Tuesday, November 4, 2014


There have been some wild happenings around here lately.  I just wanted to do a quick update on each  member of the family.

Hayes: Hayes is cutting molars which has made for a cranky baby!  He still sleeps all night anyway though.  Hayes loves the stairs and can climb to the top in no time at all.  He has only tumbled down the stairs once but that may have been Hagen's fault.  In fact I was upstairs helping the kids put laundry away, I ran down to grab another load and in the meantime I heard a tumble and cry.  I ran to the stairs to find Hayes tangled in the laundry basket at the bottom.  Hagen was standing guiltily at the top of the stairs.  He said "I just wanted to give him a ride, I told him to hold on but I guess he didn't!"  Oh these boys of mine!   Hayes has mastered drinking out of a straw and could live on smoothies.  He does the cutest fake cheesy smile whenever we tell him to show us his cheesed!

Hagen:  Hagen is constantly up to plenty of mischief.  Aside from sending Hayes down the stairs, he genuinely loves his baby brother.  They cuddle on the couch and watch Mickey together.  Hagen has managed to break his glasses three times in the last month!  Hagen was playing with play doh sand the other day and was picking out a cookie cutter to use.   He saw a gingerbread man one and said "Oh look at that Holy Ghost one, I want that one!" Hagen is in gymnastics and loving it.  He goofs around a little too much for my liking but he is learning to follow instructions and his strength and coordination has dramatically improved.

Cole:  Cole makes us late for school every single day.  He can't seem to follow my instructions and is constantly reminding me of Regg in that manner.  He must be following directions at school though because he is doing really well.  He enjoys reading and has started chapter books.  His reading has improved a lot in the last few weeks.   Cole has become pretty good help to his dad lately and can be trusted with a lot of work outside.  He likes to run the drill and all three boys fight over who gets to go in the tractor to get hay for the bulls.  Sometimes Cole displays some OCD behaviors that I find humorous.  Just the other night he asked me if I could iron his bedsheets, he explained that when they are wrinkled it bugs him and he can't sleep well.  I of course told him no!

Kallie:  This girl is getting too grown up! She is all about socializing lately and wants to go to every ball game or social outing that she can.  She spends hours watching hair tutorials on the computer and  has mastered some pretty impressive dos!  Kallie has really had to study for school this year and I love it!  She is constantly reviewing flashcards and studying math facts.  She has decided she doesn't enjoy reading and I have made it my mission to change that!  Kallie is also enjoying clogging this year, even though it is way more challenging! She has had to practice that a lot too.