Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Army Ant

Cole had his school play.  He was pretty excited about it.  He practiced his part for weeks and was pretty stressed out about his costume.  The program was adorable, but you would've never guessed he was having fun or had looked so forward to this day.  He never cracked a smile the whole time.  He acted like he was being completely tortured! Maybe that's because the sole reason adults make kids do things like this is so we can laugh at them! At least he can watch the video later in life and laugh at himself.  (Or more importantly laugh at the boy in the front row that incessantly picked his nose through the whole thing!) I love everything about grade school plays!

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Might Have a Little Crush

I CAN NOT get enough of my little chunk! Seriously I could brag all day long about what a happy fun baby Hayes is.  Hayes had his six month check up this week and while I can't document his exact numbers due to my paper blowing away in the horrendous wind, I can say he is healthy and growing! Hayes weighed 17 pounds and was in the 33rd percentile for both weight and height. I was pretty surprised that his percentile wasn't higher than that.  This kid is a lug! He was even compared to 40 week gestation babies this time around.   His 75% for head circumference however wasn't too surprising.  There is a Crapo trait for ya!

Hayes has been happy to be lazy but has now figured out how to roll over.  He thinks that is a pretty cool trick but I wasn't too thrilled with it.  It just means that he is growing up.  It also meant that the inevitable happened and I was forced to move him to the crib from the bassinet.  Both Weston and I struggled with this and even contemplated moving the crib into our room.  As much as I wanted to do just that, I refuse to coddle him too much.  I want him to stay my baby forever, but I realize that that isn't possible and I would like to raise a productive human being. Not a mommy coddled reject.  The crib is literally five feet away from my bed in the next room, so he's just fine and still sleeping through the night.  

We also introduced Hayes to the jumper.  He hasn't figured out just how much fun it really is yet, but that is because he is so chill and happy.  He doesn't even know there is such thing as "happier"! I love those fluffy cheeks and dark eyes! This boy is complete joy. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Branding Day

Somedays I hate that reality forces Weston to have a town job.  I mean I realize that the bills need paid and we are so blessed to have a great job where Weston receives a steady paycheck and I am able to stay home with the kids.  I'm also very grateful that we can double dip a bit and Weston can do farm work in the evenings and our kids can work along side him then, but some days I long for my kids to have what I had as a child.  

Growing up it was "The Family Farm".  If we didn't do the work, it simply didn't get done.  The pipe moving, hay baling, cattle feeding and milking and all other farm jobs were "the whole family's" responsibility.  At a young age we were driving pickup trucks and riding horses to move cattle.  I remember being 12 or 13 and being terrified of a blow snake that was right next to a pipe that I had to pick up.  I was certain that picking raspberries was the worst punishment ever and bottle feeding calves was in no way exciting. I didn't have many of the material things that my kids enjoy today but I had so much more.  

For these reasons I was sad when branding day came along and Weston had a busy day at work to attend to.  Cole was dying to go out and help and I couldn't resist the urge to take him out of school and let him help.  He had a blast and worked all day.  When I picked him up at four to go to baseball practice, he was tired, dirty and hungry but had a huge grin on his face.  Right after practice he insisted that he needed to get back out there and finish the job.  Skyler begged him to stay and play but I was proud of Cole when he told him that it felt good to work and he wanted to go out and finish.   It may have been that Nate is Cole's idol and he was still out there but nonetheless, out he went!

I think Grandpa is pretty proud of these boys that enjoy doing what he loves.  Cole and Nate are so far the only ones that really love the cows and horses, and it is a great way for them to bond with Grandpa and each other.  

Hagen is a young up and comer.  He would've loved to stay out and help as well, but can't yet be trusted without his mama!

I'm not too sure just how "helpful' these boys are but Cole was on cloud nine for the rest of the weekend.  (Which may be in part to Uncle Brett allowing him to go with the Big Boys to see a late night movie after a long days work)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Everyday Life

Everyone still fights over Hayes a lot.  Cole seems to always win the battle to feed him a bottle.  (They beg me to let him have a bottle so they can feed him) Hayes is really getting too big for them to pack him around much, all except Kallie. She is such great help with him and can do anything from changing diapers to rocking him to sleep.  

Our subscription to our church magazines expired a few months back and instead of renewing it, I was just reading it online.  Kallie has been begging to get the Friend back in our home.  She was so excited the day it finally arrived, she read the whole thing and planned our Family Home Evening with it.  (I think I should note now that she takes FHE VERY seriously.  She always prepares us a lesson, complete with songs, scriptures, assigned prayers, and most importantly a treat) I sure hope she doesn't grow out of that desire any time soon.  She is keeping us on track!

Hayes continues to be the happiest little guy alive! We've nicknamed him Chubsly! He is just so fluffy! (Grandpa Crapo calls him Meatball)

More often than not Chelsey comes to exercise in the mornings.  The kids spend an hour and a half fighting and playing.  It is all or none with them, we have had some wicked fights for sure.  

Like I said before this baby is so HAPPY! No matter where I set him down, he is content for a long stretch of time.  To get him to smile or laugh all you have to do is look at him.  He is pure joy in our home.

Though her visits are much less frequent these days,  Jalyssa is still an important part of our family as are her siblings.  Her and Jaylynn are great with Hagen and he adores them.  Jalyssa endured a hairdo  complete with a blow dry job from Hagen.   

Conference Sunday is always a favorite.  We fatten ourselves up on Sticky Buns and sleep in late.  Well we tried to sleep in late but four little munchkins booted us out of our bed and made sleeping in impossible! 

Hagen thinks he is big.  As big as all the other kids in the neighborhood.  Now that the weather is allowing for a lot more outdoor play and the days are longer, Hagen is in desperate need of sleep.  He insisted on a late night Saturday run to the grocery store with me.  He promised me as I carried him in to the house that he wasn't to tired to eat dinner.  I think that was not quite true! He zonked right there at the table.  Hagen can be the most frustrating kid ever.  I lose my patience with him a lot and want to go crazy! But when that boy closes his eyes, I melt.  He is the sweetest thing in the world!