Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cole's 8th Birthday

Cole was so glad to finally turn 8.  He was so excited to get baptized, have a friend party and he finally earned enough money by then to buy his motorbike.  Not a happier kid in the world that day.  He took  a car full of friends and we went to Rigby Lake for the day.  Cole had Boden Banta, Bryce Johnson and Hudson Miller.  They were a wild bunch but so fun.  We all came home sun burnt and tired! We finished the night off with Bean on the River take out (Cole's favorite) and Oreo Ice cream cake.

End of Summer Swim Day

I'm not sure how this is the only picture I got of this day, but we had such a fun time at Rexburg Rapids with neighbors and friends for our end of summer fun day.  Kallie and Berklee are such cute friends.

Girls Shopping Day

We took Kallie and Brookie on a girls shopping trip to Salt Lake.  It was so much fun.  We laughed and giggled the whole time.  I showed up to pick them up at 6:00 in the morning and Misti and I were dressed alike.  She refused to change so we were twinning it all day.  We received many a strange looks.  The girls were such troopers and Kallie used her own hard earned babysitting money to buy her own clothes.  I was proud of her and she was proud of herself.  It was such a great learning experience for her as she budgeted and price checked to be able to afford what she needed.

Frog Catching and Awesome Neighbors

I know I've said it before, but I love these boys so much.  We have seriously the best neighbors.  Im not sure where Skyler was in this picture, but he was usually right along side these guys all summer.  They helped Cole irrigate a few times and of course had to catch some frogs while they were at it.

Speaking of frog catching and awesome neighbors.... this was pretty fun!

Bridge Jumping

We crammed one last day of bridge jumping in before school started last fall.  It was so much fun with all the cousins.

A Few Things from Last Summer

One day we stopped by my mom and dad's house.  We were sitting up to the counter when my dad busted out of his chair and ran outside.  Yes he ran, which is a really big deal.  We all went to the window to see  what was going on.  There was a rock chuck in the yard and he had his gun out and ready.  The little varmit made it into the tree before he could get him but it created quite the excitement and concern.  Usually his dog Spur, takes care of any creature that enters the yard.  She was just sitting on the step.  We knew instantly that something was wrong with her and she died a couple days later darn it!

Hagen made pals with Teague Thueson and his pony at the fair grounds.

Hayes refused to eat for days.  I finally found this giant sore in his mouth.  Even after a doctors appointment we never figured out what it was. It finally went away but that was one miserable week!

Braxton and Jamie's Wedding

Braxton and Jamie got married August 1, 2015.  It was such a beautiful wedding and so much fun. We are so excited for her to be part of our family.