Sunday, October 31, 2010

Introducing,,, Buzz and Cindy!!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Kallie wanted to be Cindy Lou Hoo from "The Grinch" and Cole wanted to be a cowboy (imagine that). We talked him into being Buzz Lightyear because my sister had a super cute Buzz costume. Cole didn't feel that well and so he had a hard time getting into character, but had a good time anyway. Kallie has really come out of her shell and had a real fun time trick-or-treating this year.
There were a million people at the trunk or treat and towards the end Kallie said, "My bucket is way too heavy, are we about done yet?" Kids don't even have to work for their candy anymore, I remember being dog tired and driving around the countryside to find just one more house with their light on so we could get one last piece of candy for the night. I just may boycott trunk-or-treat next year and teach my kids come good old fashioned trick-or-treating!!
I had to post a side profile of "Cindy's" hair, it was hilarious. You can do anything with a toilet paper roll and google!
Great Grandma and Grandpa Dayton NEVER disappoint. They are hilarious and are always dressed up for the kids. Their costumes are always grotesque and disgusting. Grandma was a pregnant witch and she kept having pretend labor pains. We were dying laughing at them.
Weston and I survived the night!! Halloween is a lot of work! Good thing Grammy never disappoints either and we were able to have a little dinner at her house to end the night!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not everyone can always win!

Yesterday we found out we are having a new baby BOY! We are now thrilled, but there was some mixed reactions when the news was first broke to us. Weston was POSITIVE it was a girl and was completely thrown off balance when he was told he was wrong. (For the first time ever he says) Cole said, "I win, I knew it was a boy." He earlier told us if it was a girl he was going to rope it and drag it around the house, disturbing? Yes! Kallie, Kallie, Kallie, a few tears were shed at first but after a very kind ultrasound tech reminded her that she now doesn't have to share her room, or her clothes or her girl toys she relaxed a little. Right after the doctor's appointment Kallie had gymnastics and when I picked her up she said, " I have decided I will love the baby even if it is a boy!" I knew she would decide this.

As for me I couldn't be happier, boys are so cute and funny and really easy to get ready to go places. Our baby is due March 6, so we still have a ways to go but the pregnancy is going great and we are excited to be getting a new member in our family!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving Night at Grammy's house!! Haylie, Justin, Hanna, Kallie, Cole, Tagg. (We forgot to cover our pumpkins when we had an early frost this year, whoopsi they were pretty small. I didn't mind though, it was that much less for me to carve!)

What a strange but fun tradition carving pumpkins is! We were discussing the oddness of carving a pumpkin and my brother Hank came to the conclusion that when people realized how bad pumpkins taste they decided to carve them instead. Unlike most people we are not huge fans of pumpkin bread, pie, cookies etc. We sure had fun digging the guts out of the pumpkins and carving them though. Both of my kids were really funny because they can't say "pumpkins" they say "punk-mins" it was really cute.

Uncle Hank LOVES Cole. I think he thinks Cole should have been his kid. Cole is sure a lot like my brothers, not only does he look exactly like they did as little boys but he acts just like them too. He is fearless and has a lack of common sense that scares me. These two had a good time pulling faces for the camera all night. What a couple of nerds!
Kallie Jo and her daddy-o showing off their miniature pumpkin masterpiece!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rainy Day entertainment Idea #1

Why is this such a fun activity? My kids love to pull funny faces and take pictures of themselves. They laugh for hours over such nonsense. I assume they will never grow out of it either, have you ever seen a teenagers facebook? All it is is them taking funny pictures of themselves. I love such cheap humor!! Kallie has been practicing to cross her eyes for weeks and she finally mastered it!

We Have Puppies!

This poor dog gets attacked any time she comes near the puppies, she has been a great mother and very protective, but she is so sick of the little buggers.

Our dog had puppies!! Exciting? Maybe a little or at least it was exciting. They are almost six weeks old and it is time for them to be gone from here. I know what you are wondering and yes I have been very nice to them and I even might think they are cute. Do I hold them? Absolutely not! I still don't really like to touch small animals, I always think they feel so mousy and then I have bad dreams that they are crawling in my bed and stuff. Weird I know.

Anyways our dog "Spice" had a litter of 7 yes you heard me right 7 puppies. Fortunately for me and the puppies 5 of them have been spoken for. So if any of you out there would like a puppy of the mutt breed give me a holler, they are all yours for the high price of your sanity and however many pairs of shoes they destroy at your house! My kids and the neighbors have loved having the puppies around, and I must say it has provided hours of entertainment for them. Mostly because once they touch them they can't come back in the house until dinner time when i can bathe the kids, they just don't smell that awesome. But the kids really have loved having them around, we might miss the puppies.

I thought terrible two's were over??

Cole was being a big helper and poured the whole box of diswasher detergent into the already clean dishwasher. And yes mother, I spooned it all out and saved it in a cottage cheese carton to use later!

Is my son ever going to grow out of this disasterous mess making stage? Probably not since he has been like this from day one, but seriously I am getting tired of the messes. The other day I was out in the garage cleaning the car Kallie came out and said, "mom you better get in here, Cole has found the vaseline." He sure had! He had is smeared all over the windows, couch, himself and some blankets. How he missed the carpet I will never know but am grateful for. I found no cuteness or humor in that situation therefore there is no photo proof but it is a true story.