Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can you say Cheese Ball!!

I decided since it has been over a year since I had the kids pictures taken that I would attempt this most dreaded job today. Kallie was totally stoked about this and practiced her poses all morning. Cole was excited as well until it was time for the actual event. Last time I had his pictures taken he was awesome and smiled a ton and we were done in like 10 minutes. Today was a little different, when I told him to give us his best smile this is what we got for the first 20 shots seriously. I then had to get after him a little for being silly which only made him mad. Then he said, '"I am not going to mile for that ole lady mom." It was pretty much over after that, but I got a couple of okay ones. I also didn't realize how badly he needed a haircut until I saw the pictures later. Ooops!!

Seriously what is that face, he looks like he someone just squirted lemon juice in his eyes!
On the up side this is the first time EVER that Kallie has not screamed and cried when getting her pictures taken. She did great!!
My Little girl is growing up so fast!
My Cole Man, good thing he is so cute otherwise I would have let Jenny adopt him by now!!