Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trouble on the homefront

Sunday afternoon at 1:30 I had just layed Cole in his bed for a nap (diaper only) and I was walking through the living room to lay down for a little snooze with Kallie and Weston, all of us in our underwear mind you. It had been hailing pretting good outside and the wind really started to blow, I looked out the front widow just in time to see the swing set go flying by. Then we hear a huge crash, the whole house shakes and then the ceiling cracks from one end to the other with bits of plaster falling on us. As we all freak out a little thinking the house is falling in, we grab the kids underwear and all and run outside. It was freezing and we stuck the kids in the car. When we got outside and realized what had happened we were feeling scared and very lucky to be alive. Two huge I mean huge fir trees crashed down on our house. A small twister came through and knocked them down. It was amazing to see these two giant trees on our house and we cannot figure out how in the heck they didn't fall clear through. There was more damage in the neighborhood with trees and power pole falling and roofs being torn off of sheds and barns. I didn't know stuff like this happened in good ole Idaho. Crazy!!

This is the view from the side of the house with the tree on top of it!
The veiw from the back, you can't even see the house. Amazingly enough there was very little damage done and we now have a bare naked yard. The poor people who move in here this summer will have no shade and very little wind break. On the brighter side there will be much less pine cones and pine needles to rake off the lawn. Happy Day!
On a better note would ya check out my princess. She was so proud of herself, she did her hair and makeup all by herself. She really wanted to go to town afterwards to show off her new look. We finally settled to just stopping in to Grandmas for a minute. Yikes, call the Mary Kay consultants someone Please!!! Oh and don't ask what the pose is all about. What a girly little nerd.

I am starting a preschool this fall, We are really needing more in this area, With Jennie and Amanda filling up so quickly I decided to put my degree to good use. We will be in our new house by fall so I thought it would be a great time to start. I will be taking one class of 4 year olds, Tues-Thurs. 9-11. Let me know if you are interested or anyone you know, I am filling up quickly.