Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cole's 1st Birthday!!

We were in Bear Lake for Weston's work during Cole's Birthday. It was pretty fun because we stayed in a Condo with two swimming pools and of course the lake right across the road. We had pretty much zero room in our car on the way with four kids crammed in there, but I insisted that we at least take Cole's present with us for his first birthday. A Tonka Truck, how fitting for our little monster!
Cole loved his new truck but he was pretty sure that it was a ride-on toy. He would lift up the bucket and straddle the base of the truck and push himself around. It was pretty funny.
Cole's Birthday cake was origianlly supposed to be a crocodile, but when I got started I realized that a snake would be much easier. Like the kid could care less about it. Kallie was sure excited though.
Cole dove right in to his smash cake and was very willing to share with anyone who would venture a taste!
Happy Birthday to our little man who we love so much and can't believe is a year old already!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's a Crime!!

Hadley, Jeter, Weston, & Cole
Jete & Cole playing a little follow the leader
The Cutest Boys Ever, Jeter and Cole!
Both the boys screamed the whole time,
Even with Cindy on with them!
Jeter has a rock in his mouth in this pic.
Faster Dude!!

So heres the deal, Weston's cousin/best buddy/childhood partner in crime, was here for nearly the whole month of July. We were so anxious to see Had, Cin and Jete. We didn't get to see them nearly as much as we would have liked to, but we did get to have dinner a few times and we went for a sweet ride on road bikes one night. We had so much fun with them and wish that their families wouldn't have hogged them so much. Just kidding! Anyways it was really good times, but here is the crime. Jeter is only 3 weeks older than our little Cole, they played so dang cute together. They followed each other around, ate rocks and dirt together (mostly Jeter), pushed each other in the cars (mostly Cole doing the pushing, Weston says Hadley was always the bossy one! J/k) and they also went for a horse ride together. They both pretty much hated that part. But all in all I think it is horrible that these two little boys were destined to be best buds and were torn apart at birth. (Had and Cin stopped at the hospital on their way to Ohio so that three week old Jeter and 12 hour old Cole could have their first pictures together. So here is our shoutout to Cole and Jeter for a happy life of togetherness away from each other. Just move home already guys!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

24 of July!!

Kallie and Cole at the Parade
Grandpa Crapo has the magic touch
Kallie on the giant slip and slide (wish I had a better pic of this)
Me & Kallie getting warm after the slide
Twin cousins; Trey and Trail with Cole

As you all know the twenty fourth of July here in St. Anthony is a really big deal. For us it starts at 7 am with the Fun Run, then to the parade and the rodeo, but last year we started a new tradition. The REDNECK WATER PARTY!! My mom has a huge sand volleyball pit that she floods and we play intense mud volleyball, we have more food than we know what to do with. (This year she got a cotton candy machine) All of my brothers and sisters invite their friends and my mom and dad invite some of theirs. We end up with a strange mix of people but have a ton of fun. Don't get too excited though, I haven't revealed the best part yet!! My baby brother Regg invented his own slip and slide. It is amazing, about the size of half a football field, not kidding!! My dad puts all of his hay in long plastic tube bags, Regg put one of these at the top of my moms lawn and it slopes downhill. He put a pipe at the top and we pump water out of the ditch for a steady flow. It was a huge hit two years in a row. So for those of you who were invited and didn't come, you totally missed out!!!

Crazy Baby!!

This is our crazy little man Cole. He is so dang funny, the difference between him and Kallie is astonishing. He is fearless and out of control. He has the cutest expressions and I just couldn't help posting these funny pictures!