Monday, April 30, 2012

Hagen Update

Hagen LOVES our dog Spice.  He gets so excited to see her and he just mauls her to death.  She licks his face and hands, he giggles, and she lays there while he tugs at her ears and pulls her hair out.  I have to say I am pretty darn happy that he isn't scared of her, because some kids have major dog paranoia.  Hagen throws a major temper fit if someone goes outside and doesn't take him.  He just toddles around and observes what the other kids are doing.  He spent over an hour sitting in the sand box with the kids the other day and I watched them out the window while I cleaned away in the kitchen.  This boy is ALL boy!

Hagen also had an eye appointment on Tuesday.  We seem to learn a little something new about his ocular albinism every time we take him in.  We have been told in the past that he will have photo-phobia which is basically an aversion to sunlight.  People with photo-phobia experience the uncomfortable feeling we all have when you have been in a dark room for awhile and then the light is suddenly turned on.  The problem with this is that people with photo-phobia don't adjust to the sunlight and it is constantly painful on their eyes.  I have been pretty concerned about this prospect because, well that would just stink.  Anyway on Tuesday we found out that so far Hagen shows no signs of trans-illumination. This basically means that on an Ocular Albinism patient they usually have light that leaks through their irises (the colored part of your eye), whereas on a normal eye, light can only enter through the pupil.  After observing Hagen in the sunlight and him not really acting like it bothers him, and then having his eyes dialated and closely examined we are once again surprised and elated at how well his is doing! Maybe his life won't be so "different" after all!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

That Junie B. Jones

My heart feels happy to know that my darling falls asleep with the adventures of books filling her little head. I love that she loves to read and do as I have done many times; escape into the world of a good book! That Junie B. Jones is at the tip top of her list!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Branding Day

 This boy has been looking forward to branding day for a very long time.  He is the youngest member of the team but "works" just as hard as the rest.  He is a professional with the whip and can push any amount of calves through the chute, just ask him. It was a beautiful day with temperatures reaching low 80's, everyone came home with a nice sunburn.

 Out of all the grandsons on the Crapo side; Nate and Cole are really the only two interested in the cows.  Nate is becoming pretty handy with the horse and wanted to try his hand with the rope.  He threw a nice loop and caught a calf on the first try.  Too bad the calf was huge and Nate was on foot.  We all had a good laugh watching him try to get the rope off. 
 Nate and Cole spent the whole day standing at the ally pushing calves through.  They fought over the hot shot and whips and took plenty of Pepsi breaks.  Cole also spent a fair amount of time riding the horse around in the corrals.  To him it was better than a trip to Disneyland!
 I had to throw in a picture of Hagen, he tagged along with me and Grandma and the feed wagon, but loved just observing all that was going on!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kallie's Clogging Competition

 The moment that made the whole year's worth of practice finally came.  Kallie couldn't have been more excited about her clogging competition.  She was thrilled with her costumes and excited to get out of school early and hang with her new found dance friends. 

 She was extra excited when I surprised her by picking up Brookie to tag along.  Even better was that Misti and Chelsey came with us and made it a girls day!

 The lovely spectators with their adorable little babes!
 Me and my ugly hair day with beautiful Kallie Jo.
 Kallie performed two team dances and entered in the freestyle for the first time. She did great and got a first in freestyle (actually all of them got first:) Their team dances still needed a little polishing and they pulled seconds on both.  It was enough however to get them to Lagoon which is what they were hoping for. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Part 2

 Easter late afternoon got a little more exciting for us. We doped Hagen up on Motrin and we had all had a little nap so we headed out to my mom's for dinner and her famous Easter Egg Hunts.  I was beyond thrilled to get to sit in the rocker and hold my two fluffy nieces while everyone else cleaned up dinner! Aren't they just adorable!!
 My mom really tries to make Easter fun and she is always successfull.  This year she had a scavenger hunt for the girls and one for the boys.  It was fun to watch the kids figure out the clues and find their prize.  We also had a regular egg hunt but Grammy color coordinated it so it was harder for the big kids. They all loved it.  
 Every time I try to take a picture of Weston and I, this is what I get.  He thinks it is just hilarious.
 Aren't all these girls just so cute, it is so much fun to watch them play and be friends.  They get along so great as long as they let "the boss" be the boss.  The red hair definitely dominates!
 Sick Hagen was happy enough as long as we let him put around on the four wheeler with his Gra Gra.  They were both pretty happy about this.
 Cole got to join in with the big boys in the treasure hunt and was actually pretty helpful at figuring out the clues.
 This is by far my favorite picture of the day, Brookie is fake crying because her mom "kicked" her.  Oh the drama of these girls.  It is pretty funny when it is not my kid!
 We always have a great time at my mom's, she always has good food and fun activities for us.  Or maybe it is fun because we have such "cool" men to hang with.  (See Below) And that is excluding the biggest retard of all of them, Jeff.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Part 1

 Easter morning was so rushed at our house, I got up late and was in the shower when the kids woke up. I missed all the easter morning excitement. Dang it! The Easter Bunny thought he was pretty clever and got the kids candy cereal instead of a bunch of candy.  Brilliant right? This way they were excited to eat "breakfast" which in turn helped me to get them ready for church! The kids each got a scooter that I found on sale at Christmas time and saved for Easter.  They had fun riding their scooter and hunting for a few eggs at home after church before we went to Grandma Crapo's.
 Grandma Crapo invited us for a delicious lunch and then she so kindly took the horribly grumpy, sick baby and took a nap with him. He has been sick with a sinus infection since Friday and hasn't slept or ate and has been so miserable.  It was a great little break for me. 
 We had a pretty exciting afternoon, we were just so filled with Easter excitement we couldn't contain ourselves.......from sleeping!

Grandma Crapo's Easter Egg Hunt

 Grandma Crapo has hosted a large easter egg hunt for years.  Weston says he can't remember her not doing it.  All of his cousins bring their kids and some even have grandkids now and we hunt for hundreds of eggs.  We had a really small group this year which could be attributed to the massive blizzard we had the day before, or it could be the sad fact that all the kids are growing up and we have hit a lull in the small children department.  Give it a few years and it should pick back up!

 The kids hunted high and low and found way more eggs than they needed but were thrilled.  Hagen had a sinus infection and was terribly grumpy, but determined to hang on to his one little egg. 
 The money eggs are always the best and Kallie found one that had a two dollar bill, maybe she can go buy herself some front teeth with that thing!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When Being Nice Doesn't Work

 So now that Hagen walks, he is even more disastrous. He is so curious about everything that he just can't help himself.  Sometimes Cole gets so frustrated with Hagen messing up all his stuff, and truthfully so do I! I am continually telling Cole to be nice to him and let him play, but sometimes being nice just doesn't work. Cole has found that it is really easier to tie the baby up than to be nice to him, and a plus side, Hagen thinks it is a game. I walked into the kitchen to see the baby with a rope around his waist and the other end tied to the drawer.  Cole had so kindly given him a couple feet of rope so he could wander a bit.  After snapping the picture and untying the baby, we had a lengthy discussion on the strangling hazards of tying the baby up.  

Saturday night while Weston was a Conference, we had a moment of panic when we couldn't find Cole anywhere.  I was tending my sister-in-laws kids so between them, Kallie and I, we looking in vain for nearly 15 minutes.  I was starting to panic a little, but I figured he was asleep somewhere in the house because all his shoes were here.  I am so silly that the last place I looked was under the pants in my closet (that is his favorite pouting place) but when we went into the closet there was a random arm poking out.

And a sleeping boy underneath. He stayed asleep until Weston carried him to his bed a few hours later and continued to snooze all night long!