Saturday, June 5, 2010

One tough kid!

Kallie got her tonsils out on May 27th. She was super excited about this, I was super nervous about this. I have heard horror stories of how kids are so scared and they scream and won't eat for days. I was expecting the worst. Kallie however was very excited to go to the hospital, she thought the idea of visitors and popsicles was awesome. She was counting down the days and had a special outfit all picked out to wear, I figured once they jammed an IV into her hand and wheeled her into surgery she would freak out. I was wrong, she was all grins the whole time. Seriously not one wimper or cry, we were all pleasantly surprised.
This was right before they wheeled her out of the room, she just waved and kept that big grin on her face the whole time.

So before surgery was great, but I knew that as soon as she came back to the room she would be hurting and mad at me for decieving her. Once again I was wrong, she was happy but sleepy. We let her sleep for a bit and then we got to work on the popsicles. We were out of the hospital and home by 1 pm. Kallie slept most of the day, and I had to wake her up in the night to give her pain meds. The next morning at 7 am, she was up and wanted breakfast, and that was that. She has been her normal self ever since. I am so proud of how tough she is!