Monday, May 17, 2010

A Family Day! I Have Proof!!

Yep you read the title of this post correctly, and yes Weston is in it. Sometimes I feel like I am a single parent, Weston is so busy trying to balance his town job and the farm and cattle. When he started his town job I was so excited thinking he would be home at 5:30 for the night. I am not real sure why I thought this, I was so naive. Weston's town job just made it so his farming day starts at 5:30 p.m. Why you might ask does he do both? Well the answer is quite simple really, we wanted the stability of a town job yet we both agree that the farm is necessary to raise our kids the way we want them raised. (Not to mention that farming is more like a hobby than a job to Wes).

We don't spend a lot of time together camping, fishing, hiking, gardening and some of the things that many of you enjoy doing as a family. We just don't have time, therefore I have found that we don't have very many pictures of our family activities. They just aren't that exciting to photograph. Wes usually gets home around 5:30 (except during the tax season) I try to have dinner ready and the kids in their farm clothes when he gets home. We eat, and then the whole family heads out to check cows and pivots and change water. The kids are learning a lot about the farm and they get so upset if we don't get to go. We are very grateful for the time we have together and I am so grateful to Wes for teaching the kids the importance of work!

Last Sunday we took the kids on a picnic to Warm River and fed the fish. This is the first time we had done this with them and they loved it. We took the scenic road home and were able to see and osprey dive into the river and come out with a fish. It was awesome!

Every time we try to take a picture of the kids Kallie busts out some kind of a pose. Should I be concerned? After our picnic we did this..... Pony Rides!!
After much begging and pleading and a little push from the neighbors, we partnered up in buying a pony. I am positive Weston has had more fun with this than the kids. He loves it, but so does Cole. Diamey is a good little pony that is broke to ride and pull a cart. She is really gentle and lets the kids maul her to death.
Kallie and Jalyssa are besties. We are so grateful for cute little Jalyssa letting Kallie tag along all the time and for being such a good example to our little girl.
Now that is a good pony for letting Wes hitch a ride. (she was not thrilled) Wes is such a nerd, I really try to not let him get too far from the house when he tucks his pants into his boots like that!

Kallie Turns 5

Kallie turned 5 on May 12. She could not have been more excited about this day. We started the morning off bright and early, she had gymnastics pix at 8:30. We let her open her presents before we left. All she wanted was a Baby Alive doll, which she got. She was thrilled. We had a little birthday lunch with her cousins, Hanna, Haylie and Brooklyn. Kallie was insistant she have a birthday party (which I am not a huge fan of) so I let her plan her party. It was a cousins only party and we played freeze dance (Kallie planned the games) and duck, duck, goose. Since Kallie is now five she is all grown up. She didn't need me to decorate her a cake, she did it herself. When we were in town she refused to hold my hand to cross the parking lot into gymnastics. I am sad about this, but I think it is funny that she decided on her fifth birthday she didn't need me anymore. Silly girl.
This is Kallie and Brookie. What cute little friends. After her "party" we play babies all afternoon. Then we met Weston for dinner, the Jensen's came with us since Libbie wasn't able to make it to the "party." We had a great day!