Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I have no pictures to document this event with but I wanted to be sure and write it down.  Last year my mom took Kallie skiing.  She loved it and with the help of the best ski instructor out there (my brother Hank) she was skiing with confidence by the end of the night.  Well fast forward a year.  We have heard constant whining, begging, and pleading to go skiing again.  Cole was livid that he didn't get to go last year and insisted he wanted to learn.  Two weeks ago Hank called, had and extra ticket and a full afternoon to teach Cole.  That was one excited boy.  He did great and told Hank at the end of the night that he "knew everything about skiing now"! Ha!

Well Weston and I decided that we needed to see them do their thing.  For the first time in 13 years we strapped on some borrowed skis and were on our way.  It really is just like riding a bike!  Aside from the frigid temperatures we had a great time and were pleasantly surprised by how well the kids did.  Kallie, the ever cautious one, took her time but rarely fell and was content to stay on the small lift.  Cole on the other hand has too much of my brothers in him, and doesn't have the sense to be scared of anything.  After a few times on the small lift he was sure he was ready for the big hill.  I went along with him and Hank and my niece Haylie and Cole didn't disappoint.  He had one pretty good crash but otherwise just cruised down the hill no problem.  Needless to say I think they are hooked! Expensive sport... Here we come!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Loaded with Personality and Mischief

This little guy right here is the main source of laughter and happiness in our home.  I can't imagine life without a baby to keep everyone's spirits up and I ache to think that our baby days are coming to a close.  I will say though that as adorable as these two are in the shopping cart they are ZERO fun to take to Sam's Club.  It is constant climbing out of the cart, snatching things off the shelf and lots of hollering.  In fact on this particular trip, Hayes was screaming so loud that the bakery lady asked if she could give him a cookie.  He shoved the whole thing in his mouth and was happy for a few minutes.  Then the hollering began again, a few minutes later we saw the same bakery lady who said, "didn't I just give him a cookie, I will got get another one"  How embarrassing!

Once Hayes became mobil, all hell broke loose.  He loves to pull all the toilet paper off the roll, unload all the drawers and throw things down the stair.  He can wreck the place in no time at all.  

Just a little random neighborhood fun.

Hayes loves the piano, (good thing too because none of the other kids do:).  He is always banging on it and I found him climbed up on the bench the other day.  

Bath time is a favorite.  Hayes loves to suck on the faucet and he turns the water on himself.  He splashes all the water out and makes a huge mess, but I can keep him contained in one spot for about 15 minutes which buys me enough time to blow dry my hair!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

October phone update

Kallie's class did an archeological dig for school, I got to go help and it was so fun.  I love watching Kallie interact with the kids in her class.  I think she is pretty darn cute too!

I love this silly boy.
He spends hours playing with his sand.  Seriously I can clean the entire main floor before he is sick of the sand.  

Friday, January 2, 2015

More Fall Phone Updates

Hagen used to do this all the time and now Hayes does it.  He spent a lot of time stuck in this end table and in the dining room chairs when he first started crawling.

When it gets too cold to swim outside, we just swim in the bathtub instead...

We went to watch a couple of volleyball games, they always went way later then Hayes's 7:00 bedtime.  He just lay down on the cool gym floor and fell asleep.  

Hayes and Kaden are birthday buddies, we took the kids to a movie and frozen yogurt.

Cuddles with grandma.

The kids were pretty excited to go on a horse ride to the ranch to round up the cows, I love that they are big enough to "help"

Hagen and Ridge Forbush are becoming friends.  They loved to play in the sandbox together towards the end of the summer.  I am sure next summer they will be inseperable.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Phone update from August

Once again I find the most accurate depiction of our lives on my phone... These are from late summer 2014

Cole's birthday came.  I feel like he waits longer for his birthday than anyone else.

He got a giant box of paintballs and a slingshot.  

We froze our butts off swimming at Rexburg Rapids for his birthday.  Seriously it was windy and cold! Hagen didn't enjoy it and slept in the stroller the whole time. 

That evening when Wes got home we gave him his other present.  A saddle just his size.  He was so excited.  (Almost as excited at his dad)

My sister Misti and I took Kallie and Brookie to Salt Lake school shopping.  We had a ton of fun but spent way too much money.  

This one time I walked in on my kids playing so nice together.  It lasted a long time and I sat and watched them basking in the joy of the moment.  

I am pretty sure I have a picture of all four of my babies with my dad just like this.  

I can't express how much I loved my fenced in back deck. This baby was happy all summer long. 

Hayes has turned into a wonderful eater just like Hagen.  He loves ham, cheese and guacamole.

I went out to find Cole and Skyler hanging Hagen from a tree by his belt loops.  They thought they were so cleverly keeping him out of their way, he thought it was the funnest game ever.  

The Jensen's left their little motorcycle at our house and Kallie found a new love.  She rode it around all the time and had a blast!

Sometimes a thirty minute episode of Mickey Mouse is a life saver to me.  I love that these two are friends.

This is what happens when you take candy from a baby.

I love this shot captured from my baby monitor.  Best friends having a heart to heart while waiting for mom to get Hayes out.

As big as Hagen thinks he is, sometimes he still needs a nap.. He napped on the couch on the deck a lot.

It's always something with these two and once Hayes started crawling life got way more exciting.