Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just so you know we are still alive, we are not sick, or out of the country, as a matter of fact we are not even all that busy. So what is my excuse for not blogging???

1. My camera got dropped on Christmas, it is not really working all that well. I may as well not have even taken Easter pix for how well they turned out. What fun is a blog post without any pictures right?

2. I am not creative enough to write a post that will keep your attention without pictures.

If you know of a good camera that will fit in my purse that doesn't cost more than I make in a month of teaching preschool (which is not a lot), and will take decent pix I am open for suggestions. My camera shopping starts now. I will then re-join the blogging world.

Here is just a brief update of us: (Mostly for my journaling purposes, like you really care)

  • Is very excited for summer
  • still doing well in preschool
  • has mastered a cartwheel
  • wants to be the octo-mom when she grows up
  • plans to be a wwf fighter when he grows up
  • Has developed the "boy" smell (you know when boys go outside to play and instantly smell like wet dog even if they have bathed and been smeared with baby lotion not 20 min prior)
  • Loves to go to the farm with his dad and his new dog Spice
  • Had developed a love for milk (seriously drinking a half gallon a day)
  • Successfully completed another tax season
  • Finally talked me into a dog and then a different dog after he didn't like the first one so much.
  • Is slightly obsessed with small farm animals ex: goats, ponies, chickens
  • Enjoying a little time spent outside working on the farm
  • Have developed a slight obsession with couponing
  • Trying to come up with ideas for the last few weeks of preschool (any ideas are appreciated)
  • cleaning up lots of messes
  • referring lots of fights
  • loving my un-busy life and enjoying my kids so much