Friday, November 12, 2010


Help me people, my husband wants to name our baby "Spur", and yes like the jingly thing cowboys wear on their boots. The biggest problem is that technically I suggested the name, jokingly of course, but he LOVES it.

Here is how the story goes; Weston's dad knew this guy once that was named Matelund. He thinks this guy is way cool and loved that everyone would call him "Mate". He has been telling us since we found our we were pregnant with Kallie that if we would name our son Matelund he would give us his Corvette. So the other night we were over at his house and he brought up the Matelund subject, and tried to convince us of the awesomeness of this name, I jokingly said that we had decided to name our baby Spur. The name just popped into my head because it is the old guy's name on The Man from Snowy River, too bad I didn't think this through, that is Weston's all time favorite show! His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and he got super excited and he loves it.

Now I have been mocking the name terrible and even told my parents that he wanted to name our kid Spur thinking they would be on my side; wrongo they both LOVE it. My mom thinks it is a tough guy name and my dad walked around the house all night say "Spur" real loud in an Australian accent just like they do on the movie. I even tried telling Weston that the baby's nickname will be Spur-m, he doesn't care. Weston is sure that our baby's first, middle, or at least nickname must be Spur. I am just not okay with this. We need suggestions and fast people. We are talking a minor case of child abuse if my child receives this name.
I love my husband but you must know, he doesn't change his mind about things like this. Please suggest boy names for us, and I will pray that one of them will be cool enough to change his mind. He rejects every suggestion I make, except the horrible one of course.