Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Blogging Is BAD!!

Need I say More???? P.S. I just shampooed the carpets 2 days ago RRRRRRR!!
I didn't really need that roll of tin foil right?? Seriously this is what happened when I checked out of reality and into the blogging world for 10 min. One good thing I discovered though; tin foil is fun, way fun. Kallie was molding pretend food and putting it in all my pans.
Just thought I would post this cuz I thought it was hilarious. My parents have a huge yard and we spend a lot of Sunday afternoons playing football out there. Last Sunday we had about twenty people there and Kallie and Brooklyn (Misti's kiddo) came out and were dressed in our old dance costumes, they told us they were the cheerleaders!!! Yikes. Loving the cowboy boots though!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


So I was tagged by a couple peeps on this one so I decided to do it....

Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself.

1. I am totally OCD about Kallie's hair. (Can you believe I admitted it Hali?) I can't stand it if a hair is out of place, and worse if there is not a bow in her hair. I get really anxious and tense if we leave to go somewhere last minute and her hair is not perfect. Even if we are just at home, hair is the first thing we do nearly every day.

2. Before we had kids and when I had more time I would wash the bed sheets three to four times per week, and usually iron them before putting them back on. We are down to twice a week now but it really bugs me. I just think bed sheets are disgusting, think about it; bare feet, bad breath, armpits, sweat, hair, drool. Sick.

3. I shave my legs every day. I didn't think that was weird but some of my friends informed me that during the winter they only shave like once a week for church. Nasty.

4. I can't stand it when my kids get food on their shirts, I take their clothes off to eat most meals. My sister-in-laws tell me I am OCD in this area too. I don't really think so but come on food goes in mouths not on clothes, and then you have to look at it all day, and lets face it there is a lot of food that stains badly.

5. It really bugs me when Cole has a binky in his mouth that doesn't match his clothes, and yes I know he is too old for a binky but I really love that thing.

6. I love to have my neices and nephews over to play with me. I really just want to be a big kid and jump on the trampoline and find bugs and play ball and stuff. My kids are too small for some of this, so I like to invite the bigger kids over to play with me, and the neighbor kids too. I promise I am not creepy I just like to play.

7. I hate mopping the kitchen floor, maybe it is because my mom trained me to think it is not clean enough unless you get on your hands and knees and really scrub. I think this is the worst job of the day, but it seems like my house is so much cleaner when it is done. I just really dread this job.

I tag whoever wants to do this tag, it was kind of fun, but I feel really exposed and weird right now so be aware of that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Farm Kids & Fall

We have been ridiculously involved in the fall work which actually hasn't been that bad and the kids have absolutely loved it. We spent two days at the ranch gathering cows to bring home for the winter. (The kids only came one day) This is the romantic way Wes and I spent about 99% of our dates, it is funny that back then the cows "had" to be checked 2-3 times per week at the ranch and now once every two weeks is good enough and the cowboy does that!!
Oh the joys of spud harvest. We actually haven't done much with that this year but I did drive for Regg one full day when he had a football game. Mataia my neice who is twelve was supposed to be watching my kids at Grandma's house. We were digging in the field right behind the house. It ended up that all thirteen grandkids spent the day supervised by Mataia (poor girl) at Grandma's and had a bawl. (Grandma's house was destroyed if you can even imagine.) We would count heads as we went in and out of the driveway. On the way home Kallie said "I wish every day was spud harvest!!" She will change her mind soon enough!
We took lunch out the the crew one day and got to ride with my dad. The kids love him, he is the best grandpa. He even let them drive on his lap!!
Riding the conveyor belt up!! We call this our redneck roller coaster!

Mataia, Cole, Morgan, Kace, Kallie

We spent a third whole day at the ranch chopping firewood with Mikael and Jenna, this was such an unpleasant experience I have no pix of. Wes and Mikael would cut these huge logs and expect me and pregnant Jenna to pack them. It was ridiculous. Anyway another full day was spent blocking the wood and hauling it into the garage. Thanks to Braxton and his buddies I didn't have to help with this chore, although Cole would not be left out!!
Uncle Braxton and ColeThis is Kallie's preschool group that we started out here in Parker-Egin. We take turns each week going to a different house for school. Kallie, Brilee Hirschi, Berklee Yancey, Charli Crapo, and Savannah Miller. They have a blast!! If you don't want to pay for preschool try this. I only have to teach it once every five weeks, no big deal!!