Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ocular Albinism Update

The end of November we took Hagen to Salt Lake for his semi annual eye appointment.  I was excited to see what they had to tell us because we hadn't been back down since he got his glasses back in January.  He wore them really well for about six months and then refused to wear them much.    It didn't take them long to figure out why...

When we got there they tested his glasses, tested them again, and then one more time only to find out they weren't even the prescription that was prescribed.  I was pretty frustrated by that because how in the world was I supposed to know that? And... how will I know in the future if they are ever right?  

As far as the appointment went though, Hagen did great.  Every time he gets a little more helpful at telling us what he can and cannot see.  I was sick to my stomach when he didn't know some of the flashcards that I could see so plainly, but his eyes are healthy and that makes me happy.  The doctor gave us a new prescription and ensured us that his eyes had grown and changed but not to panic too much because things were still good.    

As much anxiety that fills me when I enter that hospital, I leave with an equal amount of gratitude every single time.  I have yet to be there without seeing multiple children with severe health problems.  Our challenges are very minimal and for that I am so grateful.

We just had the two little boys with us for the first night of our weekend and we took the opportunity to take them to Hogle Zoo.  It was perfect! There wasn't any people there, the weather was chilly but nice, and we had two very happy boys.  They loved the animals and the lions were out roaring which was so fun!  It was fun to focus just on the two little boys for a day without Kallie and Cole stealing the show.  

Later that night Kallie and Cole came down with Brett and Mindy for a fun filled weekend and a Jazz game.  We shopped, swam, toured The Grand hotel and ate yummy food.

The Jensen's car had a brake issue so we had to all cram in the suburban for awhile until it was fixed. That was interesting.  As we got out of the car at Zuppa's for lunch I overheard some people say to each other "Did you see how many people just got out of that car?"  Awesome.

Uncle Brett is always campaigning to be the favorite. (He really doesn't have to try hard either) He bought Hagen this giant piece of pizza.  He ate nearly the whole thing and let Hayes have his crust.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Few Little Things

With the amazing school teachers my kids have this year, the number of fun projects is endless.  After hours of hard work making a landform map of Idaho out of clay or painting a foam ball to be Mars (no easy feat) nobody wants to throw their projects away.  However I am the mean mom that can't stand "stuff" laying around.  We have compromised... after a week or so of these projects being displayed we take a picture and then toss them.  I love Cole's newest modeling skills.  Never a dull moment with him!

We have a "best spot on the couch".  It is coveted and fought over.  The other day Weston and I were cracking up at this sight though.  All three boys were totally mesmerized by Mickey Mouse.  They must've been tired because they sat like that for a long time without moving a muscle.   

My sister Chelsey had her sweet little baby.  We are all so in love.  She is sweet, cuddly and so tiny.  I hope she grows up fast so I can quit being jealous!

Monday, December 15, 2014

H & H

These two boys keep me on my toes I tell ya.  They are a busy, busy duo and oh so much fun.  
Hayes has become fiercely independent and will only accept help if his tricked into it. This business of convincing my kids that my ideas are really their ideas is exhausting! Hayes really wants to feed himself, I really don't want him to feed himself.  The only compromise is if he holds his own spoon while I feed him.  He still makes a big mess but at least i know he is getting something in his mouth!

This scene is too common for my liking but at times it is so necessary.  Hayes is the only baby I have ever had that would watch T.V. He loves Mickey Mouse.  Sometimes a thirty minute episode is my saving grace to get some dinner on the table or to be the homework helper.  He loves it and so do I.  (In very small doses of course)

Hayes plays games and does adorable tricks.  Peek a boo is my favorite. We say "Where's Hayes" and he instantly covers his eyes and then laughs hysterically when we say "peek a boo"  It never gets old to him.  One day we were hustling around getting ready to head out the door.  Hayes was missing and I frantically said "Where's Hayes".  Then I look around the corner and he is sitting at the bottom of the stairs covering his eyes and giggling in anticipation of the "peek a boo"  It was so adorable!

Hagen is a total goofball and the instigator of most fighting in our home.  He teases Hayes mercilessly and is oblivious that the kid is a mere two pounds smaller than him.  Hagen better watch his back.  It won't be long before Hayes will be able to best him.  

The binky needs to go.  We all know it and we all dread it.  Its the source of peaceful nights and quiet car rides.  I love it as much as he does.  Maybe we will wait awhile.  As long as its gone before kindergarten then its okay, right? 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Halloween 2014

I am so far behind, but I have worked to keep this blog up for years and I intend to catch up and continue.  Halloween seems like ages ago and only yesterday all at the same time.  The last three months of the year always seem to fly by and this year was no exception.  

Carving pumpkins with the kids was fun this year.  They basically did it themselves.  We put grumpy Hayes to bed and had an enjoyable evening.  In the past this event has been such a chore but I am beginning to see how much fun holidays are with bigger kids.  

We had a creepy Halloween dinner at my mom's and Weston impressed us with his creativity by making the lasagna look disgusting.  

The kids had a blast trick or treating.  All except Hayes who was completely annoyed with his costume and all the hoopla.  I didn't even get a picture of him by himself, and that suit only lasted 5 minutes.  

Cole doesn't branch out much, as he is either a cowboy or a ninja basically every year.  I love that kid!

Libbie got a new little poodle named Cosmo, Hagen is a bit obsessed with that dog and insisted he be Cosmo for Halloween.  He was adorable and I relished the idea of him being something cute for probably the last year.  Lets face it the cowboy/ninja phase is just around the corner!  Anyway Hagen was in heaven and wore his costume for weeks, crawling on the ground barking like little Cosmo!

This costume was some sneaky parenting on my behalf.  Kallie really wanted to be Maleficent, which I agreed would be so cute!  (We loved the movie)  Anyway, I found nothing in a decent price range for her to be Maleficent and my lack of creativity and craftiness left us dry.  I found this cute Indian costume for ridiculously cheap and used my best convincing voice to talk her into it.  Knowing that she had Indian day coming up in school I figured I would kill two birds with one stone.  It was really a win, win, win! 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Prep

I'm behind.  This blog has been neglected I still haven't posted Halloween! There are inches of dust in this house, and the pantry looks like a bomb went off.  Our calendar is filling up fast and I am constantly fighting to keep my holiday anxiety at bay.  It is no secret that this is my least favorite time of the year, however it holds so much magic and excitement for kids that I have determined to make it just that.  Magical and exciting.  After decorating the house, ordering Christmas cards, making lists and finishing all my shopping; I am now finding joy and magic in the holiday season.  I have determined to focus on my gift to the Savior this year instead of all the nonsense. That gift is to celebrate instead of stress.   Because in reality The Grinch said it best, "Perhaps Christmas doesn't come from a store, Perhaps Christmas means a little bit more"!  The Savior Jesus Christ is Christmas, only in and through him can we be redeemed.