Monday, December 22, 2008

Kids These Days!

My mom and dad just got back from a trip to Disneyland with the rest of my family. We did not get to go since we are a little house poor these days but it is okay. If you ask Kallie she will say "Me and Cole are just too little to go to Disneyland right now anyway", or even better, "We can't go to Disneyland this year cuz we are building a new house, but it is okay cuz I am getting my own room".

Anyway we stopped by my parents house after they got home. She had a present for each of the kids. Kallie was so excited and got all the princess figurines. Cole on the other hand could not have cared less. He went straight for his favorite toy at Grammy's House!! The Chi Machine!! He is such a wierdo but he loves to turn it on and sit on it and it shakes him back and forth. He will sit there forever. It is so funny.
Kallie is a pretty funny girl these days. A few weeks ago she was sick with the flu. She was absolutely heartbroken because she threw up on her sheets and then couldn't go to preschool. I made it all better (worse for me) by getting her a bed tray out of the attic, and getting her all set up in my bed with 7-up and crackers and all the Hannah Montana episodes we could handle. She milked this for days not even kidding. We normally don't drink much pop at our house so this was a real treat for her. Every time she wanted some pop she would tell me that she was pretty sure she was going to throw up, then she would gag herself a little. She is a freak of nature!!

This morning her and Cole were in the tub, Cole was crying so I went in to see what the problem was. Kallie said, "Mom I am pretty sure Cole is about to pop a tooth through, I made him open his mouth and I can see a bunch of teeth getting ready to pop through!" No wonder he was crying!! She is wise beyond her years and hilarious to boot!!

P.S. Merry Christmas

Friday, November 21, 2008


So there is this crazy lady in the community (you know who you are), who has a blog stalking obsession. Mind you she doesn't have a blog of her own, but is absolutely obsessed with stalking everyone else. Every time I see her I crack up because she chastizes me for not having my blog up to date. Well here is to you Crazy Blog Stalker Lady who we all love!! (P.S. you need counseling!!!)
So the main reason I started a blog is for Hadley and Cindy, Other than them, most of our family and friends live around us and so most of my posts are for them. So the late Halloween edition on the the blog is for Had and Cin. Kallie was the cutest witch ever. I bought this costume when we were in couer d'Alene. Afterwards she decided that she wanted to be Hannah Montana, then changed her other mind and wanted to be a princess. We improvised and told her she was a cute Hannah Montana-princess witch. Being three years old she was okay with this but corrected everyone that thought she was simply a witch!!
Cole was a crazy monkey and he was so funny. He spent the first twenty minutes of wearing his costume chasing his tail. Seriously he turned around and around just like a dog chasing his tail. When he couldn't chatch it he bent over and reached between his legs and pulled it through. He thought this was hilarious.

Cole, Kaden, Justin, Hanna, Brookie, Kallie, Haylie
I had to throw this picture in of all the Angell grandkids minus baby Kash. They were too cute.
Kallie had a little Thanksgiving party for her preschool group this week. I thought I would throw this picture in because it was so fun. Kelli Hanks helped all the kids make these cute little Indian Vests out of paper bags. A great idea for some Thanksgiving fun for the kids.One last order of business.... Last night Kallie and I had a girls night out and went S.F's production of "High School Musical" Kallie loved it and had so much fun. This kids in the play were awesome. Great job to all of you!!

And so until next month.... Peace out!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Blogging Is BAD!!

Need I say More???? P.S. I just shampooed the carpets 2 days ago RRRRRRR!!
I didn't really need that roll of tin foil right?? Seriously this is what happened when I checked out of reality and into the blogging world for 10 min. One good thing I discovered though; tin foil is fun, way fun. Kallie was molding pretend food and putting it in all my pans.
Just thought I would post this cuz I thought it was hilarious. My parents have a huge yard and we spend a lot of Sunday afternoons playing football out there. Last Sunday we had about twenty people there and Kallie and Brooklyn (Misti's kiddo) came out and were dressed in our old dance costumes, they told us they were the cheerleaders!!! Yikes. Loving the cowboy boots though!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


So I was tagged by a couple peeps on this one so I decided to do it....

Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself.

1. I am totally OCD about Kallie's hair. (Can you believe I admitted it Hali?) I can't stand it if a hair is out of place, and worse if there is not a bow in her hair. I get really anxious and tense if we leave to go somewhere last minute and her hair is not perfect. Even if we are just at home, hair is the first thing we do nearly every day.

2. Before we had kids and when I had more time I would wash the bed sheets three to four times per week, and usually iron them before putting them back on. We are down to twice a week now but it really bugs me. I just think bed sheets are disgusting, think about it; bare feet, bad breath, armpits, sweat, hair, drool. Sick.

3. I shave my legs every day. I didn't think that was weird but some of my friends informed me that during the winter they only shave like once a week for church. Nasty.

