Monday, February 25, 2013

Christmas Break

I am a little embarrassed to admit that our Christmas break consisted of doing eight puzzles and then another really hard one in January.  Once I start, I get a little addicted and can't focus on much else.  Jalyssa was right there with me, I think she was glad when we were all done so she could go home! We had a lot of fun though and Kallie and Cole actually helped with the puzzles a lot.  Weston even put in a few hours one night so that I would watch a movie with him. 
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Old Man

Weston turned 32 in January, he is so OLD!!! It is really strange to think that we have three kids and are now middle aged.  Weston always get the short stick when it comes to his birthday.  It is so close to Christmas that everyone is all partied out and I am always feeling nauseous over spending so much money.  For the last ten years Weston's birthday gifts have been very lame with the excuse of "well your Christmas present was for your birthday too." This year I started to feel a little bad and the kids were very excited about the big day so I attempted to get Weston a gift and surprise him. 

He has been talking about a gun that he wanted for some time so I counseled with his dad and he helped me out. I had just picked Cole up from school a few days before Weston's birthday and Bruce called about the gift.  Cole was asking all sorts of questions about why grandpa was calling me and then I finally told him about the gun.  He was really excited and promised not to tell.  Well later that day we met Wes in town for lunch.  My phone was sitting on the table when Bruce called again, Weston was pretty suspicious about why his dad was calling  me and Cole informed him that it he had been calling all day about his gift.  Weston poked and prodded and tried his best to get Cole to tell but he was tight lipped. 

We get back in the car after lunch and I had bought a big tupperware box for the Christmas tree that was in the back.  Weston asked what was back there and just being funny I said, "none of your business, don't look back there." Cole was confused by this answer and so he said, "Why mom the gun isn't back there!" He instantly realized what he had done and felt really bad.  Weston and I laughed about it for a few days though.  That boy is so much fun!

Anyway Weston was excited about his gun, and the kids helped me make a strawberry shortcake for him.  We sang and ate the cake at Grandma's house and then we took the kids to my mom while we went to dinner. 

The kids made these cute birthday posters for Weston, and they were pretty proud of their work. 
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Christmas 2012

This post is way over due but I am really going to try and get caught up.  Christmas was so fun this year.  The kids were very excited about everything.  One of my favorite parts of the Christmas gift giving is when the kids exchange gifts with each other.  I love their creativity and the thought that goes into their giving.  (Some of them give things that they want and know will be able to play with, some give creativly and put a lot of thought into what the other person would want, and some are babies that let mom pick out the gift they give:)

Cole couldn't have been happier to recieve a month's supply of tape.  It is truly his favorite thing to play with and was on his Christmas list right next to a stapler??

Hagen was pretty excited about the police car that Cole gave him, and Cole had a very hard time letting Hagen play with it!

Christmas morning was pretty exciting and a little chaotic.  I focused my attention on running the video camera and therefore didn't get hardly any still shots. Each kid got one big gift this year and not much else, but they were thrilled and their "one gift" is played with every day still so to me that means it was a success!

Christmas afternoon we did the usual, run from one set of grandparents to the next.  We did get to talk to Braxton for a few minutes though and we were pretty excited to have Regg back for Christmas.  It was a great day and I was especially excited to take all the Christmas decor crap down the next day!
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