Friday, November 21, 2008


So there is this crazy lady in the community (you know who you are), who has a blog stalking obsession. Mind you she doesn't have a blog of her own, but is absolutely obsessed with stalking everyone else. Every time I see her I crack up because she chastizes me for not having my blog up to date. Well here is to you Crazy Blog Stalker Lady who we all love!! (P.S. you need counseling!!!)
So the main reason I started a blog is for Hadley and Cindy, Other than them, most of our family and friends live around us and so most of my posts are for them. So the late Halloween edition on the the blog is for Had and Cin. Kallie was the cutest witch ever. I bought this costume when we were in couer d'Alene. Afterwards she decided that she wanted to be Hannah Montana, then changed her other mind and wanted to be a princess. We improvised and told her she was a cute Hannah Montana-princess witch. Being three years old she was okay with this but corrected everyone that thought she was simply a witch!!
Cole was a crazy monkey and he was so funny. He spent the first twenty minutes of wearing his costume chasing his tail. Seriously he turned around and around just like a dog chasing his tail. When he couldn't chatch it he bent over and reached between his legs and pulled it through. He thought this was hilarious.

Cole, Kaden, Justin, Hanna, Brookie, Kallie, Haylie
I had to throw this picture in of all the Angell grandkids minus baby Kash. They were too cute.
Kallie had a little Thanksgiving party for her preschool group this week. I thought I would throw this picture in because it was so fun. Kelli Hanks helped all the kids make these cute little Indian Vests out of paper bags. A great idea for some Thanksgiving fun for the kids.One last order of business.... Last night Kallie and I had a girls night out and went S.F's production of "High School Musical" Kallie loved it and had so much fun. This kids in the play were awesome. Great job to all of you!!

And so until next month.... Peace out!!