4. I can't stand it when my kids get food on their shirts, I take their clothes off to eat most meals. My sister-in-laws tell me I am OCD in this area too. I don't really think so but come on food goes in mouths not on clothes, and then you have to look at it all day, and lets face it there is a lot of food that stains badly.

5. It really bugs me when Cole has a binky in his mouth that doesn't match his clothes, and yes I know he is too old for a binky but I really love that thing.

6. I love to have my neices and nephews over to play with me. I really just want to be a big kid and jump on the trampoline and find bugs and play ball and stuff. My kids are too small for some of this, so I like to invite the bigger kids over to play with me, and the neighbor kids too. I promise I am not creepy I just like to play.

7. I hate mopping the kitchen floor, maybe it is because my mom trained me to think it is not clean enough unless you get on your hands and knees and really scrub. I think this is the worst job of the day, but it seems like my house is so much cleaner when it is done. I just really dread this job.

I tag whoever wants to do this tag, it was kind of fun, but I feel really exposed and weird right now so be aware of that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Farm Kids & Fall

We have been ridiculously involved in the fall work which actually hasn't been that bad and the kids have absolutely loved it. We spent two days at the ranch gathering cows to bring home for the winter. (The kids only came one day) This is the romantic way Wes and I spent about 99% of our dates, it is funny that back then the cows "had" to be checked 2-3 times per week at the ranch and now once every two weeks is good enough and the cowboy does that!!
Oh the joys of spud harvest. We actually haven't done much with that this year but I did drive for Regg one full day when he had a football game. Mataia my neice who is twelve was supposed to be watching my kids at Grandma's house. We were digging in the field right behind the house. It ended up that all thirteen grandkids spent the day supervised by Mataia (poor girl) at Grandma's and had a bawl. (Grandma's house was destroyed if you can even imagine.) We would count heads as we went in and out of the driveway. On the way home Kallie said "I wish every day was spud harvest!!" She will change her mind soon enough!
We took lunch out the the crew one day and got to ride with my dad. The kids love him, he is the best grandpa. He even let them drive on his lap!!
Riding the conveyor belt up!! We call this our redneck roller coaster!

Mataia, Cole, Morgan, Kace, Kallie

We spent a third whole day at the ranch chopping firewood with Mikael and Jenna, this was such an unpleasant experience I have no pix of. Wes and Mikael would cut these huge logs and expect me and pregnant Jenna to pack them. It was ridiculous. Anyway another full day was spent blocking the wood and hauling it into the garage. Thanks to Braxton and his buddies I didn't have to help with this chore, although Cole would not be left out!!
Uncle Braxton and ColeThis is Kallie's preschool group that we started out here in Parker-Egin. We take turns each week going to a different house for school. Kallie, Brilee Hirschi, Berklee Yancey, Charli Crapo, and Savannah Miller. They have a blast!! If you don't want to pay for preschool try this. I only have to teach it once every five weeks, no big deal!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Coeur d'Alene

This last week we went to Coeur d'Alene for Weston's CPE classes. We had a blast. It is good that he has a job that gives us an excuse to get out of town once in awhile otherwise we never would!!. Coeur d'Alene was gorgeous, this was the first time I had been there and I couldn't believe how pretty it was. Wes's classes were from 8-3 everyday and so I would hang out with the kids. We did a little shopping in Spokane one afternoon and found ourselves in the hotel pool much more than I would have liked.
This is Kip and Jen Klingler, Weston works with Jen and so they went to the classes together and Kip and I supervised the kiddies.
The first night that we were there we went down to the lake and the kids helped themselves to the water (unplanned by us) Hence how amazing they look!! We went on a sunset dinner cruise around the lake. The food was to die for and the kids loved it! This is Kallie and Kennedy. They hit it off right away and were inseperable all week.
This was some of our entertainment throughout the days. The girls unhooked all the phones in our rooms and pretended that they were talking to Hannah Montana, it was hilarious. Check out Cole on the left. He really wanted to play with the girls but couldn't quite keep up.

This was possibly the best part of the trip. We went to a place called Triple Play. There was basically everything there; bowling, mini golf, kids play land, bumper boats, go karts and an indoor water park that was awesome!! Big slides, wave pools, you name it!!! Rexburg needs one of these!! Anyway we got to Triple play not planning on swimming but when we got there it looked so fun we just couldn't resist. Jen and I went back to the hotel to get our swim gear and left the men with the kids. We get back not twenty minutes later and the kids had all these plastic dinosaurs. Weston and Kip had found a game they were "totally skilled" at and had spent all the kid's tokens playing it. They were having a bawl!!! When we left the Triple Play that night Wes said "hey we should go back tomorrow and get some more dinosaurs for the kids!!" Yeah right for the kids!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Harvest Time

Harvest Time is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the fall colors and I love the relief I feel when our crops our in. I love to watch the combines and we have really enjoyed seeing our new baby calves with our fall herd be born. I love the excitement of all the kids starting a new year of school and I remember how I had so much ambition the first few weeks of school each year. I don't miss going to school myself at all but I do miss the excitement. I love to have an excuse to buy my kids new clothes (because it is just getting too chilly for shorts and tanks but none of last years stuff fits!!) I love to go and watch Regg and Braxton play football, and I LOVE fair food!! I wouldn't say I love Potato Harvest, but there are parts of it I like. We have a good time taking doughnuts and carameled apples to the crew and seeing everyone all dirty, but we don't like the grouchy stressed out men.

