Friday, April 24, 2015

Flat Stanley

We were asked to do a Flat Stanley project for Jeter.  We had to show the paper doll around our state and town and the things that make us unique.  It was so fun! I am embarrassed to say that the kids and I visited the warehouse for the first time ever.  I was in awe at the way that place functions.  It shed a whole new light and the potato growing business.  

We took Flat Stanley to the Sand Dunes and to the farm.  I thought this picture of Cole with him in the tractor was pretty cute!

And on a random side note; I found Hagen so kindly washing the windows for me the other day.  I have no idea how he didn't fall and break a bone, but it was pretty sweet of him to help me out.  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was so much fun this year.  Grandma Crapo planned her Easter Egg hunt on the Friday before since a bunch of the family was headed to Salt Lake for General Conference.  She planned a fun glow in the dark hunt and had it organized by age groups.  Even the adults got their own hunt this year!! It was pitch black out and we had flashlights and headlamps on but we still found a few eggs.  Hali ended up with all the money eggs dang it! She is always the lucky one! I'm not sure hiking along the ditch bank in the dark and seeing a few rodents was worth the twix bar I got but we sure had fun! 

Hayes opened every egg in the house and being the only baby everyone thought that was adorable and kept handing him more and more eggs to open.  

Easter morning was the most chill that we have ever experienced.  We slept in (until 7:00) and then the kids ate a bunch of candy and we were super lazy, enjoying conference and munching on candy.  I didn't even hardly take any pictures.

After conference we went to my moms for lunch and more egg hunting.  It was pretty cold but we had fun anyway.  Easter candy is by far my favorite.  Mini Reese's peanut butter cups taste so much better when wrapped in a pastel foil, and I won't even mention my love for Cadburry Mini Eggs! I am proud to say I only bought one bag the entire season! 

Aside from all the Easter fun, Conference was wonderful.  I am learning how to be uplifted instead of overwhelmed by the talks and really enjoy it.  A few years ago I hated conference.  I felt like it was just a reminder of all the things I wasn't doing right and all the areas I needed to work on.  While I still get those overwhelming feelings of self doubt, I have seen improvements in myself through baby steps, and improvement is all I can ask for!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Break

Spring Break is so great.  Even though it is really just a long weekend we still love it.  My sister and I took the kids to iJump which is so awesome and then of course to their favorite; Pizza Pie Cafe! I feel like over the last few years as the kids have gotten older and more involved, we don't do as many cousin things.  I loved having my sister and her kids all to myself for a day.  

I hope these two goonies stay good buddies forever.  They are such fun happy girls and I love that they can giggle together for hours.  

Cole is such an inbetweener on the Angell side of the family.  He bounces between hanging with the big kids and the little ones and has a great time with either.  He also mastered a back flip into the foam pit which was a huge accomplishment for him.  

Hagen... well he's a special one.  Has fun wherever he is and loved the foam pits.  

After lunch we were still wanting to hang out so we colored Easter Eggs at Misti's house.  That was not a relaxing event but the kids had fun and Misti and I consumed a bag of Cadburry mini eggs so it was a win win!

Monday, April 6, 2015

March Little Things

Hayes decided March would be a good month to be sick, like all month.  After four days of a fever I finally took him to the doc.  He was a grouchy bear and wouldn't eat anything.  I was sure he has an ear infection, nope he had some weird virus that had caused blisters in his throat.  I realize he looks cute and happy in these two pictures but let me assure you he was far from either cute or happy!  

After a week of consuming nothing but popsicles, Hayes treated himself to a maple bar.  The entire thing! I was so happy to see him eat I almost gave him a second one.

Sometimes on the weekends Cole works out with me.  I love it! He is strong and fast too!  He asked me to write him a workout and by the time he was done he was sweating like crazy!

After nearly a year and a half of ignoring most people; Hayes has taken a liking to women.  Blonde women.  No lie and it's hilarious!  It started with my sister in law Amy.  I thought it was just because she gave him a whole container full of whipping cream, but it continued with others.  Next he became obsessed with Braxton's lady friend.  He lays his head on her shoulder and won't let her out of his sight.  He pushes Braxton away if he tries to touch her.  So funny!  Then at Stake Conference he buddied up to Whitney Forbush who he has never even seen before.  Weston is convinced he has a thing for blondes.  

Hagen is in a pretty funny stage.  He is really growing up and is fun to visit with and take places.  He lead the song in our neighborhood FHE and thought he was the coolest thing ever.  

He fell asleep on the way to take Kallie to clogging, stayed asleep the whole time I was in Wal Mart, slept all the way home, and then slept on the couch for an hour at home.  He was totally burried in groceries and didn't even know it.  

I found some new tanning lotion that had some great reviews but before I tried it out on myself I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to be orange or smell bad.  On a whim I thought Kallie would make a great model! Ha! The stuff worked great, and I did it on myself the next day but in the meantime I created a monster.  Kallie loved having an instant tan and I noticed her checking it out in the mirror all weekend.  She has since bugged me nearly every day to "tan" her again!

I had four great dates for the Women's Conference last weekend.  After being inspired and uplifted by the speakers, we treated ourselves to a little "Bean on the River" YUM!

Trying to take a picture of these three is impossible but the giggling that happens on this chair makes my heart happy.  My dad is the greatest and loves all his grandkids so much.  He always tell me that he has favorites though "whichever one I'm with is my favorite"  he is the best!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Boys

These boys bring so much joy to my life.  They keep things exciting and keep my very busy.  I love finding pictures that they have taken themselves on my phone.  I thought these were hilarious of them playing in the shower.  

Hayes is in the "Head Wound Harry" stage and is always sporting some good bonks!

Spring is officially here and the six whole weeks of winter we had was simply too much for these littles.  They are busting out the door by 8:00 every morning.  We spend a lot of time each day "checking" the cows and horses and even have a good eye on the neighbors sheep.  These boys are all boy and are happiest when they are outside, in the dirt, climbing fences and riding things with wheels.  

They DO NOT love to go to the school with me.  I think they are really sick of it.  They both cry every time we go!

I wish this picture wasn't so far away, but it was really sweet to see Grandpa Crapo helping Cole learn the art of kite flying.  

Warmer weather = neighborhood gatherings.  The kids were all piled in the garage the other day eating graham crackers and apples.  I guess its time to stock the freezer with otter pops.

This little guy always has new tricks up his sleeve.  He reminds me so much of Cole when he was little.  He is daring and reckless and always climbing on things.  

I keep thinking I should write a book on the adventures of the four boys in our neighborhood.  They are always up to something.  They were hunting mice and somehow ended up in the window well just hanging out.  

Hayes LOVES the cows, just like Cole did at this age.  Hagen has always been more into the four wheelers, tractors and motorcycles, but the other two are all about the cows and horses.  Hayes could've stood all day and watched the guys brand calves.  

Hagen assured me that he is a better driver than last year and could take Hayes for a ride.  Next thing I know they are out of the driveway, cruising  down the road!! I guess he isn't really ready to drive the baby around!

Hayes has decided that the right side of his face has a better angle for selfies! Ha!
Just burning time checking the sheep.... AGAIN!!! 

Sometimes we go on bike rides too, but we have to time them just right because they usually end up just like this!