Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stop the Mass Reproduction!!

Okay so that was a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously there are a lot of kids in this family. We got family pics with Weston's family a week ago and it seemed to go rather smoothly this year. Usually all the men are whining like little babies and the kids are screaming over each other but we were done in like 20 min. this year. Weston's family is a lot of fun and it seems like there is someone for everyone. How lucky are we that every member of both of our families live within 30 miles of us?!!

And here is my lazy way of sending you all a Christmas Card. Merry Christmas, and in case you are wondering, no he would not take the spurs off of his boots for the picture. Not really a battle I was willing to fight. I would rather have a happy boy for pictures, plus it will be fun to remember the days of the "spurs" because surely this phase will come to end.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally an update!!

Three months really? wow!! The truth of the whole "lack of updating is this": I have a serious problem with things laying around. It drives me crazy. I throw everything away and usually wish I wouldn't have within a couple weeks. So when we moved I found a large box of cords, I thought to myself gosh I have lived here for four years and have never needed these before, so why would I ever need them? Right?? Wrong. We got a new computer that does not have the cool little slot for my camera card that the old one had. Since I threw the box of cords away that I am sure contained my camera cord, I have been S.O.L! Lame excuse I realize, but there it is. I finally broke down and pulled the old computer out so I could get all my pix printed. Therefore I hope you enjoy this update, because there probably won't be another for awhile.

Cole is growing up so fast and is so much fun. He goes everywhere with his dad and won't let the big neighbor boys leave him out. (It is a good thing he is so cute and that they think he is a baby still or they probably wouldn't be so kind about letting him play!)

Kallie is a sweet little kid. She is loving preschool and calls me Mrs. Mandi during school. She doesn't act like I am her mom at all just her teacher. It is totally cute. She is doing great in school and is beginning to read small words. We just finished up swimming lessons and will definately need a few more sessions before summer comes. Kallie is a little scared of the water still but did pretty good anyway. She takes gymnastics once a week and is having fun with that also. Mostly Kallie looks forward to 2:30 pm when the school bus drops the neighbor kids off. She plays great with Cole and his little mommy.
Cole has DEFINITELY hit the terrible two's. The kid is into everything. I am serious when I say you can't take your eyes off him for two seconds. My poor new house is getting broke in way too fast. All that white stuff on Cole, ya that happened in a split second when I was standing a foot away. It is a prescription creme for his exema. Not cheap either. I nearly beat the child. Oh yeah and I realize that shirt is hideous, but it is his favorite. Need I say more?
Oh yes and that would be a little bit of corn flakes with his sugar. When I found him he had already eaten the whole top of the sugar mountain. Yummo!!
Halloween was a smash! Kallie is four so what else would she be but a princess!! Cole refused to wear a costume, so he wore his regular cowboy duds and I let him carry his horse, Pete. Which he was thrilled about. He wants to take that horse everywhere we go so this was a special treat. We got loads of candy and yes I ate it all in about 3 days!! Why is it again that I am 15 pounds over weight???

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rednecks, Cowboys, & Girls!

So after being begged and prodded (not really this is totally up my alley) I got a team together to enter the pig wrestling at the Fremont County Fair. We were pretty stoked and were sure we would be the proud winners! Mataia (neice) Me, Brooke Brower, & Hali
And if you were wondering, Yes we are the reigning pig wrestling Champions!! With a time of 13.8 seconds and $70 bucks in my pocket you bet I will be back next year to withhold my title!! Can you say REDNECK??Cole had his second birthday on the 13th. So sad my baby is two. All he wanted was "towboy stuff". He is the ultimate "wanna be". We mustered up a horse cake that Wes said looked more like a giraffe. Rude.

My mom and dad are pretty excited that someone in the family finally wants to be a cowboy. This kid stares out the window all day at the horses and cows. He wants to ride the horse everyday, and he is always sporting the hat and boots. Since the hat and boots were obviously not enough for this young cowboy, Grammy and Gra Gra got Cole all dudded up including real leather gloves, spurs, a cowboy belt and his very own rope, not to mention my dad brought his kids horse out and left it at our house for Cole to ride for a few days! He couldn't wipe this huge grin off of his face.

These were my little brothers spurs from when he was Cole's age. My dad was almost as excited as Cole!Grandma and Grandpa Crapo loaded Cole up with a barn and plenty of cows and horses to go in is new fence. However, obviously noone gave Cole the ultimate cowboy advice: "Never squat with your spurs on"I was out in the garden when Cole came out dressed like this the other day, he never takes his boots and hat off, but he had this cute little pink dance outfit on with them. I am sure he had the help of a bunch of giggly neighbor girls, but I still feel that I should be a little concerned since he screamed his head off when I made him change. He is the cutest little goofball.
Just had to throw in Kallie's cute little mug, her and I went to SLC school shopping with Hali and her girls. Kallie thought she was so big. She loved shopping, swimming and eating tons of junk with the big girls!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Is it really July??