Every fall I have taken pictures of the kids in the barley field. I love the way the colors reflect off their skin and hair. I do realize I am far from a professional photographer, but I thought I would share some of the shots that I thought were pretty cute of my little rugrats. Enjoy!!
Nothing quite like a little boy with a nice Wrangler Butt!! He is my little cowboy untill he chooses likewise!
Cole was ready for his nap and this is one of the only pictures I got of him smiling. He is usually a little cheeseball like this but the rest of the pictures don't really show it!
I wish you could see but he is looking through the fence at the horse, I can just see him thinking "someday"!!

Look at how my beautiful girl has grown. I should post last years fall pics she was a baby and now all grown up!!
My Forever Farm Kids!!
Cole didn't really want to wear his hat, atcually he did want to wear it but only if he could put it on himself (which he tried really hard too). He wouldn't let any one else touch it though!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cole's 1st Birthday!!

We were in Bear Lake for Weston's work during Cole's Birthday. It was pretty fun because we stayed in a Condo with two swimming pools and of course the lake right across the road. We had pretty much zero room in our car on the way with four kids crammed in there, but I insisted that we at least take Cole's present with us for his first birthday. A Tonka Truck, how fitting for our little monster!
Cole loved his new truck but he was pretty sure that it was a ride-on toy. He would lift up the bucket and straddle the base of the truck and push himself around. It was pretty funny.
Cole's Birthday cake was origianlly supposed to be a crocodile, but when I got started I realized that a snake would be much easier. Like the kid could care less about it. Kallie was sure excited though.
Cole dove right in to his smash cake and was very willing to share with anyone who would venture a taste!
Happy Birthday to our little man who we love so much and can't believe is a year old already!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's a Crime!!

Hadley, Jeter, Weston, & Cole
Jete & Cole playing a little follow the leader
The Cutest Boys Ever, Jeter and Cole!
Both the boys screamed the whole time,
Even with Cindy on with them!
Jeter has a rock in his mouth in this pic.
Faster Dude!!

So heres the deal, Weston's cousin/best buddy/childhood partner in crime, was here for nearly the whole month of July. We were so anxious to see Had, Cin and Jete. We didn't get to see them nearly as much as we would have liked to, but we did get to have dinner a few times and we went for a sweet ride on road bikes one night. We had so much fun with them and wish that their families wouldn't have hogged them so much. Just kidding! Anyways it was really good times, but here is the crime. Jeter is only 3 weeks older than our little Cole, they played so dang cute together. They followed each other around, ate rocks and dirt together (mostly Jeter), pushed each other in the cars (mostly Cole doing the pushing, Weston says Hadley was always the bossy one! J/k) and they also went for a horse ride together. They both pretty much hated that part. But all in all I think it is horrible that these two little boys were destined to be best buds and were torn apart at birth. (Had and Cin stopped at the hospital on their way to Ohio so that three week old Jeter and 12 hour old Cole could have their first pictures together. So here is our shoutout to Cole and Jeter for a happy life of togetherness away from each other. Just move home already guys!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

24 of July!!

Kallie and Cole at the Parade
Grandpa Crapo has the magic touch
Kallie on the giant slip and slide (wish I had a better pic of this)
Me & Kallie getting warm after the slide
Twin cousins; Trey and Trail with Cole

As you all know the twenty fourth of July here in St. Anthony is a really big deal. For us it starts at 7 am with the Fun Run, then to the parade and the rodeo, but last year we started a new tradition. The REDNECK WATER PARTY!! My mom has a huge sand volleyball pit that she floods and we play intense mud volleyball, we have more food than we know what to do with. (This year she got a cotton candy machine) All of my brothers and sisters invite their friends and my mom and dad invite some of theirs. We end up with a strange mix of people but have a ton of fun. Don't get too excited though, I haven't revealed the best part yet!! My baby brother Regg invented his own slip and slide. It is amazing, about the size of half a football field, not kidding!! My dad puts all of his hay in long plastic tube bags, Regg put one of these at the top of my moms lawn and it slopes downhill. He put a pipe at the top and we pump water out of the ditch for a steady flow. It was a huge hit two years in a row. So for those of you who were invited and didn't come, you totally missed out!!!

Crazy Baby!!

This is our crazy little man Cole. He is so dang funny, the difference between him and Kallie is astonishing. He is fearless and out of control. He has the cutest expressions and I just couldn't help posting these funny pictures!