Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Goodbye to Regg

My little brother Regg leaves on his mission in one week. I am so excited and nervous for him. I am really glad he is going stateside though because the only thing he eats is cold cereal. Cole is Regg's belated identical twin. They look so much alike and worse, they act alike. Regg has recently taught Cole that eating cold cereal out of a cup is much better than a bowl for two reasons. One it doesn't require as much milk and two it is much easier to drink the milk when you are done. Thank you Regg. We will miss you lots and lots.

We decided that we should go on a little family outing before he left us, so we rented a cabin in Island Park for the weekend. We had a really good time while we were there; the kids went sledding, we ate lots and lots, we played games and just hung out and were very lazy. My family has never really done anything like this and it was a lot of fun.It snowed a ton while we were there and it was so pretty. There was barely a skiff of snow when we got there and about two feet when we left.
Cole was quite the wild man sledding with the big kids. He won't be left out at all and is really quite brave.
The girls had so much fun. They played in the snow, colored, played Wii, watched movies and sang some very horrendous karaoke.
Weston and Cole playing a little Scrabble.

We also built gingerbread houses. The kids did such a good job and had a ton of fun. They also made a huge mess for us to clean up.
This is my older brother Hank. He is special. He is famous for doing really really dumb things, but he is also famous for making things fun. He spent hours carving the perfect sledding hill for the kids, and is always fun to play games with. For some reason he felt the need to dive into the lake, and yes that is about an inch of icy slush on top. He is brilliant, but we had a lot of laughs watching him.