Monday, July 6, 2009

Is it really July??

Is it really July already?? I cannot believe how fast the summer is flying by. We moved into our new home the first of June and are finally feeling settled. We had a crazy rainy month of June but it was filled with wonder and excitement for our kids. Coming from Egin with our closest neighbors a quarter mile away, to Parker (I know we moved a whoppin five miles) where we have two fun families right next door, my kids just can't get enough of having so many kids to play with all the time. I have made eight new little friends all under the age of 12 to hang with. They are so much fun, we have been exploring in the fields, swimming in the canal, chasing chickens, visiting the Stoddard's "farm" playing on the Roderick's amazing water slide and a countless number of other fun activities. I promise I am not a creepy child molester or anything, but I have had an absolute blast playing with all of these kids. Not to mention that my kids are having fun too. I hate when their moms tell them not to "bug" me because they simply aren't. Oh the fun times ahead, and oh how sad for me and my kids when school starts again!!
This is Kallie's favorite part of the water slide. She loves to squirt everyone with the water gun.
She has really come out of her shell the last month. Before she wouldn't go outside without me and now I can't keep track of her. She even jumped in the canal, with only a little coaxing and Shocker of all shockers, she finally after four years learned that it is fun to run out in the road for candy at the parade. (I honestly never thought this day would come. Every other year she has cried the whole time.)
On the fourth the kids and I went boating with the Jensen's and the Roderick's while Wes went golfing. The kids loved it. They both rode the tube and giggled the whole time. The best part was Grandma Crapo rode with them. Cole is an adventurous soul and the main reason that I have played outside so much this summer. I just don't trust him at all. He is not scared of anything and there are so many little ditches and things out here. However he will not be left out of the other kids fun so he and I just tag along.
Kallie and Libbie on the boat. They are such silly girls together.
A bunch of the neighbor kids and cousins lining up to do the surf board slip and slide. (My skills on this thing are extremely sad)

Weston is busy with work and more work. Me and the kids love going with him in the evenings to check cows and water on the four-wheeler. He is loving his new primary calling and we are all enjoying our new ward.

During June, I ran a leg of the Teton Dam Marathon, and then a week later ran a leg of the Wasatch Back relay. Both were a blast, however the Wasatch was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Just imagine 12 hilarious team members, a 12 pAsanger van, 188 miles to run, lots of laughs and 29 hours and 20 minutes later crossing the finishing line. Whew!! Exhaustion, but loads of fun. Aside from playing outside, I stay busy washing and rewashing all the windows the kids touch. I have become slightly anal in this area and realize that I need to relax a little. I am working on getting ready to teach preschool this fall which I am nervous and excited about. And now fans that about wraps up the progess of the Crapo family. Until later.... as Cole would say it...... PEACE OUT!