Saturday, August 30, 2014


School has now started but with the rainy weather we had all through August, on the nice days it was seriously cramming the fun in for us! The kids love to float the canal and have done so for a few years.  The Forbush's decided to make a nice little dock where the kids get out and it makes it all the funner.  There is never a dull moment in this little neighborhood of ours!

This particular day we ended up with quite the herd of kids.  They had a blast playing in the water and riding in the back of the pickup to start their float over.  

Such a great group of kids! I am so grateful that we are surrounded by wonderful families and kids.  

Cole also happened to lose his second tooth this day.  It had been hanging by a thread for days, but he wouldn't let me yank it out.  I was pretty glad to have it gone!

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Few August Things

For the last few years Weston and his brother Coy have entered in the horseshoe tournament at the county fair.  They take this event very seriously and have done quite well in the past.  This year they made the mistake of practicing the week before the tournament.  This is apparently one of those sports you shouldn't practice! They got put out fairly early in the tournament and were disappointed to not be taking home the trophy this year! They still had a lot of fun though, more than they probably should have!

I posted a few pix of the zip line my brother made for the kids, but I loved these of Hagen from my camera.  He is one brave little boy and might just be my adrenaline junkie! The faster, higher, wilder the better to him! Just look at that grin!

We had a girls lunch with my niece Mataia before she headed off to college.  She was pretty excited and very ready to move on to the next phase of life.  It makes me feel so old to see her heading off to college.  She was five years old when Weston and I started dating! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Last of the iPhone updates..

Most of the Crapo family was headed to Lake Powell. My kids were pretty sad that we didn't go, Hagen had fun trying on Foster's new life vest though.  

Nate stayed at our house for a couple days, Cole was in heaven and those two spent all their time hunting rock chucks with a  fair amount of success.  

Annual Slip and Slide party..

The best neighbor ever, Jalyssa; has a sixth sense for when I am in need.  Every time I get overwhelmed by life and kids or if I am just trying to get dinner on, she walks through the door scoops up the baby and all is well with the world again.  I honestly thank Heavenly Father for her regularly.  I love that girl as if she were my own.  

Kallie had volleyball camp and loved it, she was especially excited that her cousin Sicily was there.  

Hayes thinks he is big, I hate it.

Grandpa got a new toy, a two seater side by side.  We went for a ride in the desert, these two were out in minutes.  The rest of us had a great time.  

No other baby in the world would tolerate a hair cut like this as well as this boy.  He is a true champ!

The kids found a picture of their dad in the Potato Grower magazine.  They think he is famous now.  He basically is:)

The beloved Mrs. Killpack has moved away, but we were thrilled to get to see her and have lunch one last time before she left.  I am eternally grateful for the impact she has had on my daughters life.  

When we hit about August the kids have usually had more than enough family togetherness.  They had been fighting A LOT! I tied them together years ago and it worked like a charm.  After plenty of warnings I busted out the belts and ribbon.  After a few hours of tears, it all ended in laughter.  It looked so fun that Hagen begged to be tied with them.  

My brother Hank is always trying to win the fun uncle award.  We are all pretty happy to hand it over to him too, that award comes with a lot of work.  Anyway he built a zip line for the kids and they were in love!  They put Hagen in it to try it out.  He was more than happy to oblige and they figured he was the lightest participant.  He loved it and refused to get off.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

iPhone Update Continued

Kallie had a blast at basketball camp,

Hagen takes his motorcycle everywhere, and if he forgets it he always wishes he had it. 

Weston and I hiked Table Rock.  It was a lot of fun, but tough work! The view was unbeatable though.

Cole saved up some money to buy scuba gear which he had a ton of fun with.  I was cracking up at him walking around at Heise with it on.  

We were pretty excited to see a doe and her two little fawns just off the road one day on the way home from swim lessons.  

Hayes LOVES Grandma's swing..

Every morning I put Kallie in my bed while I go run in case the boys wake up.  I always come home to this.  

And this...

Monday, August 18, 2014

iPhone Update

The crappiest pictures but the best overview of what life is really like for us comes from my phone.  Carrying a baby and having a toddler to keep track of makes it impossible to have my camera on hand at all times.  Nevertheless... here are the last few months of phone photos.

Apparently Hagen has some of the same genetics as his Grandpa Crapo, they both seem to get a little snoozy on a Sunday afternoon with their iPads.  

We spent a Saturday helping my nephew Foster get his Eagle project done.  They kids had way too much fun helping.  

These are a couple pix of Hayes and I from our Arizona trip back in March.

The sandbox is always full of kids in the early summer months.

Hagen found the girls camp auction fundraiser to be way too boring for his liking.  

Hayes learned to sit up back in May which opened up a whole new world to that kid.

One morning while I was making beds I heard the baby start crying and came in to find this.. Hagen had him handcuffed.  He was not impressed.  I guess its just the pecking order.  The picture below is Hagen tied up by Cole at about that same age!  Too bad Hayes won't have a little brother to torture!

The deck became Hagen's favorite napping spot for the summer.  It was perfect when he was wet from swimming!

This is my new favorite hairdo on Kallie.  She wasn't thrilled with the bow though!

Hayes has grown to love food.  All food, but especially fruit!