Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why people should have Kids (and fhe)

("look at me mom I am a pilgrim")

Aside from the fact that babies/kids are super cute and funny and it is just the natural thing to want children, not to mention that it is a commandment; I have recently had an experience that is just another reason why people should have kids. Recently things around here have been a little high stress; our crops have been hailed on, wind blown and frozen which makes for a decrease instead of an increase in our bank account. Weston has been busy at the office and things are just piling up all at once. (precursor to the story)

A couple weeks ago I told Kallie she was in charge of FHE that night. She was really excited and picked out a story to read from the Friend and had Candy Land all set up to play. We had dinner ready when Weston got home and I could tell he was stressed and well I will just say it, a little cranky. He was in a hurry to get to the farm and other places he needed to be, but I told him we were having FHE first. He was in a hurry and not thrilled but went along with it anyway. We read a story and talked about it and then started playing the game. I had to make everyone in the family play, but we ended up having a really good time. Both kids understand the game and Cole really wanted to land on the licorice where you have to skip your next turn. (OK maybe he doesn't fully understand the game but enough to play it) Anyway he finally landed on it and we all laughed and made a big deal about him being "Stuck" he looked at us kind of funny and lifted up his game piece and said, "See I am not stuck I can still move it around". We all laughed, and everyone's mood was changed for the better for the rest of the evening. Moral of the story, kids give us perspective in life. At the moment we were playing our game nothing else mattered except that we were having fun and Cole was really funny. For ten minutes nothing else mattered and it was wonderful!!

Big Bad Kindergartner!

My little Kallie Jo started Kindergarten this year!! I can't believe she is old enough to go to school and I am not sure I am ready for this new phase in our lives. I love just being at home and not ever really having to go anywhere, however we are adjusting to the change and it has been good for all of us. For the first time EVER we have somewhat of a schedule. The kids are going to bed around 7:30 or 8:00 and get up around 6:30 or 7:00. I love this, I have never had quiet time in the evenings because my kids just always went to bed when I did but I am really enjoying my evenings now. I also love the kids getting up early, I feel like we are all happier and get more accomplished in a day when we get up and get going early. Kallie goes to afternoon kindergarten which has been a big adjustment for her. She likes school, but is not real excited to have to drop what she is doing and go to school just when her and Cole get playing good. Cole is bored out of his mind in the afternoons and told me I am not very fun. He has become a little more mischievous but blames all of his naughtiness on Jeter who "lives in Africa". I have really enjoyed having some one on one time with Cole that I have never had before.
Kallie on the first day of school waiting patiently for all the fun to begin.

Me and Cole waiting not so patiently for the bus to drop Kallie off on the first day. Cole was so excited for Kallie to get home and kept doing this funny little dance down the sidewalk. Funny thing though, the bus never brought her home it just drove right on past. She had gotten off the bus with the neighbor kids and then was walking home. Silly girl! Crazy bus driver??

Against Grandparents Wishes

I have always thought of myself as a parent pleaser, I hate when my parents are "disappointed" with me and I think the worst punishment in the world is the silent treatment which my mother should win a prize for. However I went against the wishes of all the grandparents and let Kallie get her ears pierced. In my defense it was Kallie's idea not mine and it is one of those things that I think are made a much bigger deal of than should be. I just think that when they are old enough to want them and can take care of them themselves then it is just fine. This is what I told myself after the wrath I took from both sets of grandparents over the issue, minus my dad who I sometimes think is oblivious to the world and probably thinks girls are born with holes in their ears. Anyway Kallie was super excited about this and was so tough and brave. It was a fun way to start out Kindergarten. (The next post)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The "Grandma Hike" tradition

Every year before school starts, well for the last three years, Weston's mom takes us on the "Grandma Hike". The first year Kallie was three Cole was one, we were told we could push strollers the whole 3 miles in 3 miles out hike. Not the case, about a mile in we had to ditch the strollers and I ended up carrying two crying kids for four miles. One on my shoulders and one in my arms. Let's just say the experience was worse then miserable. Last year I opted out of the Grandma hike, but this year I decided the kids were big enough to hack it.

I am so glad I did we had a blast. We went on a fun little hike which was on a mostly paved path with beautiful scenery and then we went swimming after. The kids had so much fun. My kids are so lucky to have such awesome grandparents that live so close. One set lives a mile and a half away and the other lives a whopping 6 miles away. What lucky spoiled children I have!
Kallie, Cole, Libbie, and Kace, feeling the super warm water in the creek on the trail, it come from a natural hot spring. At the top of the mountain! It was a pretty warm day but the kids did so good, Cole ran the whole way up the mountain and was mad when I wouldn't let him run down too. It was pretty steep, he is stronger than I thought he would be.

The swimming afterward was so fun, there were hardly any people at the pool and no line at the slide. The kids loved it. Kallie is starting to be not so scared of the water, after 3 sets of swimming lessons last winter I think she is feeling a little more brave. As long as she has her life jacket on she will try to keep up with the big kids. As for Cole I wish he would be a little bit scared. He was so funny, he would jump off the diving board and paddle himself to the side. Cole would get so irritated when any of the bigger kids would try to help him. He is sure he is as big as them. He has had a blast swimming this summer, we have spent plenty of time in the canal and the lake and went to pools a few times. As long as he has a life jacket on he can do it all! I have said before, it is too bad we can't put him and Kallie in a bottle and shake them up and we would have the perfect amount of fear in each of them!!

Cole turned 3!! Like a month ago!

Yes I realize i am a total slacker, I have so many fun things I wan to post but this is our family scrapbook and my journal so I have to keep things in order and I have to post all our fun events. Cole turned three on August 13, where does time go??? He was pretty funny about his birthday this year when I asked him what he wanted to do he said, "I guess I will just have some of Kallie's friends over to play." I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Cole has lots of friends they are just mostly over the age of 8. There are not many boys around his age, but I am glad he thinks Kallie's friends are his too. He told me his best friend is Jeter but he lives far far away in Africa. (Ohio really but may as well be Africa)

I have really not wanted to post this picture of Cole's lovely cake and my sister told me she was very disappointed in my laziness but that is not the reason. Cole was very specific about his cake. He wanted it round, he even showed me what pan to bake it in and he said he wanted it to have white frosting with Buzz and Woody and Jessi on top. So I am seriously not just being a lamo mom I gave him EXACTLY what he asked for.

We love Cole man so much, he is such a funny kid and he keeps me hopping. He is all boy and is very grown up. Happy Birthday Cole a month ago we love you!