Thursday, August 29, 2013

Extra Zucchinni?

Our garden flourished this year, like out of control tons of vegetables.  We had literally 20 zucchinni in our garage and noone wanted any.  I finally handed all the kids in the neighborhood a steak knife and told them to make themselves a boat out of zucchinni.  They had a blast, young and old, and spent a whole afternoon whitling away at those things.  The mess was horrendous and they all fled before I could snap a picture.  Poor Hagen was left a lone ranger with his popsicle standing in the midst of zucchinni shavings.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Just Can't Get Enough

We just can't seem to get enough swimming in this summer.  Actually that is literally all we have done.  My kids swim every day in the canal and my family has taken up the redneck sport of bridge jumping.  The kids love to jump and swim and I love to stand in the shallow water to keep myself cool.  There is something for everyone as the babies chase minnows and throw rocks while the big kids jump and swim. 

My brother Hank is a total stud.  He is the best uncle around and is so good with all the kids.  He knows just how to get kids to try new things, and finally succeded at getting Kallie off that bridge for the first time.  Once was all it took, she has been a flying fish ever since.  Twin Bridges has seen a good amount of us this summer and I love how brave Kallie and Cole have been and how much confidence they have gained in the water.

Hank tried to pull out a few of his old tricks, apparently his toes aren't as strong as they used to be or maybe he just weighs more, but his attempt at hanging from his toes didn't go as well as planned!

My dad was paying the kids to do different tricks and jump from higher spots, my mom was having a heart attack at him dishing out all her cash!

We'll just chalk it up to another perfect summer evening.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photophobia or lack thereof....

I feel like Hagen has been lost in the hustle and bustle of summer time.  He is such a good kid and the big kids take such good care of him that sometimes I panic wondering where he is or what he is doing only to realize that he is perfectly cared for.  He won't be left out of anything and tags along with the kids wherever they go.  He refuses to nap and is the last one to bed every night.  I could go on and on about the many things I adore about this little guy; like that his favorite snack is fresh red or green peppers.  Seriously what two year old eats that?  I am in awe at every meal watching what he eats.  We joke that he doesn't have any taste buds at all. He will always eat the veggies off his plate first followed by the fruit and then meat.  Almost always the starchy carbs go untouched.  Not normal, especially in our family.  We make it a game of seeing what he will eat, it is pretty much anything with the exception of jello and he doesn't love milk but will drink it occasionally. 

We finally got Hagen moved upstairs with the big kids and I am not going to lie that tugged at my heartstrings a bit.  He has done great up there though and is pretty proud of his new firetruck room.  He insists that anyone who comes to our house see it.  I can't believe he isn't a baby anymore.  We are officially potty trained, Yay!! And although he still wants his blankie, baffy, and sippy to carry to bed he doesn't need rocked to sleep anymore.  Yes this is what I want and need before #4 graces us with his presense but it still makes me sad. 

Hagen is talking so much and mimics everything.  He sings along with the radio which is hilarious and makes up his own words to the tune of "I am a Child of God". He is most definately the center of attention in our home and even our neighborhood. 

Developmentally and growth wise Hagen is right on track.  He is still small for his age but that is okay.  Since we last took Hagen to the doctor in Salt Lake, we have been trying in vain to get him to quit staring at lights.  We were originally told that he would have extreme photophobia (light sensitivity) and would be uncomfortable in the sun without glasses on ect.  We have been diligent about hats and sunglasses, and he doesn't seem to fight that at all.  Our problem is really more indoors.  We cannot get Hagen to quit staring at the lights.  The doctor told us that this is something that kids with really bad vision will do for sensory stimulation but that Hagen's vision isn't bad enough to warrant this behavior.  We were advised to strongly discourage this behavior, as it can cause serious vision damage.  I feel like we are in a losing battle with this one. The problem is getting worse all the time. He stares at the kitchen lights the most but lately be have caught him focusing his gaze on the sun and the other night he had a Mag-Light flashlight an inch from his eye just staring at it. I tried to look at the kitchen lights that he is so obsessed with and after 3 seconds had to look away because my eyes were killing.  He will stare at them without blinking for really long stretches of time. Hagen knows he isn't supposed to do this and when we get after him he rapidly looks away and sometimes will cry like we hurt his feelings.  One night he was staring at the light in the pickup while Wes was buckling him into his seat.  Weston told him to quit looking at the lights, and he replied with the whitty response, "then shut them off dad"!
 He seems to see just fine, but this behavior along with the fact that even if he had completely normal vision this could severely damage his eyes has me a worried mess.  Fingers are crossed that baby number four comes out with steady little eyeballs!
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rigby Lake

We took a last minute day trip to Rigby Lake a couple weeks ago.  The kids loved the sand and water and could've played for hours.  It was personally a little to hot for me with my built in heater and all but the kids loved it.  It is always nice to have a day out with cousins too.

While we were there Cole found his buddy Hudson Miller and was ecstatic to play with him.  These two are quite the pair.

My two sisters are thrilled that I get to be the "fat sister" this summer, therefore did a little posing for me.  I however am glad I am not chasing their one year old toddlers around.  I think being pregnant is easier!

Those one year olds couldn't be more beautiful though, seriously.

Lots of sun, water, sand and good snacks checked off another satisfying day of summer for us.
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Unique Pioneer Days

Our 24th of July celebration this year was different from any other year.  First of all, Weston was asked to pull our wards float in the parade.  He didn't hesitate in saying yes because he was feeling guilty that he hadn't helped build the dang thing.  My kids were so excited, they have never been in the parade before and were thrilled at the prospect of throwing candy.  Hagen was not about to be left out and therefore I was a lucky passenger as well, on display for the whole town! (In all my pregnant beauty, I was not thrilled) The kids had a blast and in the end I was actually grateful to be in the pickup and out of the rain. That's right, rain! I also learned that two giant bags of tootsie rolls is only enough candy for one block of the parade. 

It was fun to wander around the school parking lot and get a good look at all the floats before the parade.  My dad was on their float themed "Up".  He was the old man and played the part ridiculously good for never having seen the movie.  In fact when I asked him if he had seen it his relpy was, "This is off a movie?" I love that man!

This was our wards float.  A lot of work went into that thing and they ended up third place. 

I can't believe how big this kid is getting.  His cute little voice melts my heart and he says the funniest things.  During the parade when all the people would cheer he was sure they were cheering just for him.  He would squeal and clap in pure delight, then throw handfuls of candy that didn't make it much past the window. 

Our traditional "Redneck" water party was dampened a bit by the rain and ironically the fact that we are in a major drought.  My dad is on purchased storage water and it was actually shut off for the day.  Good thing our pal Brant Kerbs invited us to "Crotch Rocket Rapids" his own homemade water park.  The kids loved it and lets face it, it is simply way better than ours anyway. 

We ended up having a great day, I secretly loved the fact that it wasnt 90 degrees.  I have been melting this summer! Weston and I took Cole, Hagen and Kaden to the rodeo while Kallie stayed with the girls.  Hagen slept through the whole thing while Cole and Kade ate way too much junk food and did the calf scramble in the mud.  The overcast skies made for a rather enjoyable evening. 
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