to be happy.