Monday, January 31, 2011

It's No Wonder

It's really no wonder she never wants to sleep with him, and why I can't stand to have him in my bed. He is a monster to sleep with!

Dress up

Kallie and Cole play so good together. Cole hates when she is at school and is totally lazy and wants to watch T.V. the whole time. I can't get him to watch T.V. any other time however. These two fight plenty which usually ends up with Cole piled on top of Kallie and her screaming for help. He is ruthless and mean but she can be pretty bossy too. Most of the time they get along real well, as long as he plays what she wants. One of Kallie's favorite things to do is to play dress up/house. Cole also enjoys this but he usually ends up wearing a Minnie Mouse Dress and plays the role as the dad??? For Christmas Cole got a Cowboy Woody costume and he has worn it every day since. (Not in public mind you, that is not okay with me) We are very happy that he can put a "manly" spin on the game of dress up!
These two thought this was pretty clever and funny.

January Fun


The kids have spent a lot of time playing in the snow this winter. Cole goes out almost every day and Kallie makes it out a few times a week. We have a few big hills in the yard that they love to play on. Cole is nuts, he is for real going to break his legs. He will jump and flip and land on his face and he doesn't care at all. Kallie would really rather make Cole pull her around in the sled (which he gladly does) than play on the hill. I think she finds it too much work to climb up and down. I love to watch them play though. The other day Cole was out playing with the neighbor kids and when he came in this is how the conversation went:
Cole: guess what mom
Mom: what
Cole: my pants are a little wet
Mom: oh thats okay they will dry it is just from sledding
Cole: Actually its because when I was sledding I had to pee real bad but I didn't want to come in so a just peed a little bit at a time in my pants.
Mom: Ewww take them off NOW! That is so gross!

On Saturday I was out watching the kids play and I was sitting on a one ton hay bale to watch them. Cole wanted to get on the hay bale but I was too lazy to get off and help him up so I told him he could get on it if he could do it himself. Using all the brains he could muster, he ran down the large hill at full speed and jumped right before he got to the hay. He smacked his chest right on the bale and lit flat on his back. It was hilarious and Kallie looked at him and said, "Well that was real smart of ya". It was so funny. In Cole's defense though, the next try he made it onto the hay bale. He may not have common sense, but his problem solving skills are great!

Weston turns 30!

It is official, we are getting old. I always thought we would stay in our twenties forever and the thought of having more than two kids was never really a reality. We would always be young and fun and never get old and boring. Well Weston just turned the big 30, we are about to have our third child and I can proudly admit that we have been in bed by 8:30 more than once or twice this winter. We still like to do fun stuff, like watch T.V. and go to basketball games but anything that requires more energy then that is really pushing it for us. We are officially OLD!

Weston's birthday was pretty boring, he had to make a quick business trip to Boise that day and got home around 8:30. I didn't make him a cake because he doesn't eat that kind of stuff and honestly I didn't want it in that house because I know I would eat it all. The kids were really excited to give him a super lame gift of new snow machine gloves and a face mask. I guess it is another sign that we are getting old when we were completely content to stay home and be bums! I am banking on the thought that once I get this baby out of me I will turn back into my young old self! (If that made any sense?)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Cole wanted to go to Braxton's basketball game with us real bad. Kallie stayed home but he didn't care, he was excited to go watch some ball. Actually not really though, when we got there we realized he had put some change in his pocket and what he really was excited about was spending it at the concession stand on some junk food. Not a stupid kid. He really couldn't have cared less about the game, and played with his Toy Story toys the whole time. I must admit I was more entertained watching him play then watching the game. We sure love this cute, funny little man!

Did you know?

Did you know if you put a toothpick in your mouth after you eat it makes you a REAL cowboy??

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

We really had a lot of fun on Christmas this year. Our kids were at the perfect age, they were very excited yet their wish lists were simple and cheap. Kallie wanted earrings, and a pillow pet and Cole wanted Buzz and Woody toys and a pillow pet. We were thrilled when Kallie didn't wake up until 7:30, she came downstairs and brought her pillow and climbed in bed with us. At first I thought she must have forgotten it was Christmas because she just cuddled right in like she was going to go back to sleep. I looked over at her a few minutes later and she had a huge grin on her face and big bright eyes. I said, "so do you think Santa came?" She said, "yep he did cuz I peeked!" She was so dang cute! We got up and got dressed real quick and then we all went and woke Cole up, as soon as we said his name he popped his eyes open and jumped right out of bed. We had the best time together as a little family. After opening our gifts we went to G&G Crapo's for our traditional omelet breakfast (The one time each year grandpa cooks). It was awesome, then we went out to my parents to take them their gifts. By 3:30 both of our kids were begging to go home to play with their own toys so we did. It was a really great Christmas.Kallie and Cole picked out this hat for their dad all by themselves and were very proud of it.
Kallie with her new earrings, she couldn't have been more excited.
Cole was real excited about the new bubble bath he found in his stocking! Okay I am realizing that Cole has said a lot of funny stuff lately, but this is definitely worth recording. Cole got a basketball for Christmas, when he opened it he looked at it kind of funny and then he handed it to Weston and said, "this must be for you dad, I don't play with this kind of stuff." Weston was a bit crushed, but we just laughed. We have been trying to broaden the kid's horizons a bit but I guess he is just fine playing with nothing but cows and horses for now right?
The kids both asked for pillow pets for Christmas and were really excited when that was the first thing they saw Christmas morning.
Kallie and her girl cousins got doctor bags complete with everything you could possibly imagine from Grammy. I have had many a "broken arms" treated by Dr. Kallie in the last couple weeks. She has had a blast with her doctor bag.
Some may well know how much I just "love" Christmas. I tried really hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year by decorating a little more and having a few Christmasy activities leading up to the big day. However, Cole was sure to remind me not once but twice why I get annoyed at all the nonsense of the season. On Christmas Eve we went to my mom's house, she gave each of the kids new pajamas and they were all wrapped in shirt boxes except for Cole's, his was wrapped in a Christmas lights box. All the kids opened them at the same time and when Cole saw his box, he screamed; "Yay Christmas Lights!!!" (Granted it was the first gift of the year but still the kid was totally stoked thinking he got a box of Christmas lights!) The second reason is depicted in the above picture. We always stress and spend too much money on the kids when they really don't care, Cole was way more excited about the foam skis he made out of some packaging than he was about any gift he got. Point is we WAY overdo Christmas. I think if we could keep it simple we could keep the real spirit of Christmas with us.
Cole helping Gra Gra open one of his gifts!

