Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Few Things from Last Summer

One day we stopped by my mom and dad's house.  We were sitting up to the counter when my dad busted out of his chair and ran outside.  Yes he ran, which is a really big deal.  We all went to the window to see  what was going on.  There was a rock chuck in the yard and he had his gun out and ready.  The little varmit made it into the tree before he could get him but it created quite the excitement and concern.  Usually his dog Spur, takes care of any creature that enters the yard.  She was just sitting on the step.  We knew instantly that something was wrong with her and she died a couple days later darn it!

Hagen made pals with Teague Thueson and his pony at the fair grounds.

Hayes refused to eat for days.  I finally found this giant sore in his mouth.  Even after a doctors appointment we never figured out what it was. It finally went away but that was one miserable week!

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