Tuesday, July 17, 2012

World's longest 4th of July Post

 Our Fourth of July couldn't have been more perfect! We started the day off with the Ashton parade, we were the last one's to pull in and the first to leave and we came away with half a grocery bag of salt water taffy! It was pretty hot and the kids were needing a drink after all their candy so we pulled into our favorite, "The Frostop" and had some fries and ice cream.  Weston went golfing and the kids and I vegged for a couple hours until Hank, Chelsey and their families came over for some food.  We were so low key it was almost embarrassing.  I fed everyone cold cuts and the kids played in the canal and the yard the whole day. 

 They had lots of fun if you can't tell, all except Tagg. He was nervous that Hank was going to throw him in the canal and he just wanted to drive the mini coup around.  Justin loved the canal and I for sure need to have him come back again. It was a blast!

 The kids were all excited about the new baby goats we had.  Only two out of seven lived from our two mamas that had babies in the same week.

 Cole was rocking his usual summer attire.  Its too hot for pants but he can't go without his boots! I love my little cowboy!
 We all fought over the adorableness of Miss Rae Rae all day and she was such a gem!

 We gave horse rides but Hagen was the only one lucky enough to get his picture of the event.
 The grand finale of the whole day was our bon fire.  We have been gathering scrap wood for three years now around our place. The neighbors have pitched in their share of wood too, and this was the night with lit that sucker on fire.  The plan was to roast some mallows, but that thing was too hot to even do that.  However it made a nice heater for those kids who insisted on doing a little evening swim!

 We busted out some small fire works and the kids loved throwing them into the canal when they went out.  Honestly I couldn't have asked for a funner and more relaxing way to celebrate the birth of our country!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cute Messiness

 This kids is bursting with personality these days.  He laughs at himself over the silliest things, and is crazy messy. He refuses to sit in his high chair which is so annoying because that is the only way I would be able to cook dinner.  He just climbs right out of that thing.  No matter how tight I put him in, his skinny little body can squirm right out.  He thinks he new spot to sit in on the counter but he dips his hands into everything and just makes messes. 
 Like every other kid in the world, Hagen thinks olives are the best. It's a good thing Hagen loves to eat because honestly I hate to feed him.  He makes the hugest messes.  The other day he threw a whole french toast all over the kitchen piece by piece, syrup and all. Then he finished off his disaster by dumping the rest of the sticky syrup onto his head. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Have I Ever Mentioned...

 How much I love my gated back deck?? Well I do! It is seriously my life saver this summer.  Hagen wants to be outside when the kids are or aren't for that matter and I don't worry about him escaping or getting a sunburn.  He has a bunch of toys out there and a little picnic table and the kids are content there for hours. 
 Kallie brings her art work outside and Cole uses his imagination to create all sorts of games.  (He used a giant rope and made himself a swing over the edge of the deck) Maybe not the safest, but definitely creative. They choose (Much to my delight) to eat most every meal out there too.  The deck is a filthy mess but the house stays cleaner. 
Oh and you see that yellow noodle Cole is holding? He is about to put that under the horses tail and make a poop catcher.  I don't know why I didn't take a picture of that cuz it was pretty darn funny!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st Canal Party of the Season

 We spend so much time in the canal behind out house in the summer.  It isn't too deep and has a nice cement bridge over it.  The kids spend hours out there playing in the water.  It usually ends up to be a whole neighborhood event.  And the kids invite other friends to come as well.  Once again it is just a god excuse for me to sit out there and soak up some sun!

 Kallie was pretty excited to have her cute friend Berklee show up for the fun, she is usually surrounded by a bunch of boys!

 A new feature was added to out water park this year, and that is a rope swing at Stoddard's pond.  The bigger boys had so much fun swinging around and finding just the right spot to drop! Summer time is the best around here!