Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Weston and Brand had a test to take in Salt Lake, so Bridget and I tagged along with the kids. We were excited to be away for a couple days and to spend some time as a family. We left Wednesday evening and drove to S.L.C the next morning we had a fantastic breakfast at the Original Pancake House then dropped the boys off at their test.

Bridget and I decided to take the kids to the aquarium. We were in our car and so i was forced to expand my driving capabilities. Now for all you city folk be prepared to laugh, but I have never drove on any road busier than a two lane freeway. Seriously, I was totally white-knuckled the whole time and in a complete panic at the five lanes of traffic. We somehow made it alive, but I refused to drive back and made Bridget take a turn at the wheel. I really think it would be best
for me to stay in my one-stop-light-town forever.

The kids had a blast at the aquarium, Cole loved the penguins and Kallie was excited to pet the sting-ray. This is Cole petting the hissing cockroach. (I love the two-finger pet, he followed the ladies instructions well)
The sharks of course were a big hit and we watched them for a little bit.
After the aquarium we still had some time before the boys would be done with their test so we hit the South Town Mall. The kids had fun going for a little train ride I had fun doing a little school shopping for Kallie.
The next morning we went to Hogle Zoo, it was 97 degrees and hardly any of the animals were out and about, but the new baby elephant put on a good show for us rolling all over in the mud. The kids had a good time and it was so nice to relax and spend time together and with good company.
This may have been the best part of the trip!! Just kidding the kids were really good, but by the time we were done at the zoo they were worn out!

Irrigation Adventures

Weston has basically been MIA this summer, he is taking a class in Pocatello on Saturdays from 8-5 (crappy), he studies in the morning before work and at least 2-3 hours after work. Lucky for him he is not alone in this misery and has a friend doing the same thing so they study together. Un-Lucky for me is that he has no time to manage his irrigating so this has become my duty. We rent a piece of ground about a mile down the road for pasture for some of our cows, it is all flood irrigated. Usually once a day sometimes twice I drag a couple neighbor kids with me to change the water. The pasture runs right along the river and it is gorgeous, we almost always see wildlife including deer, moose, rockchucks and a bald eagle that has a big nest. Usually this is a good experience for all minus a few times when we got stuck, couldn't stop a massive flow of water, just minor mishaps like that. One day we found a turtle it was super cool and pretty big for what we have around here. We brought it home and kept it in a bucket for a few days to show off to all our friends. (P.S. That tiny blue bucket is not what we kept it in it had a much larger home.)
Cole really liked the turtle and was concerned that it was hungry, one morning before he woke up I had put some old lettuce in the bucket to see if the turtle would eat it. When Cole went out to check on his turtle he came in the house and said "Mom, thank you for making a salad for my turtle". What a cute boy!!

My very own Shawn Johnson

Kallie decided to do gymnastics this year, actually I decided and had to make it sound super cool so I could convince her to do that instead of dance. She loved dance last year but I wasn't impressed with it and I felt she learned absolutely nothing. Let's just face the facts, she needed something to help with her coordination or lack thereof!! In all reality she does just fine but when you have super circus freaks for cousins on both sides of the family it can well, shatter a little confidence!!

I was so proud of Kallie in gym, she did great had fun and learned a lot. By the end of the year she had made leaps and bounds of progress and I felt it was money well spent.