Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year, New Memories, New Messes

My kids had been in bed for about 15 minutes one evening when the doorbell rang. It was my dad and my brother who needed some technical assistance from Weston. My dad asked if the kids were in bed and I said yes and he just grinned and told me they needed another bedtime story. He went upstairs and climbed in bed right in between them and told them a story. It was so cute and my kids were so excited that they didn't go to sleep for over an hour. So much fun though.

I realize I skipped the Christmas post, those of you who know me and may be thinking it is because I just "love" Christmas nonsense so much you are party right, however this is all my kids wanted for Christmas. Two-ply horses!! This is not really what they got for Christmas, that would be slightly abusive on my part, but my kids spent a whole day riding their toilet paper ponies. The toilet paper was barely useable when they were done, but seriously a whole day of entertainment. Why is it again that we spend so much money on toys and junk for our kids for Christmas when all they really want is a little T.P. ( There is my Christmas vent for ya)
Will my son every grow out of this phase? I secretly hope not because it is pretty cute and funny. About a week before Christmas a package came from the UPS man. I took it in my room and locked the door to open it. The kids were banging on the door and when I came out of the room Cole was pretty upset at me. He apparently really wanted to see what was in the big box because about 20 min later I found him in the closet, he had dumped all the dirty laundry out of the hamper and climbed on top of it and up the shelves and was pulling the box down. I feared for his life so I got him down before I took the picture.
And what would a post from me be without Cole's mischievous grin and his most "handsome" shirt? And yes the picture does not do the mess justice, but if you can imagine what 5 gallons of laundry detergent looks like all dumped out that is what really happened here.