Is it really July already?? I cannot believe how fast the summer is flying by. We moved into our new home the first of June and are finally feeling settled. We had a crazy rainy month of June but it was filled with wonder and excitement for our kids. Coming from Egin with our closest neighbors a quarter mile away, to Parker (I know we moved a whoppin five miles) where we have two fun families right next door, my kids just can't get enough of having so many kids to play with all the time. I have made eight new little friends all under the age of 12 to hang with. They are so much fun, we have been exploring in the fields, swimming in the canal, chasing chickens, visiting the Stoddard's "farm" playing on the Roderick's amazing water slide and a countless number of other fun activities. I promise I am not a creepy child molester or anything, but I have had an absolute blast playing with all of these kids. Not to mention that my kids are having fun too. I hate when their moms tell them not to "bug" me because they simply aren't. Oh the fun times ahead, and oh how sad for me and my kids when school starts again!!
This is Kallie's favorite part of the water slide. She loves to squirt everyone with the water gun.
She has really come out of her shell the last month. Before she wouldn't go outside without me and now I can't keep track of her. She even jumped in the canal, with only a little coaxing and Shocker of all shockers, she finally after four years learned that it is fun to run out in the road for candy at the parade. (I honestly never thought this day would come. Every other year she has cried the whole time.)
On the fourth the kids and I went boating with the Jensen's and the Roderick's while Wes went golfing. The kids loved it. They both rode the tube and giggled the whole time. The best part was Grandma Crapo rode with them. Cole is an adventurous soul and the main reason that I have played outside so much this summer. I just don't trust him at all. He is not scared of anything and there are so many little ditches and things out here. However he will not be left out of the other kids fun so he and I just tag along.
Kallie and Libbie on the boat. They are such silly girls together.
A bunch of the neighbor kids and cousins lining up to do the surf board slip and slide. (My skills on this thing are extremely sad)

Weston is busy with work and more work. Me and the kids love going with him in the evenings to check cows and water on the four-wheeler. He is loving his new primary calling and we are all enjoying our new ward.

During June, I ran a leg of the Teton Dam Marathon, and then a week later ran a leg of the Wasatch Back relay. Both were a blast, however the Wasatch was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Just imagine 12 hilarious team members, a 12 pAsanger van, 188 miles to run, lots of laughs and 29 hours and 20 minutes later crossing the finishing line. Whew!! Exhaustion, but loads of fun. Aside from playing outside, I stay busy washing and rewashing all the windows the kids touch. I have become slightly anal in this area and realize that I need to relax a little. I am working on getting ready to teach preschool this fall which I am nervous and excited about. And now fans that about wraps up the progess of the Crapo family. Until later.... as Cole would say it...... PEACE OUT!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The week the world revolved around Kallie

Kallie turned four on May 12. Oh how glad I am that that day is past. Anytime she wanted anything she would pull the "well it is my birthday today you know" card. Kallie has two cousins that are just a few months older than her, when she woke up on her birthday the first thing she said was; "I am so glad that I am FINALLY the same age as Brookie again mom. Hilarious. Kallie said for her birthday she just wanted to have a friend over to play. She chose her cousin Libbie and they had a blast playing barbies and dress up all afternoon. Kallie wanted a flip flop cake and this is my sad attempt, but it tasted really good.

That same week Kallie had her dance recital. She was so excited (mostly to get to wear makeup) but she did really good and had a lot of fun dancing in front of a packed full Kirkham Auditorium. My shy little mamas girl burst out of her shell and was not even one bit scared to go on stage. Kallie was so excited that her cousins came to watch her, they had their dress rehersal that night so it was fun to get a picture with them in their costumes. From left to right: Hanna, Haylie, Kallie & Brooklyn.
Just getting ready to go on stage. She was soooo excited!!

I have been trying this new thing where I try to take a snapshot of our family anytime we are somewhere together with a camera. Once again a sad attempt. One last order of business: These two big hunks. My brother Regg and Weston's brother Braxton are great buddies, and I am their biggest fan!! We have so much fun following them around to their various sporting events, watching their stupid human tricks, and especially thier own homemade version of Jack A**!! ( What high school kid doesn't do this?) Anyway, this is Regg and Braxton on their prom night. Hali and I served them dinner and they were so hot!! These two are great kids and I am happy to have them at my disposal all the time. What will I do in a couple years when they are on missions??

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brags or Blogs???

I am a weird person, I realize but I have this weird issue with blogs. No offense anyone, but I sometimes feel that they should be called "Brags" instead of "Blogs". It seems as if everyone posts only the wonderful things that happen, in a sense trying to portray how much better their life is than everyone else's. I told you I have weird issues, and remember this is directed at no one in particular.
For this reason I only post every month or so and I try to keep it real, however this post may contradict everything I have just said. My reasoning, I just want everyone to know that ANYTHING is possible. Two weeks ago I ran in my FIRST but probably not last HALF MARATHON!!

