Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bear World

Cole was dying to go to Bear World for his birthday (not that we didn't already celebrate it for like three days straight) but we never made it.  We took the opportunity to go on Labor Day.  It was a perfectly overcast day and it felt so good to me to not be sweating to death!  We drove through the bears which I have to say is awesome.  The kids loved it and Weston and I enjoyed it as well. 

The petting zoo is always fun for the kids to run around like a bunch of crazies and chase all the animals.  They spent a long time watching the ducks and fish.  They wanted to feed them so bad but neither Weston or I had a quarter.  Whoops. 

Not to be discouraged our little scramblers were not to prideful to scrounge around until they found some fish food.  Just below the machines in these cracks was a jackpot.  Weston and I stood back and laughed as they dug around in those cracks pulling out as many pieces of fish food as they could.  Each piece of stinky food was like gold in their little paws.  Oh the joys of childhood!

Kallie the "not animal lover" was none too sure about the giant pig, and shyed away from it every time it came near.  (Cole wanted to ride it)

This tiny little fawn was a favorite and it followed Cole all around.

I'm pretty happy to call these cute people mine.  Hagen is trying to do the peace sign like Cole always does for pictures haha!

Of course we had to do the rides, the kids loved that and I luckily was under the weight limit:)

It was a fun family day and we got out of there right at noon when it started raining.  Perfect!
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to School

"Back to School to prove to my dad that I'm not a fool! I got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight! Back to School!"

All credits to Billy Madison for having that song eternally stuck in my head! Every new school year or after any kind of a break, heck even after the weekend I like to sing this song to my kids.  They shriek and cover their ears in annoyance. Let's be honest though, they are totally going to be singing that to their kids someday! I actually found the YouTube video of the song so they could appreciate it a little better because there is no way they are going to be watching that show for many many years! (As much as I love it, it just isn't for young minds!)

Anyway school started back up again and it came so fast.  The kids were excited for a new adventure.  Cole was mostly excited to have three recesses and get to eat lunch at school, Kallie was just stoked to get new clothes.

Kallie is in third grade and has Mrs.Killpack as her teacher.  As usual Kalllie took school shopping very seriously and hated my idea of just doing it all online.  Her and I had our own shopping day and I must say we had a good time. She took full advantage of the fact that she is the only girl and reminded me of that when I thought we had bought enough. I caved, and bought one more outfit.  I'm so soft!

Cole begged me to not make him go to town which I was only too happy to do.  He wanted clothes ordered online and could've cared less what they looked like.  He didn't want to wear new stuff on the first day, just a pair of shorts.  Easy, Easy!

Neither of the kids wanted me to escort them to their classes this year. I tried not to be offended but tagged along anyway.  Maybe it was the nasty exercise clothes I was wearing with my hair in a messy bun on top of my head, but I think they were embarrassed of me!

After we dropped the kids off at school and got our workout done, Hagen escorted me to my dr's appointment where we learned that at 30 weeks pregnant I was gaining weight at the rate of a newborn.  Yikes, we are packing on the pounds people! Hagen was terrified of the doctor and screamed at her to "leave me mommy alone!" That was a little embarrassing, but it was a quick in and out. After running a few errands in town we were back at home in time for Chelsey to drop her kids off and sit on the front steps to wait for the bus to come.

This boy is a crack up, I am really excited for some one on one time with him for the next few months. 

The kids came home very happy about their first day.  Kallie LOVES her teacher and described every minute of the day to me in full detail.  I finally, at 8:30 that night told her that she had to be quiet and go to sleep and she could tell me more tomorrow.  She was bursting with excitement and I love that she was so willing to tell me all about it. 

Cole was a very different story.  He is such a boy! I asked him a million questions and got mostly yes or no answers from him.  Don't get me wrong, he loved school, just didn't feel the need to tell me about it.  He was much more concerned with having some free time to play outside. 

I took the first day of school as a good excuse to make cookies thinking that maybe the kids would want to sit at the kitchen counter, eat cookies, and tell me all about their day.  I envisioned it to be a very special time..... After Cole literally stuffed two cookies in his mouth and followed it down with a glass a milk, he politely asked to be excused to go play and was beyond annoyed that I requested one last picture.  Kallie on the other hand stayed at the counter with me all afternoon, eating far too many cookies and was still there when I fixed dinner.  Chatting all the while.  I'm pretty lucky to have that girl in my home.  As much as I love the boys, I imagine my future could have some lonely spots without a daughter!
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Family Bowling

The whole fam went bowling for my dad's birthday.  That is a little overwhelming I tell you.  I think the older I get the more structure I require.  Mass chaos pushes me over the edge in a matter of seconds.  I love my family dearly and we have some great times together, but with twelve grandkids under the age of 11, things get a little chaotic at times. 

Those twelve grandkids are so cute and funny though and they sure love each other.  It was nice that most of them didn't need any help bowling and we all just kind of sat back and watched. 


Actually maybe Hank is just the overwhelming one! Just kidding he is the one that always makes things fun!
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Thursday, September 12, 2013


I am lazy, especially lazy this summer.  The bigger my belly gets the lazier I get.  I keep thinking that a nesting instinct is going to set in but this baby's arrival must be a ways off yet because it hasn't come yet.  We finally took our kids camping the last weekend before school started.  They have been begging all summer.  I have been putting it off because it is just so dang much work.  We had a great time though and it was all worth it.  We rode four wheelers a lot, hiked to Aldous Lake, ate some yummy food, had the grandparents out for dinner and slept in the camper.  (That camper is the best part fo the kids!)

Recently Weston and I have had some serious discussions about how we can help our kids be good friends with each other.  We have started really trying to do things with just our family without cousins and friends along to entertain the kids.  As much as we love doing things with cousins and friends, I really think this might be helping.  Kallie and Cole had only each other to play with and they did great.  The gathered firewood, rode four wheelers, burned sticks, shot BB guns (with supervision) carved soap sculptures, played in the creek and a whole bunch of other things.  There was very little arguing and lots of giggles.  We invited our parents out for dinner on our last night and it was fun to have them there also.  We are extremely blessed in the grandparent department. 

The hike into Aldous Lake was beautiful and only about a mile and a half.  Hagen walked pretty much the whole way.  The kids did great and didn't whine at all.  We will have to do that hike again next summer it was a good one for all of us. 

Hagen was filthy the whole time, and had his clothes changed multiple times a day.  He played with these two cookies using them as goggles and being a bug for a long time before he finally ate them.  He was getting lots of laughs from everyone and that boy does love to be the center of attention I tell you.

Justin came out with Grammy and Gra Gra and Cole was ecstatic to show him the fish we found in the creek.  They spent the rest of the evening trying to catch that fast thing. They used a net, a bowl, and a homemade fishing pole all to no avail.  The fun is in the attempt though really!

After listening to me complain about how much work camping would be this girl decided to be the best helper ever.  She helped with every meal and with the bedding and everything without ever being asked or even complaining.  She is a gem and such a bright spot in my life.  I love her lots!

Right before we left to go camping Weston spoiled the kids with new helmets.  They were so excited about them and took great care of them.  Who agrees with me in thinking Hagen got the shaft? A bicycle helmet!! He loved it though!
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