Friday, July 26, 2013

Bigger and Better

Just as soon as I get the kids confident in jumping in the canal behind the house they decide that they need bigger and better things.  They are always up for new adventure and this time Uncle Regg and Grammy decided that they were ready for Twin Bridges.  Kaden and Brookie were little fish and went off that thing a million times.  Kaden did flips and dives and got lots of applause from the lingering college kids. They were impressed.  Cole barrelled off that bridge like it was nothing and I actually couldn't even get a picture of him because I never knew when he was about to jump.  He bonked his leg on a rock climbing out after a few jumps, and decided he was done for the day as a huge knot formed on his shin. 

There was a little too much of an audience for Kallie,  she decided that maybe she would try it next time.  She was disappointed in herself all the way home though.  We will need to make another trip up there for her soon. 


I'm sure it won't be long before my little river rats are backflipping off the top like Uncle Regg.  No guts, no glory I guess! 
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sand Dunes

A trip to the Sand Dunes is a mandatory FHE every summer. This year was the first that we didn't get stormed out in the last three years.  It really is sad that the dunes are a mere three mile four wheeler ride from our house and we don't go more.  The kids love it and come home filthy and completely worn out. Hagen was in heaven I tell you.  That boy loves him some dirt! We simplified and just took out cookies and drinks instead of hot dogs and s'mores.  The kids quickly let me know that that was unacceptable when we got home. Even though we were only there for about two hours, we had a great time and enjoyed the company of our neighbors. 
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Mornings

I love summer nights with the perfect warm air and the kids all tired and dirty from playing hard all day.  I love the sweet smell of grass in my window as the sound of the sprinklers lulls me to sleep.  The only thing better than summer nights is early summer mornings.  The first rays of light and sounds of birds chirping fill my ears by 5:30 every morning.  My body begs me to sleep a little longer but my mind craves the refreshment of early summer morning air.  I try to be outside by 6:30 for a little exercise and to enjoy the peaceful tranquility of this perfect time of day.  The temperature is just right and I spend an hour or so enjoying the sunshine and setting in my mind the goals I have for that day.


This is happening! This is the kids T.V. time.  They know they only have an hour or so while I exercise and then it is down to business for the day. It is funny to me that as tired as Cole might be from a late night, he is always up early to catch some cartoons.  Kallie will sleep in a bit but she is usually right there to get in her fair share of lazy time.

They are so predictable. Cole will always be in my bed with the iPad and Kallie out on the couch where Tagg joins her when Chelsey gets here to exercise.

Hagen has finally (2 1/2 years later) learned how to sleep through the night.  We aren't rejoicing quite yet because it doesn't happen every night just a couple times a week, but we will take it! Two and a half years of my REM being interupted multiple times a night has taken its toll.  Now we have got to get him moved upstairs and out of the crib before the baby comes..  Hmm... wonder how that will go?

Anyway if he stays up late enough at night and doesn't nap he will sleep through the night. He does sleep in until about 9:00 every day though the lazy little man!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Nights

Our evenings are pretty predictable around here, they usually start with an outfit that looks something like this:

Poor Weston gets mauled to death as soon as he gets home.  This two year old little man has a whole list of things for him to do.  Hagen loves to go in his dads pickup and check pivots.  (He is no dummy, he knows that if he bats his long lashes just right he can stop at Grandma's for a popsicle while they are out) He insists on a four wheeler ride which he calls a  "forter ride".  And a horse ride is usually on his list as well.  The sad truth is that I can and do do all these things with him but it just isn't the same as having his dad do it. 

A lot of times Kallie and Cole are busy riding bikes or swimming and don't want to come with us to do the water but I always try to convince them it will be fun.  It is kind of our family time and I want it to last a little longer.  Cole likes to dig in the fields to check if they need more water.  He is pretty sure he knows just which buttons to push on the pivot to start it too. 

He was pretty happy about the tiny spuds they dug up this night.  He wanted to save them for dinner, I quickly ditched them out the window the first chance I got!

The barley field is too tall for the boys now so they usually don't venture out in it.  They always want me to pick a stem for them out the window though and then they squeeze the heads of the grain off like little zits. 
There is usually lots of laughing and some fighting during this hour of togetherness but I really think these are the things my kids will remember most as they grow up. 
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Cousin Day

These kids are growing up so fast! On my side of the family it is almost like we have two seperate sets of grandkids.  There are the big kids that ends at Cole and then the little kids that are just younger than that.  The big kids are getting to be a lot of fun.  We can do all sorts of stuff with them, and then the little kids; well they are sure cute!

We spent a whole day eating pizza, swimming in the canal, playing in the sandbox, catching minnows and playing in the kiddie pool.  The big kids eventually kicked the babies out of the kiddie pool so they could have their fun.  That little pool is the best $20 I spend every summer.  It entertains all ages!

I hope this bunch of kids always stays good friends. 
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