Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goals Improve Grades

 First off I forgot to post about our little darling losing her front tooth! That is a huge deal to a first grader by the way! She really wanted to loose it before Christmas so that she could tell Santa all she wanted for Christmas was her "two front teef". Her wish came true and I maybe shed a silent tear. I have always felt that as soon as kids loose their front teeth they no longer look little. I want Kallie to stay little for just a bit longer:( Kallie's baby teeth are super tiny and really spaced out so when she lost her front tooth it left a huge hole, I am sure her "chicklets" coming in will fill it right up though.
At the first of January Weston went into super charge mode and decided to take charge of his life and ours.  He sat us all down and made us write out yearly, monthly and weekly goals.  He has held us accountable and brings us together for a family council once a week to take note of how we did on our goals for the week. He is super organized and has it all written out.  I secretly mocked a little inside at first thinking "this will last for a week tops". It was truly inspiration on his part as head of our household, I now have to admit.  We have to report to each other so we put more effort into completing our goals. Kallie is the one that I have really seen a big difference in.  At school they take comprehension tests on the books they read, she reads really well but wasn't doing too hot on these test. Her week 1 goal was to get 100% on every test. She was 4/5 for that week, but 31/2 weeks later she is 17/18. I am sure slowing down and taking her time on the tests is key. I have loved the boost of confidence she has gotten from this.

The kids goals have also eased homework and bedtime routines by making goals to not whine and do things the first time they are asked. (they make up their own goals by the way) which brings me to the funny parts. Cole is smart, a little too smart and he doesn't really want to leave his comfort zone.  His goals are hilarious, he makes goals to do the chores he is already assigned. For example he has to feed the dog and the goats every day. He made this his week one goal, and was proud to report that he did his "goal" every day! Nice, he also made the goal to take his scriptures to church every week. Instead of actually carrying them himself he put them in Kallie's case and lets her take his scriptures to church. Seriously that kid??

Goal setting has improved my life as well.  I feel like I am accomplishing more and am being a better person. However my goal a week or so ago was to get all the ironing done.  I had just put the baby down for his nap and Cole was playing in the living room. I sat down on the couch to take a break for a minute and Cole looked up at me and said, "Why are you sitting here? have you done your goal yet? Don't be lazy Mom"! If he wasn't so cute (and right) I would've slapped his hind end.  All in all I would say super charged dad was inspired, we are a much more organized and peaceful family at the moment. I sure hope we can keep the momentum!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Overview

 Hagen got properly introduced to The Candy Man (aka Uncle Brett) He has been stuffing my kids pockets with candy for nearly 7 years now and they all love him because of it.  It is kind of a joke, and he is mostly trying to irritate me but win the kids as friends too.  One time he handed Cole a giant size Symphony Bar as we were getting in the car to go to a dance recital. It was hot outside and I didn't know Cole had the candy until we got to the recital and he was wearing it.  I was livid and Brett still laughs about it.  Anyway, the other night Hagen was being a bit grumpy and Brett handed him a whole ding dong.  Hagen was in heaven and ate every last crumb of the thing!
 Cole and Creed got to play a few times this month and that was a treat for Cole.  They are frienemies those two are, but they are sure funny.  They decided that they are going to be sheriffs when they grow up. 

 The kids played outside in the sand pit and rode their bikes most of the month as we have had literally NO snow.  (I haven't minded too much but Cole wants to go sledding, I told him I would pull him on the grass behind the four wheeler.) This picture is dated January 3rd, but we really haven't had snow until this week and we now have an inch or so.
 Weston turned 31, we went to dinner and had some cake with his mom and dad. It was rather uneventful until the weekend when him and I left ALL the kids and went to I.F. for dinner and some entertainment at PetCo. Now if you are really bored and don't want to spend money to go to a show or whatever people do for entertainment, just visit the pet store.  I don't know how we ended up there but it was pretty fun!
 The kids surprised me by having 5 cavities between the two of them!! Lucky Me!! They were great though and have since promised to brush better.  Cole was hilarious on the gas. He was waving his arms all around weird and talking really funny.  Then on the way home he said, "Well it really isn't our fault we have so many cavities, all Grandma has to eat at her house is pop and candy." Perfect Grandma can pay the dentist bill!! (She was a little offended though and says she is not buying junk food anymore:( ) I hope she is lying!
Hagen is really something special these days! He is one busy boy and it truly makes my heart happy, but gosh it is a lot of work to clean up after him all day.  He is the master of disaster.  He says "mama" and "dada" and waves and claps his hands.  The kids are trying to teach him some sign language but his is a little stubborn. He shakes his head "NO" if he doesn't want to do something.  He is super fast, he can escape and crawl to the top of the stairs in about 3 seconds. He unwinds all the toilet paper in the whole house and plays in the toilet.  He is a mess for sure but we love him lots and enjoy every second we are with his slobbery face and disaterous messes!