Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hagen Turns Four

Hagen was pretty excited about his birthday.  He reminded me every day that he wanted  real motorcycle and a car bed.  This was kind of a bummer because I was obviously not getting him either and he never once changed his mind about what he wanted.  I ended up getting him more magformer magnets to add to his collection.  He loved them and all four kids have played with them a ton, but he did inform me that he really just wanted a motorcycle.  

Hagen had a great party with Tagg and Reagan, which consisted of lunch and playing outside.  

Hayes thought he was a big deal.

As I am posting this, I am realizing what a failure I am as a birthday mom.  Hagen also wanted  a piñata and was specific about what kind, however did you know those things are like $20?  There is no way I was buying one! I opted for a homemade one, I put like five pieces of candy in a shoe box and wrapped it up and they hit that thing for like ten minutes.  Weston finally had to pull out his big guns to break it.  Mission accomplished but I worry my kids will mock me terribly in years to come for this one. 

As if my gift and piñata failure wasn't enough, Hagen didn't want a cake this year.  Just yellow cupcakes with yellow frosting.  Perfect, since i am lazy like that! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

February Little Things

Our winter snow was on the ground for literally only six weeks.  The kids didn't get in near enough sledding but nonetheless they were excited to see the grass.  This picture is on a Sunday afternoon in early February.  It was so nice, the kids were busting out their shorts and Hayes didn't even have on pants.  
I love this crazy little guy!

Who doesn't eat dilly bars in February? We kept thinking it would snow again but it just didn't!

The kids had their cleaning, we were cavity free this time which is definitely something to document!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

February Little Things

These two little nuggets keep my me on my toes.  They are starting to play together a little bit and that is really nice.  They both have a love for sweet potatoes, and I feel like they spend the majority of their day up to the counter stuffing their faces.  

Hagen has a little friend, Grant Edgington, who comes to play on Tuesday mornings for a little bit.  They have such a great time together.  

What's this? Up to the counter again!

I kinda like this girl also, its good we have each other to stay sane with all the boys in the house!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Winter Sports

We spent a fair chunk of time this winter in the gym which is just how we like it.  There were plenty of moments like this with Hayes asleep in my lap.  I love that he fell asleep with a sucker in his mouth.

Both Kallie and Cole did basketball and they both enjoyed it.  Kallie has improved a lot and is getting more aggressive and understanding the game better.  Cole's age still does clinic style basketball but he does great as well.  

Cole also did wrestling for the first time and really fell in love with that.  The coaches like him and say he works hard and is strong.  (That feeds his ego a bit which is great!)
Cole's first ever tournament he won the first match but lost the other two.  He is just learning the moves, but was disappointed anyway.  

Even though wrestling is not Weston's sport, he was so supportive anyway.  He went down to the mat during his match but told me "I don't even know what to yell"  I thought it was pretty funny.  

My dad on the other hand was pretty excited to have a couple wrestlers in the family.  That is his sport of choice for sure!

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Trip to the Pig Farm

My dad's friend has a pig farm, he has been dying to take us there and it did not disappoint! We loved it despite the smell.  There were about 100 piglets of all different sizes and the kids had a blast.  I think Hayes loved it the most.  Weston was out of town which was a bummer because he would've loved it too.  

Thursday, March 12, 2015

January Little Things

After Hagen's eye appointment in December and finding out the his prescription was all wrong, we got the boy some new glasses.  We were all pretty happy about that.

Hagen mastered driving the snowmobile this year.  We made a track for him, which packed down to ice and around and around he went.  The kids fight over who has to drive so they were excited to have a designated driver this year.  Hagen was happy and it was a win win.  I witnessed some wild crashes and one nose dive into the ditch (Hagen doesn't always watch where he is going) Even Hayes joined in the fun a few times and loved it.  

Speaking of Hayes; there is the binky loving goober himself.  I can't seem to bring myself to pull that plug!

Just after the holidays we had a few not so great test scores come home from the kids.  We had a family meeting about the importance of good grades and informed the kids that we expected them to do their very best.  We knew they were capable of better and the "talk" seemed to work.  That very next week they each came home with a few perfect test scores!

Sometimes Hayes just gets too tired to wait for me to rock him to sleep....

Kallie got this hair mannequin for Christmas. It has real hair that can be washed, dried, curled, sprayed or whatever.  It has been a huge hit and she spends hours learning new hair dos.  She was especially proud of this one and I have to say I was impressed! That girl has talent I tell ya!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Holiday Break

Our holiday break was lots of fun and packed with cousins and grandparents.  
I love this picture of Hayes, he is looking at Grandpa and so proud of himself for stealing his treats.

We had a sledding day with Coy's kids, the Christmas eve blizzard came just in time.  The kids can't get enough sledding!

We spent time with the Angell cousins as well.  After all the Christmas gifts they got; the giant box was a fan favorite and the kids spent hours in that thing.

We went to a cabin in Island Park for New Years with the Crapo's.  Despite the frigid temperatures we still had a great time sledding and playing with cousins.  We ate way too much food and played lots of games and only fought a little, which is a success for us!