Sunday, October 21, 2012

Conference Tradtions

 Our very favorite weekend of the year has come and went, we enjoyed every second of it though.  I love General Conference and the inspiration it gives me to be a better person.  I always have long lists of new goals after each session.  Confenerence comes around every six months and as much as I love the spring session, fall is even better. It is always right during Harvest and is about the busiest time of year. I love having a full Sunday with just my family to be lazy and eat Sticky Buns for breakfast and watch the morning session of conference.  The last couple of years we have started a new tradition of going for a drive during the afternoon session.  The kids watched a movie in the car with their headphones, Hagen slept and Weston and I listened to inspired talks from our church leaders and enjoyed some beautiful scenery.  For me it didn't last near long enough.  We ended our drive at Big Springs and let the kids feed the fish for a few minutes. 

Maybe I am just growing up a little but this conference was different for me.  I came into it with questions and desires and a friend brought me a little treat with a note that said something about how to recieve answers to life's questions from conference.  It instructed to list your questions or concerns and pray about each one and then to listen with an open heart to each talk.  Let me just tell you, that worked like a charm for me. 

I was so excited to hear that the missionary age had been reduced to 18 for young men! That just re-confirmed my decision to send Cole to school this year as having him have to wait a whole year out of high school to go on a mission was leaving me feeling distraught. I was very worried about the fact that a good chunk of the boys in his class would be able to leave a whole year ahead of him and he would be left alone. I also think that is a time in young peoples lives when a lot of sin creeps in. I was overyjoyed to hear that he can now leave right out of high school with all his peers if he so chooses! (fingers crossed)

Saturday, October 20, 2012


 iJump is not a product made by apple, it is possibly the funnest thing I have ever done. It is a giant warehouse full of trampolines and foam pits! We went to iJump for the first time early this spring and it was a total blast! We (as in me) took the kids with all their Angell cousins over Harvest Break.  This time was more crowded and I had to be more of a parent than a participant but it was still a lot of fun.  You pay by the hour but let me tell you an hour is PLENTY! Everyone was exhausted and sweaty when we were done. 

 Hagen is pretty happy that he is a boy and therefore doesn't have to wear giant bows on his head. (Aren't Reagan and Bentley adorable though?) He wasn't so sure about that place at first as it was totally crowded and chaotic, but he soon warmed up to the idea and loved it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Spud Harvest

 Our two week break from school to harvest the spuds is officially over! Hallelujiah!! I love my little kiddos but wowzers that was a crazy couple of weeks! The kids spent hours and hours playing school in the basement with all the neighbor kids. They used up a whole package of copy paper and the mess was astronomical! They sure had a great time though and were sad when their vacation came to an end.

 The kids love to go "help" on the farm any chance they get, and harvest was no exception.  They went out and rode in the truck with their dad one evening and only lasted an hour because they got so cold.  They got to ride with Grandma a few times too and had lots of opportunities to play with cousins.  (I was way too content at home to go out and take pictures of them)

 Cole got to spend a couple days helping to vaccinate cows, that's always a treat and this particular day Kallie babysat Hagen at Grandma's while Cole and I helped with the cows.  There is work for everyone this time of year.
Lastly, my kids are very envious of the neighbors adorable Halloween decor.  (I am a plain Jane kind of gal and decorating is really not my thing) The wreath on the door didn't satisfy their desire to make our home more festive so they spent a whole day making a "Happy Halloween" banner and hanging it outside.  See how my laziness in decorating sparks their imagination? I am being a good mom after all!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Only Defense

Hagen Man is now 20 months old.  That is nearing on two years people.  My baby aint much of a baby no more.... except he is.  He still wants rocked and cuddled and doesn't talk as much as he should but whats more... this boy still has a binky! I am humilated at my lazy parenting in not being able to part with that thing.  Hagen is different than my other kids.  Maybe I have made him this way but that kid is crazy.  He is wild, energetic, determined and very stubborn! (All qualities that I am beyond grateful that he was blessed with) but he is slightly unmanagable. It is continually on my mind that it is high time for that stinky binky to hit the road.  My only argument, would a soldier go into battle without a shield or a weapon? NO WAY! And I won't either, that binky is my sanity, my comfort and MY ONLY DEFENSE! I realize it is more for me than him, and I am okay with that for a little bit longer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Us Daily

 Five years ago I would've never believed this about myself, but I have come to the conclusion that I am kind of a "schedule" person.  My days are becoming more and more routined and I have found that I am happier and have less anxiety about accomplishing things this way.  Some day (sooner than I want) I know I will have crazy busy teenagers and life won't be as routined as I enjoy, so for my future humor I wanted to post about us daily.

6:30 Everyone up and at it.  Dressed, hair done, breakfast, beds made, Weston leaves for work
7:20 Out the door to school and exercise
9:00 done exercising, quick shower, feed Hagen second breakfast, get ready for the day
10:00 pick up house, Hagen destroys the house, do a little laundry and on really good days, put something in the crockpot for dinner
11:00 Pick Cole up from school, feed him lunch, boys play
12:00 feed Hagen lunch since he wasn't hungry at 11 from his second breakfast, put Hagen down for a nap. Cole sneaks off to watch T.V.
1-2:30 Whirlwind cleaning and any projects that need done before crazy baby wakes up.  Cole helps me some and plays some but mostly I have to drag him away from the T.V. a thousand times.
2:30 Kallie gets home, piano practice, homework, read, Hagen begs to go outside
3:30 Kids ususally play outside or in the basement for an hour or two, lots of four wheeler rides for the baby at this time.
5:00 Weston gets home, dinner by 5:30 otherwise he escapes to the farm and we don't get to eat as a family
6:30 Whirlwind cleanup again (this needs done multiple times a day)
7:00 kids shower and get Jams on, we read, do scriptures, brush teeth, someone is hungry again, eat, brush teeth again bed by 8:00
8:30 Hagen goes to bed
9:00 Another whirlwind cleanup, Read in bed (my favorite) and almost always asleep by 10:00.

I know that my life won't always be like this, but for now I am so grateful for all the time I have in a day to clean up messes and do homework with my kids and most of all just be home.  Sometimes I wonder if I am a little too content to just be home, and I worry that I don't look outside of my little family enough. I know the future me with big, busy kids will be so glad that I enjoyed being home!

 The T.V. junkie!
 Mr. obsessed with the four-wheeler

Little Miss Homework!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby Tricks

 This boy has tricks up his sleeve and lots of them! I really want to always remember the funny things this kid does.  He loves to entertain us and anyone around.  He does this funny thing when you ask him to do a trick, He will put his head on the floor and his hands in the air and then stand up and clap for himself.  The other day he did it while standing at the top of the stairs, he tumbled right down those stairs!
 The kids have taught Hagen to dance, he will do the little dance from "The Lorax" where he puts his hands under his armpits and flaps around like a chicken.  He giggles and it is most adorable.  Hagen also has a new smile, it is a ridiculous cheezy grin just like Cole did at his age.  We love it!

These are the perfect evenings at our house, Weston gives horse rides and wrestles with the kids, we sit around laughing at each other and then head off to bed! I hate to even admit that I am a little happy that the colder season is settling in and it is getting dark earlier, these kind of evenings are becoming much more frequent around here and I love it!