Friday, May 22, 2009

The week the world revolved around Kallie

Kallie turned four on May 12. Oh how glad I am that that day is past. Anytime she wanted anything she would pull the "well it is my birthday today you know" card. Kallie has two cousins that are just a few months older than her, when she woke up on her birthday the first thing she said was; "I am so glad that I am FINALLY the same age as Brookie again mom. Hilarious. Kallie said for her birthday she just wanted to have a friend over to play. She chose her cousin Libbie and they had a blast playing barbies and dress up all afternoon. Kallie wanted a flip flop cake and this is my sad attempt, but it tasted really good.

That same week Kallie had her dance recital. She was so excited (mostly to get to wear makeup) but she did really good and had a lot of fun dancing in front of a packed full Kirkham Auditorium. My shy little mamas girl burst out of her shell and was not even one bit scared to go on stage. Kallie was so excited that her cousins came to watch her, they had their dress rehersal that night so it was fun to get a picture with them in their costumes. From left to right: Hanna, Haylie, Kallie & Brooklyn.
Just getting ready to go on stage. She was soooo excited!!

I have been trying this new thing where I try to take a snapshot of our family anytime we are somewhere together with a camera. Once again a sad attempt. One last order of business: These two big hunks. My brother Regg and Weston's brother Braxton are great buddies, and I am their biggest fan!! We have so much fun following them around to their various sporting events, watching their stupid human tricks, and especially thier own homemade version of Jack A**!! ( What high school kid doesn't do this?) Anyway, this is Regg and Braxton on their prom night. Hali and I served them dinner and they were so hot!! These two are great kids and I am happy to have them at my disposal all the time. What will I do in a couple years when they are on missions??