Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kallie's Birthday

 Kallie's birthday happened to fall on the same day as her National Clogging Competition in Lagoon.  She was so excited that we got to go on a trip for her birthday.  We drove down Friday night and ate dinner and let the kids swim at the hotel.  The next morning we got up bright and early to beautify ourselves for the day.  Kallie opened a few presents and then we were off. She had her individual freestyle dance first and did great. She took 1st place.

 We rode the rides for a couple hours and had a blast.  Kallie was content to stay on the little kiddie rides but Cole wanted the big roller coasters.  With just the four of us we were able to go on pretty much any ride we wanted.  (We left baby Hagen home with Grammy, thank heavens) The only ride Cole was scared of was the chair lift, and he was so nervous that he was going to lose his shoes??? Funny Kid!

 We met up with our friends the Congers to let the kids ride a few rides together and that was a fun way to break up the day. 

 Cole inhaled a bag of cotton candy while Kallie performed her two team dances. They did really well and had fun.  After she was done dancing we went on a few more rides and then got a slurpie on the way out.  We had such a fun day, our kids are at awesome ages for this kind of outing.  We were sure proud of how well Kallie did and told her thanks for giving us an excuse to go to Lagoon!

End of Year Review

 Kallie had her clogging recital, she was very excited to perform for her Grandma and Grammy and her dad.  She looked so dang cute and was excited to see some of her older friends from school.  This is Kallie and Aysiah Conger.

 Our not very photogenic family after the recital.  Kallie did great and won a really special award.  She was the MVP for always trying hard and having a good attitude and always listening to the teacher.  We were sure proud of her!
 Kallie and her little friend, Megan Orme.  It has been fun to see her meet new friends that go to school in town.  In sixth grade they will all merge together, and Kallie will have a bit of a head start in the friend category.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The boys

 The boys in this family are always up to something crazy.  Cole just finished up with preschool, he is thrilled and ready for some summer fun.  He didn't especially like preschool, it seemed to mess up his T.V. time too much and he didn't like all the structure.  He did like playing with the kids though!
 Hagen is such a handfull! He continues to wear me out every day, I always think I am going to get so much done when he goes to bed at night but the truth is I find myself cuddled up in my own bed by 9:00 every night! He is go, go, go all the time.  He can open any cupboard or drawer in the house and destroy the place in no time.  He has a new found love for markers and knows how to take the lids off them.  He then bites the tip off and drools that color for the rest of the day. I am sure this can't be completely healthy but whatever!
 Cole's imagination is still running rampant.  He was so excited to find a bit of bubble wrap the other day and went right to work creating stuff.  There is no such thing as tape in this house, I buy a roll and he uses it up in minutes. I love to watch him "work" though.
Hagen is so silly and cute right now.  He has a special talent for irritating Cole and messing up all his games. Cole is for the most part very patient with him and willing to let him play along!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Looking Back

 My Kallie Jo's 7th birthday is rapidly approaching, she is ecstatic about this little fact but me, not so much.  I came across an album of pictures of Kallie when she was about three years old.  I am always shocked by how fast time seems to go, but this first picture tugged at my heartstrings a bit.  You see this birthday of Kallie's seems different than past birthdays.  I am realizing how grown up she is and it saddens me.  Kallie is adorable, always has been. A total spit fire, her and I have fought since the beginning of her life. I always feel so much guilt for how hard I am on her.  She is a lot like me and it can be infuriating at times.  So when I saw these pictures (and many more) I just wanted to scream at my self for being so tough on this innocent little thing.  I truly miss the days when we would fight over the coveted spot on the ugly loveseat because it was by far the best for watching T.V. Kallie was obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake for a time.  We would cuddle up here while Cole napped and have our afternoon "rest". (She refused to nap past about 12 months)

I miss Kallie's pigtails, she won't let me do them anymore.  She is much too grown up.  I am even having to fight a little to get her to wear a bow in her hair, and sometimes she comes home with it in her pocket because it "fell out".  Last night Kallie hurt her finger and I tried to sit her on my lap, she didn't really fit.  The other day I was shopping for the kids at my favorite children's store, and after nearly an hour I realized that she would hate anything I brought home from there. Kallie's two front teeth have started growing in, I hate that her tiny pearly whites are gone.  When we play beauty shop together, she wants all sorts of weird colors on her nails with stripes and such instead of the nice baby pink we used to paint them.  I miss toddler Kallie.   
Grown up Kallie is pretty great though. She is smart, funny, a fantastic babysitter and a good friend to me.  I love to watch her develop talents and make friends.  She is a good girl and I am proud to call her mine.  I want to soak up every second I can of my seven year old Kallie because I know that in four more years I will miss her too.  Maybe if I am lucky I can catch her watching T.V. three feet away with binoculars!

 I also came across this adorable picture of Cole at his first birthday and had to post it with Hagen's identical pose below.  Apparently my kids like to feed me their cake! I think these boys look so much alike.  Cole was much thicker at a year old but I think Hagen is a little taller.  They both have Weston's scrunchy ears and bulging biceps:) Cole definitely got the Crapo noggin whereas Hagen's may be a bit more Angell.  Their personalities couldn't be more opposite though! 
In the midst of all the growing and changing my kids are doing I am sure glad I am staying the same. That is one BIG mouth I have!!