Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally an update!!

Three months really? wow!! The truth of the whole "lack of updating is this": I have a serious problem with things laying around. It drives me crazy. I throw everything away and usually wish I wouldn't have within a couple weeks. So when we moved I found a large box of cords, I thought to myself gosh I have lived here for four years and have never needed these before, so why would I ever need them? Right?? Wrong. We got a new computer that does not have the cool little slot for my camera card that the old one had. Since I threw the box of cords away that I am sure contained my camera cord, I have been S.O.L! Lame excuse I realize, but there it is. I finally broke down and pulled the old computer out so I could get all my pix printed. Therefore I hope you enjoy this update, because there probably won't be another for awhile.

Cole is growing up so fast and is so much fun. He goes everywhere with his dad and won't let the big neighbor boys leave him out. (It is a good thing he is so cute and that they think he is a baby still or they probably wouldn't be so kind about letting him play!)

Kallie is a sweet little kid. She is loving preschool and calls me Mrs. Mandi during school. She doesn't act like I am her mom at all just her teacher. It is totally cute. She is doing great in school and is beginning to read small words. We just finished up swimming lessons and will definately need a few more sessions before summer comes. Kallie is a little scared of the water still but did pretty good anyway. She takes gymnastics once a week and is having fun with that also. Mostly Kallie looks forward to 2:30 pm when the school bus drops the neighbor kids off. She plays great with Cole and his little mommy.
Cole has DEFINITELY hit the terrible two's. The kid is into everything. I am serious when I say you can't take your eyes off him for two seconds. My poor new house is getting broke in way too fast. All that white stuff on Cole, ya that happened in a split second when I was standing a foot away. It is a prescription creme for his exema. Not cheap either. I nearly beat the child. Oh yeah and I realize that shirt is hideous, but it is his favorite. Need I say more?
Oh yes and that would be a little bit of corn flakes with his sugar. When I found him he had already eaten the whole top of the sugar mountain. Yummo!!
Halloween was a smash! Kallie is four so what else would she be but a princess!! Cole refused to wear a costume, so he wore his regular cowboy duds and I let him carry his horse, Pete. Which he was thrilled about. He wants to take that horse everywhere we go so this was a special treat. We got loads of candy and yes I ate it all in about 3 days!! Why is it again that I am 15 pounds over weight???