Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Water!

 Grandma Crapo had a bunch of cousins at her house so she brought them all over to swim!  Kallie was thrilled to have a girl this time and the boys were wild as ever. 
 Grandma brought a little slip and slide with her and the kids had a blast.  Of course Preston and Kace had to show us all their skills a bunch of times and wanted to make sure that we got them on camera!

Days like this seem to really wear this boy out. We had been outside and at about 10:30 I came in to find he sound asleep at the top of the stairs!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Easily Entertained

 We've been getting some great weather lately (except for the wind but that's to be expected) and the kids are loving the water! Who would've thought that kids could have so much fun in a tiny blow up pool? These boys are so creative, they slid the tiny trampoline over and were jumping into the pool.  They had a blast and were so hilarious to watch.  (And yes that water is slightly warmer than tap water or else they wouldn't be lounging in it so freely)

 Hagen loves the water as well which is a good excuse for me to just sit out there and work on my tan, or lack thereof! He thinks he is so big with the kids and gets really wild in the water.
 This is my favorite part, once they get good and cold they go lay on the cement to warm up.  I think they look so cute with their white bellies!
 And they wouldn't be boys if they didn't have to show me their muscles.....
Skyler, Cole, Bryson, Preston, Cort
And their six packs; a few of them claim to have eight packs but it was a pretty big debate because others said their was no such thing.  The truth is they are all pretty ripped! I wouldn't mind if my stomach looked like that!
 Then they huddled up to discuss their next adventure in play.... and then they got annoyed of me taking their pictures!
And poor Kallie was just annoyed that she was the only girl and not allowed to show off her six pack!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Pictures

 We had family pictures with Weston's family this week.  His little brother Braxton is leaving on an LDS mission in a few weeks to Las Vegas!! We wanted to capture a picture of the whole family before he leaves since we won't all be together again for two years! I took my camera with me but did a terrible job taking pictures. The misquitos were so thick we couldn't hardly breathe without inhaling them.  I loved this picture of all the girl cousins.  The three big girls always take care of the three little girls and they have so much fun together. I can't believe grown up they've gotten.  Mataia, the oldest on the left was not even in kindergarten when Weston and I started dating and she will be a Junior in High School this fall. CRAZY!

And there you have some lovey snapshots of ourselves on the way to pictures! (This was before we all got covered in bites!)

Monday, June 18, 2012

So this is Summer...

 School's out and late nights are in around here.  The kids can sense their new found freedom and are so excited about it that they flit from thing to thing not sure what they want to do the most.  Every day is spent outside. I had to make a couple rules that include getting showered, dressed, hair done, piano practiced, read a little, and do some jobs before they can head out to play.  In our whole week of summer time we have already roasted marshmallows with the neighbors twice. (The kids ask every night!) Hagen and his girlfriend Jalyssa enjoyed a little swing ride during a mallow roast!
 Hagen will not be left out and has decided that naps and bedtime are for the birds. Two weeks ago I would rock him for two minutes and he would be sound asleep, now I have to just put him in his bed to cry for a bit because he wont even let me rock him for fear of being left out of the fun!
 Cole's life has pretty well stayed the same except now he has friends to play with.  He is a funny kid and still pretty goal oriented. (The rest of us are not doing so hot on our goals:) Every day Cole makes a goal for the day. One day his goal was to teach the goat to climb up on this stool.  Pretty impressive, right?
 After the tragic death of our pony last year we bought the kids a full sized horse.  She is ugly as can be ( I think paints are the mutts of the horse world) and she is mare also. My dad won't be impressed!! However, she has been a gem for the kids.  They ride her at least three days a week and around and around they go. She keeps her head down and just mopes along. The only problem is we can't come up with a good name for her.  Any suggestions?
 It is hard to tell in this picture, but I'm pretty sure Cole shouldn't be allowed to shoot this giant slingshot he made! Seriously that kid has some creativity!
 Hagen and Bryson Stoddard.  Hagen will buddy up to anyone who will take him outside, and the Stoddard kids are at the top of his list.  He loves all of them, and they love him it is super cute!
 After a year and a half of literally sick to my stomach worry over who will buy the house next door, we are completely ecstatic to have the Forbush family move in.  I realize that not everyone gets to pick their neighbors, but our little neighborhood is very unique and let's face it I'm very selfish.  With only three houses in the neighborhood, one crazy family could really mess things up.  But like I said before, our new neighbors couldn't be more perfect for us and our situation.  Cole has a new best friend, Skyler.  Skyler is a year older than Cole but they have hit it off and his older brother Bryson is almost 8.  These four boys are quite the gang.  They are constantly coming up with fun adventures.  This is their game of football and they made their own pads! I love it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Field Day

 Kallie's field day was so much fun. Finally Mother Nature let us have a beautiful, wind free day. We all came home with a sunburn! I was helping with one of the stations which was fun to see all the kids but I didn't get to follow Kallie around and take pictures of her and her little friends. I did get a few at the end when they did the tug-o-war! In Kallies first grade class she had around 17 girls and 9 boys.  The girls thought they were so cool to beat the boys! Then they did classes against each other and the first grade beat the 2nd and the 3rd graders! We've got some tough ones for sure!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


 Kallie played coach pitch baseball again this year. She wasn't real excited and I had to basically make her play.  The fact that a lot of her friends were on the team helped to convince her.  She ended up having a lot of fun and doing really well. Last year she only got one or two hits the whole year but this year she got a hit at almost every up bat. It is really fun to see her improve her skills.  Hopefully she will continue to enjoy sports because that is something that I had a lot of fun with growing up.

Some of the girls on Kallie's team got way into the game. Berklee Yancey, Bailee Berry, and Brooklyn Crapo really helped Kallie to get excited about the games. Those three are pretty intense ball players!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hagen's 1 year pix

We finally got Hagen's one year pictures!! My handsome little man is just so darn photogenic (NOT!!) that it took us not one, not two, but three different sessions to get any shots we could work with.  All credit to Kassie Crapo, she was able to snag a few smiles through all the crying! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Wrap-up

 May is such a fun and busy month! We have had one thing after another with school programs, field trips, baseball, clogging and lots of other craziness.  I love all the "end of school year" excitement and we are so ready for summer! Kallie was the safari tour guide in her school program, she was adorable and had a blast being on stage.  She could recite the whole program word for word and has been singing the songs for months!

 Kallie had the most incredible teachers this year. Mrs. Albaugh taught Weston when he was in grade school and this is her last year teaching.  She is going to be very hard to replace as she is a wonderful teacher.  Kallie had a huge class and therefore got to have a great aide; Mrs. Lister. Kallie loved both her teachers and had a very fun successful year.  When she brought home her papers we had a good laugh a her baby handwriting at the first of the year and now she neatly writes on the lines.  It is a little sad how fast she is growing up!
 We had a fun, rainy field trip to the zoo.  The kids froze, but still had a good time.  Kallie's class has twenty girls in it and they are all great friends, I love to watch her with them. The boys went to the zoo too and the next day Hagen woke up really sick. He was very lethargic and had a high fever, we found out he had a double ear infection and two new teeth.
My friend Bridget and I have been training to do a half marathon since the first of the year.  We went to Boise to run it and had a ton of fun. The course was beautiful and the weather perfect.  I didn't make my goal time but beat my previous half time so I guess that is an accomplishment!  We had to hurry back home right after the race because Weston got put in the bishopric the next day.  I am proud of him and excited for him and this new adventure, but not so excited for myself.  I am now the source of entertainment for the ward as I wrestle Mr. Hagen myself through sacrament meeting!