Kallie's Christmas Performance

(Kallie is lucky enough to have four of her Crapo cousins that go to the same school as her, she will always have someone to watch out for her!)
Kallie's school did a cute little Christmas program. They sang a lot of fun songs and the 5th grade class did a little skit that went along with their songs. Kallie was really excited to perform for me and was pretty disappointed that her daddy and Grammy had to work and couldn't make it, but she was thrilled to see Grandma Crapo and Gra Gra there. She even invited Gra Gra over for lunch after. She is a pretty sweet kid!

Ward Christmas Party

Kallie was really excited to sit on Santa's lap. She had consistently asked for the same two things for Christmas for weeks now; earrings and a pillow pet! Sometimes I worry about Kallie being too smart for her own good. She is so skeptical about everything and is not like most little kids who believe everything you tell them. At her school they had a Polar Express party where all the kids wore their pajamas and someone read them the story and then Santa came. When Kallie came home I asked her about it and she said it was fun but she said; "mom that was definitely not the real Santa" I asked her why she thought that and this was her response; " The real Santa as curly hair in the back and this guys was pretty straight." Are you kidding me?? His lack of curls makes him not real? This girl is only 5!

This was Cole's first experience with Santa (to his recollection) and he was so excited. He stared at him in amazement while all the other kids took their turn.
And then when it was his turn, he asked for a pillow pet. ( Why didn't I think of inventing a pillow pet, I could be that millionaire person who thought of it and charged $20 a piece for some dumb stuffed animal that every kid on the planet wanted for Christmas this year!)

Cute little angels!
(Kallie and Brooklyn Crapo waiting to eat and sing!)
For our ward Christmas party the primary kids acted out the Nativity. Kallie was so excited because her class got to be angels. She planned for weeks what she would wear for her costume and even mad a phone call to Grammy all by herself to see if she could borrow some wings. Kallie did a great job and was cute as a button!

West Yellowstone Trip

Cole and his funny cousin Creed doing some ninja fighting moves. (Cole really had no idea what he was doing, he was just copying Creed and he thought he was pretty funny.)
Miss Kallie and her super tall cousin. Bailee is only two years older than Kallie.

Every year for Christmas Weston's parents do the twelve days of Christmas for the kids and then for the finale and our Christmas gift we all go on some kind of a day trip. This year we went to West Yellowstone and rode a snow coach through the park. We had a really good time despite the freezing cold. We didn't see a ton of animals but we did see plenty of buffalo, a few bald eagles, and a couple of coyote. We ate lunch and watched Old Faithful and then headed home. We had a lot of fun and a lot of good laughs. The best part though was probably the night before. We decided that since we needed to be in West by 8:30 that morning and the roads were bad, that we would leave the night before and so the kids could swim at the hotel. They had a blast. Our big family were the only ones in the pool and it is a good thing because they were so loud and crazy.

Regg's Farewell

We had a super quick set of family pix right before Regg got set apart, they were not that great but at least we all got one last family picture before he left. (Too bad none of them were taken with my camera!)
My dad plays this ridiculous game with the kids where he tells them to squeeze him around the neck as tight as they can and he will tickle them while they squeeze, the first one to let go looses. They love it!

This girl LOVES her Grammy!

Kallie and Cole with Uncle Regg the night before he left. They sure do love him! Funny story: the night Regg left we were doing family prayer and it was Cole's turn to say the prayer. I reminded him to be sure and bless Regg on his mission, Cole looked at me kind of funny and said, "you mean he gets to spend the night there?" I laughed a little and tried to explain to him that he would be gone for a really long time. Cole proceeded with his prayer and said, "Please bless Regg that he will have a fun sleepover on his mission until I am 5 1/2." It was so cute.
We had a nice dinner at our house after Regg spoke in church the Sunday before he left. The kids had a bawl and Regg had a lot of support from friends and family. Grammy has been struggling a bit with the fact that her baby is growing up and leaving on a mission and she is now an empty nester, she has been pretty teary for a couple of weeks now. Cole went up to her and said "Grammy why are your eyes so drippy?" He was genuinely concerned about her and it was just the medicine she needed to perk up a little. Her response to him was actually just as funny as what he said to her, she said; "Oh it is okay, Grammy is just being a boob." The next day Cole was playing at the neighbors house and told them that his Grammy has drippy eyes and boobs! The kid is really quite funny, and it cracks me up the way he interprets things.