Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rednecks, Cowboys, & Girls!

So after being begged and prodded (not really this is totally up my alley) I got a team together to enter the pig wrestling at the Fremont County Fair. We were pretty stoked and were sure we would be the proud winners! Mataia (neice) Me, Brooke Brower, & Hali
And if you were wondering, Yes we are the reigning pig wrestling Champions!! With a time of 13.8 seconds and $70 bucks in my pocket you bet I will be back next year to withhold my title!! Can you say REDNECK??Cole had his second birthday on the 13th. So sad my baby is two. All he wanted was "towboy stuff". He is the ultimate "wanna be". We mustered up a horse cake that Wes said looked more like a giraffe. Rude.

My mom and dad are pretty excited that someone in the family finally wants to be a cowboy. This kid stares out the window all day at the horses and cows. He wants to ride the horse everyday, and he is always sporting the hat and boots. Since the hat and boots were obviously not enough for this young cowboy, Grammy and Gra Gra got Cole all dudded up including real leather gloves, spurs, a cowboy belt and his very own rope, not to mention my dad brought his kids horse out and left it at our house for Cole to ride for a few days! He couldn't wipe this huge grin off of his face.

These were my little brothers spurs from when he was Cole's age. My dad was almost as excited as Cole!Grandma and Grandpa Crapo loaded Cole up with a barn and plenty of cows and horses to go in is new fence. However, obviously noone gave Cole the ultimate cowboy advice: "Never squat with your spurs on"I was out in the garden when Cole came out dressed like this the other day, he never takes his boots and hat off, but he had this cute little pink dance outfit on with them. I am sure he had the help of a bunch of giggly neighbor girls, but I still feel that I should be a little concerned since he screamed his head off when I made him change. He is the cutest little goofball.
Just had to throw in Kallie's cute little mug, her and I went to SLC school shopping with Hali and her girls. Kallie thought she was so big. She loved shopping, swimming and eating tons of junk with the big girls!!