Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Easter Prep and Denial

We had a four day weekend for Easter.  It was just what we needed! Sometimes life gets too crazy and we spend all our time running from thing to thing and we don't spend enough time just hanging out together.  The Friday before Easter I woke up early to the  sound of pouring rain.  I was ecstatic! This meant that I not only had nothing on my agenda for my kids day off but they wouldn't be sneaking out the door to play since the weather was awful! After a morning grumbling about doing jobs, I loaded them up and took them to see the Disney Nature Bears movie.  They all loved it minus Hagen but he loved that we had the whole movie theatre to ourselves and he could run wild.  Afterwards we colored Easter Eggs and just chilled. 

That was the Easter Prep part, now for the denial part:  

My sister comes to my house and exercises with me most mornings.  She and I are brutally honest with each other and I am grateful to have her.  She points out all my best and worst qualities and calls me out on them.  A couple weeks ago I gave her my very last tote of baby/toddler girl clothes.  She mocked me as I ceremoniously laid out each outfit for her, coaching her which leggings went with which skirt and how to tuck in this shirt with those pants.  I coaxed her two year old into trying on and modeling some of my most favorite pieces.  My heart was a little sad as I could remember events or outings with my best girl in each outfit.  As I almost reverently sealed the lid back on that tote of clothes, Chelsey pointed out my strange behavior.  

I don't think I consciously realized how sad I was that I would never have a baby girl again.  Kallie is thinking she is all grown up these days.  She wants older looking clothes and hairdos.  She would rather hang with her friends than me and she isn't into princesses and pink stuff anymore.  After discussing my sadness with Kallie, she agreed to be my little girl one last day. ( I think I was freaking her out a little with my drama.) She sweetly humored me by letting me do my all time favorite "little Kallie" hair do on her.  Messy Piggies with a headband! I promised her we wouldn't see any over her friends and she would never have to let me do it again.  

Hagen needed a picture with his mamma too, which I was happy to oblige!

As much as I am going to miss seeing this quick and easy little girl hairdo and pink manicured nails, I am proud of the young lady Kallie is growing up to be.  I guess I can handle neon orange nails that aren't quite as perfectly done as I would like, just as long as my girl continues to give me that dashing smile and remind me that she is still herself.  Just growing up way too fast for my liking!