(That is me in the pink shorts and blue shirt crossing the finish line, I realize I look stellar!!)

I have been "running" (more like jogging) daily for about 2 1/2 years now. After I had Cole and the realization set in that I was 20 pounds overweight and hating myself. I purchased a treadmill for myself for my birthday one year and it has been the best investment of my life. It stares me in the face all day long if I don't get on it and I feel so GUILTY.

So in January my sister-in-law Hali calls to tell me we are entering the Salt Lake City Half Marathon. I was really excited because I had wanted to do one last year and never did. I bumped my treadmill time up and got more serious about running. I am slow but nevertheless I completed my first half marathon in 1:58, beating my goal by 2 minutes. It was exhausting but a lot of fun. I ran it with three other people who are an absolute hoot, and after about mile 7 when we all got separated I rocked out to some awesome jams the rest of the way. I had a great time, and have never been so sore!!

Not to get sappy but I strongly suggest entering a race to anyone. It really gave me something to work towards. I am still not to where I would like to be on the scale, but come on who really is?? However I feel much better about myself knowing I am at least doing something!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trouble on the homefront

Sunday afternoon at 1:30 I had just layed Cole in his bed for a nap (diaper only) and I was walking through the living room to lay down for a little snooze with Kallie and Weston, all of us in our underwear mind you. It had been hailing pretting good outside and the wind really started to blow, I looked out the front widow just in time to see the swing set go flying by. Then we hear a huge crash, the whole house shakes and then the ceiling cracks from one end to the other with bits of plaster falling on us. As we all freak out a little thinking the house is falling in, we grab the kids underwear and all and run outside. It was freezing and we stuck the kids in the car. When we got outside and realized what had happened we were feeling scared and very lucky to be alive. Two huge I mean huge fir trees crashed down on our house. A small twister came through and knocked them down. It was amazing to see these two giant trees on our house and we cannot figure out how in the heck they didn't fall clear through. There was more damage in the neighborhood with trees and power pole falling and roofs being torn off of sheds and barns. I didn't know stuff like this happened in good ole Idaho. Crazy!!

This is the view from the side of the house with the tree on top of it!
The veiw from the back, you can't even see the house. Amazingly enough there was very little damage done and we now have a bare naked yard. The poor people who move in here this summer will have no shade and very little wind break. On the brighter side there will be much less pine cones and pine needles to rake off the lawn. Happy Day!
On a better note would ya check out my princess. She was so proud of herself, she did her hair and makeup all by herself. She really wanted to go to town afterwards to show off her new look. We finally settled to just stopping in to Grandmas for a minute. Yikes, call the Mary Kay consultants someone Please!!! Oh and don't ask what the pose is all about. What a girly little nerd.

I am starting a preschool this fall, We are really needing more in this area, With Jennie and Amanda filling up so quickly I decided to put my degree to good use. We will be in our new house by fall so I thought it would be a great time to start. I will be taking one class of 4 year olds, Tues-Thurs. 9-11. Let me know if you are interested or anyone you know, I am filling up quickly.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally of Nursery age, Finally!!!

Could our little Cole get any more handsome? He is such a sweet boy and gives the best hugs and kisses.
All of the following apply to our baby Cole!!:
Happy 99 % of the time.
Loves to pick fights with his sister which he wins 99% of the time.
Puts on his coat and boots many many times a day to "go go" outside.
Runs, jump, and crawls on everything.
Master of disaster.
Eats every bite on his plate and cleans up everyone elses also. Why is he not 500 pounds we don't know!
Loves Kallie more than anything.
We find it disturbing that he likes to play dolls and dress up with Kallie however he could not be more of a boy!!
Handsome Handsome Handsome!!

Cole just turned 18 months and I think that the ward wants to have a party that he is finally of nursery age!! What a monster at church, but so dang cute we all just laugh. We love this little boy so much it is ridiculous.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Big 28 For Weston

Since I am always a step or two behind in life, here is my post about Weston's Birthday which was on the fifth. I love Weston bunches, he is a great guy, a wonderful father and husband, a faithful leader in our ward, and a hard worker (almost to a fault).

One of my favorite qualities about Wes is his persistence in life. Weston has a way of knowing what he wants and not quitting until he's got just that. (If you were in our lives during our dating time you will know just what I mean.) After breaking off our engagement and then fleeing the country, Weston waited patiently at home and then went right back to being persistent the day I got home. Can I just tell you how glad I am that he didn't give up on me as most people would have. Weston is also very persistent with his work life. He works extremely hard and has his hands in a little of everything.

I love Weston more and more each day. He loves me and the kids and wants nothing out of life but for us to be happy.