Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christmas 2013

In years past we have always boasted to the family that our kids slept in until 7 am while everyone else was exhausted from their early Christmas risers! This year we were humbled! 4 am rolled around and Kallie was up and excited.  She had both boys with her and bouncing with excitement when they came downstairs.  There was really no putting them back to bed. 

Hayes in all his fatness slept through all the hoopla.  We didn't even get to bed until midnight and I had been up with Hayes at 2:00 am, so needless to say my head was pounding and my body was screaming at me to go back to sleep.  I figured the kids would open gifts and then we could go back to bed while they played.  Not the case! We spent until 9 just putting their toys together for them.  

The kids were thrilled with their gifts and were excited to give Weston and I what they got us.  A wallet for Wes and a waffle iron for me!

There was one small gift left that we told them they had to wait to open until it was light outside.  By this time it was 7:00 and they were starting to get tired.  They were having a blast and playing like crazy but Kallie is the one I could see it in.  Her eyes start to swell up and she whines without even knowing she is doing it.  We finally let them open their last gift... they knew instantly what it was. A key to a little snowmachine! We found it on Craigslist for a great price and couldn't resist.  It really goes against everything I believe about buying toys for kids but I have to admit it has been awesome.  All three kids spend hours outside playing together, which provides them some fresh air and exercise and me some sanity and baby snuggle time! It's been a win win!

Kallie was thrilled with her twins and bb gun.  (She is thinking that if she has what the boys have maybe it will be fun to play with them??)

Cole couldn't have been happier with his pirate ship and told me it was the best day of his life.  

Hagen couldn't have cared less about his race car track as seen in the background.  He only cared about his new cowboy hat that is like Ryan's and his boots.  This is him on the phone to his grandmas telling them about Santa and asking some personal questions about what they were wearing.  He wanted them to take their pajamas off and come see his new stuff! It was the cutest ever!

G&G Crapo of course obliged and came right over.  They never tell that boy no!

We gathered at Grandpa's for his famous omelet breakfast and to talk to Elder Crapo on the phone.  This year we were the ones snoozing on the couch!

Hagen, like all our other kids have decided that Uncle Brett is the coolest ever! He wrestled and played with him all morning.  

After going home for a nap, we went to Grammy's for more food and fun. I was getting lazy in my picture taking by the time we got there, but this sums up Hayes's first Christmas.  He slept while being passed from cousin to cousin all day!

A month later, we learn what our kids' favorite presents were.  Grammy's gifts are always at the very top of this list.  Cole got this awesome razor spinner trike that Weston and I may or may not have had plenty of fun ourselves on. Hagen got Magformer magnets that have been terribly fought over here. Kallie got a very stylish pair of boots and enough elastics to make bracelets for the entire school.  We were so blessed to have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and friends.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

We'll Let the Pictures do the talking....

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Little Bit of December

My blog has suffered lately but not from lack of try.  I have tried multiple times in the last few weeks to update but when I try to publish to blogger straight from Picasa like I would normally do I get a service error.  I cannot figure out what is wrong! So today I resorted to the old fashioned way of uploading pictures and it took exactly 11 minutes and 48 seconds to upload just this post.  Who has time for that? 

Anyway I'm still trying to catch up from December which seems like ages ago and only yesterday at the same time.  It was all a blur but I have a ton of pictures from all the fun we had.  
Kallie had her Christmas piano recital, she did great.  Her piano is really coming along.  She is way ahead of me however that isn't hard seeing as I can't play a note.  

Hayes is growing fast and was two months old in this picture.  He slept the month of 
December away and managed to stay healthy through all the parties and hoopla of being passed around by every family member on both sides.  

It's a rare thing that Weston has time to sit down and snuggle with our boy.  He has a busy life and we enjoy every second we get with him.  He may not enjoy his home time so much as it is total chaos these days.  

Hagen continues to be overzealous about healthy eating.  While the rest of us are making and eating no bake cookies he would prefer and apple (with the skin off of course)

My mom and dad came over to watch the Christmas Devotional with us and to receive an excellent FHE lesson by none other than Kallie herself.  That girl is determined to teach us the gospel.  She prepares a lesson for us every week without fail!  I love having my mom and dad over and all to ourselves at times.  There are so many grandkids now that it is just crazy chaos every time we are all together.

Cole is such a good big brother and the kids can't get enough of Hayes.  Hayes is supposed to have this high calories formula twice a day (I am terrible about giving it to him because then I just have to pump anyway and who has time for that really?) The kids love it when he gets a bottle though and fight over who gets to feed him.  

My poor Hagen got completely worn out over the holidays.  This boy refuses to nap and goes to bed around 9 and is up by 6 every day.  Knowing that he couldn't get off the rug until he took his shoes off, he simply succumbed to exhaustion and fell asleep right there.  
How bout a closer look at his cuteness?

I love time with my kids and just cuddling on the couch.  As much as I love summer and warm weather it is nice to be able to just hunker down with these sweet babies for the winter!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby Blessing

We blessed Hayes the first week in December.  He was two months old but growing and doing great so we decided to bless him while his outfit still fit.  He wore the same blessing outfit as our other boys.  Cole was way too big for it, we couldn't even zip it all the way up and he was only three weeks old.  Hagen fit into it just right, and it was plenty big on Hayes.  It is fun to watch how each kid grows at different rates. 

Weston did a great job on the blessing and it was so nice to have all our families at church for the occasion.  For the first time though we did two seperate dinners with the families.  I think everyone enjoyed this more as it wasn't quite so chaotic. 

My family came right after church for lunch while the rest of Weston's families went back to the rest of church at their own wards.  The Crapo family came that evening for dinner and then the kids had their piano recital so it really worked out pretty good. 

Somehow we didn't get a picture of Hayes with Grandma and Grandpa Crapo and Great G &G Dayton. We did however get this gem of Uncle Coy that we will put in place of the grandparents:)
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