Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Spring 2015 Catch Up

Kallie had a clogging competition in Lagoon at the same time as the Payson UT temple open house so we took advantage of the timing.  The Johnson's came with us and we had a great time eating, swimming, seeing the temple and riding the rides at Lagoon in the POURING rain.  

Hagen endured Lagoon in the comforts of the warm stroller.  We were so grateful that we left Hayes home with Grammy!

These two soggy rats did great on their dances and took two first places.  

Kallie had her birthday and turned 10! How that happened is beyond me! I swear she was just a screaming infant yesterday.  She has turned into the best kid though and is so much fun and such a good helper.  On her birthday we took some of her friends from her softball team to Pizza Pie Cafe.  They stuffed themselves and loved it! 

Cole played baseball this year and enjoyed that.  He did really well and was able to play pitcher and catcher, his favorite positions.  

What is this? More food?

Grandmas are the best.  She played camping in the living room with the boys even though she didn't really fit in the tent.  

Too lazy to get a spoon! 

As I was cleaning the kids bathroom, there was pee all over the wall, floor and toilet.  Then I changed the garbage to find it was full of pee as well.  I'm thinking one of the boys must of been sleep walking.  

Hayes found the coaster in the basement and is never bored.  He is constantly down there banging around.  

Kallie's adorable school program.

Playing Catch Up

Life is a whirlwind.  I have tried so hard the past few months to enjoy life and my kids.  I have been doing the bare minimum.  My house is a wreck, my garage is a sanitation crisis and we won't even discuss my car.  The garden needs weeds pulled and I have a million projects piling up but its ok because there is always tomorrow.  Despite the chilly weather, we are having a fun summer.  I didn't realize how far behind I was on my blog and I know if I let it go any longer I will abandon it completely and I refuse to do that so here we are catching up from the spring when it is nearly fall!

This was posted on the wall at Cole's school.  I thought it was pretty great! 

By the end of the year, these two were ruling the school.  They had all the teachers giving them treats and weren't afraid to turn Mrs. Brown's classroom upside-down in no time.  

Oh how I love this chunky monkey!

Terrible quality but I was cracking up at the pictures I found on my phone of these crazies! Kallie has the greatest friends.

No explanation needed!

Since Cole has reached the ripe old age of 7, we have found that he is quite helpful around the farm.  Driving the pipe trailer was no big deal for him.  He even turned that big ole thing around by himself.    Wes is so happy that he has a real helper now, he even made him run down the pivot road one day to start the pivot when he didn't want to get his pickup muddy! This boy is handy!

Hagen did gymnastics this year and loved it.  He did great and really has a talent for it.  His strength and coordination improved so much in a short time.  

Yes, all Hayes does is eat! 

Cole did an after school wrestling program and loved it.  He did a little tournament and won his bracket.  He has really enjoyed wrestling this year and does quite well.  The coaches really like him and have given him a lot of one on one for which I am so grateful.  
I hate this picture but it will be good for my posterity :)  My grandpa Munns passed away and it was so sad but I was happy for him to be released from his earthly body.  At the end he couldn't do anything and it was sad to watch.

This was Hayes as we were heading out the door for the funeral.  He climbed on the counter and helped himself to some chocolate milk.  I wanted to cry as I scrambled to find him something else to wear!

The kids love to go to Roger's and change water and hunt rock chucks.  We have has lots of beaver too which is exciting!

Hagen and Hayes spent hours playing cows in this chute one day.  It is so great that they are starting to play good together.  

Lots of spring horse rides happened.  Cole started catching and saddling the horse himself which is a pretty great gift to me!

I got to do recess duty one day.  I love seeing the kids play when they are in their element.  Cole has a great little class!