Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally of Nursery age, Finally!!!

Could our little Cole get any more handsome? He is such a sweet boy and gives the best hugs and kisses.
All of the following apply to our baby Cole!!:
Happy 99 % of the time.
Loves to pick fights with his sister which he wins 99% of the time.
Puts on his coat and boots many many times a day to "go go" outside.
Runs, jump, and crawls on everything.
Master of disaster.
Eats every bite on his plate and cleans up everyone elses also. Why is he not 500 pounds we don't know!
Loves Kallie more than anything.
We find it disturbing that he likes to play dolls and dress up with Kallie however he could not be more of a boy!!
Handsome Handsome Handsome!!

Cole just turned 18 months and I think that the ward wants to have a party that he is finally of nursery age!! What a monster at church, but so dang cute we all just laugh. We love this little boy so much it is ridiculous.